Our wedding Preparation

Besides going gaga about my pregnancy. We were also really overwhelmed by our up-coming wedding party! I was hoping to push the wedding party to a later date but I reckon it wouldn’t mean the same if we push it to a later date. The decision was either to have a wedding party or not to have a wedding party, no later.

At this point, we have already decide to have the wedding party! And at this same point, I’m stressing over the wedding dress that I’ve paid for since January! Which also means I have to work with the same dress despite how big I’m gonna get by June. Luckily, the designer of my dress thinks it could be easily fix and I would still look nice. Not sure if he is being honest or just being nice. I suppose he don’t really have a choice too.

Now, the main purpose of this post was the wedding venue we have decided upon. I’ve never imagine I would be wed in a venue like this one. In singapore, it’s common to have the wedding in a nice restaurant or a 4-5 star hotel. Well, the more glamour the better!

Although I’m not really into glamour, I’m also quite curious how our wedding would turn out! Since the place we have chosen is gonna be an old barn – refurbished! I can imagine it to be quite romantic but still, because it’s a city girl wedding party, it feels a little surreal.

Yesterday, we went to the wedding venue with Jos’ sister who has kindly offer to help with the wedding decorations. She has come up so many beautiful ideas that I’m quite sure I’m gonna love it. The end result shall be shared after the wedding but here are some pictures of the venue at its bare form.


This is the garden right outside the barn. I love it that it’s facing a river.



More pictures of the garden.


The entrance to the barn. We don’t have a big party so the size is quite perfect!



The last picture is the inside of the barn. What do you think? Now, let your imagination runs. I’m sure wedding in a barn is quite common in USA and Europe, it’s just not in Singapore. So this will be a different experience for my Singaporean guest. They might not get use to this like I was. But now, I’m totally game for this. I think it is gonna be so romantic and beautiful .

Watch this space for the final look of our wedding venue!


If I Marry You… Will You Marry Me?

Love & Marriage, Love & Marriage, Goes together like Horse & Carriage…

This I tell you, brother, You can’t have one without the other.

How true! When you fall in love, the next thing you do is to get married… well, yes, I’m gonna write a post about the first Dutch Wedding I attended last weekend. This is a wedding of Jos’ best friend and he was also made the master of ceremony of the wedding.

Before I go one, lets now check the below “Bak-Fiets” and start imagining the Bride sitting on it….

Dutch calls this a Bak Fiets. In English, we call this bicycle with Cart.

Cannot Imagine? Impossible? Exactly what I thought… why would any bride wanna sit on a bicycle cart like this? What if she falls? What if her beautiful wedding dress get caught in between the wood and get destroyed? What if the wind became too strong and messed up her beautiful hairdo? What if…..

Now behold…and….. watch this…..!

A Wedding Bak Fiets!!

Yes, they are the same cart. You have to agree, this is like the most perfect wedding transport any couple would dream to be in. They looked so happy and comfortable in that cart don’t you think?

Well, something that I’m quite proud of was, I did the decoration of the cart without prior preparation. I was given only the sash and some flowers and was asked to make something out of it. The couple wanted something simple. With Jos’ help, I did this in 20 mins. Pretty rush but I think it turn out quite nicely.

What I never imagined was for a bride to sit on some a bicycle cart for her wedding… this impressed me, because they were both riding on the cart the whole day quite happily and without stressed. Amazing!

I had attended many weddings in Singapore, quite typically, it will be a gathering at the registry of marriage at the Fort Canning Hill and then a dinner at some 4-5 stars hotel. Unless you are a very close friend of the bride or groom, you will only be invited to the dinner.

What I find different in this first Dutch wedding I’ve attended is they celebrate the occasion the full day with activities all lined up. Not just for the bride and groom but also for the invited guest. I don’t think this is a typical Dutch wedding but this surely is one very elaborated one of which I totally enjoy.

Well before the wedding, I was told by the couple that they did not know how each others outfit will be on the big day. Apparently, it is a culture in Holland. So the groom has no idea how the bride’s gone would look and the bride on the hand would have no idea what color will be the groom’s suit. I cannot imagine keeping that a secret for a good 6-8 months till the actual day! I can imagine though… it must feel really good to see it for the first time on the actual day. I think this is quite a good culture to keep.

The Groom pick up the Bride and see the wedding outfit for the first time!

I think they both look stunning. I believe they must both be pleased with each other’s outfit. They look beautiful together.

Ride away on the wedding cart to the next destination…

After the Groom and the Bride meet each other in the wedding outfit for the first time, the bride step on to the wedding cart, quite effortlessly and was driven off with the groom peddling away with ease. A very pleasing sight indeed.

Next, the guests were arranged to meet the bride and the groom at a old chapel in Dordrecht where lunch were served.

Entrance to the Chapel

Lunch at the chapel…

The Greetings @ the Chapel

The lunch gathering at the chapel lasted from 10am to 1230pm. And no, not yet, the couple isn’t wedded yet! Next, the couple leave the chapel for photo shoot at the garden. The couple did not forget about the guest they invited, they had already have activities planned for the guest which came as a surprise.

They guest was taken on a boat ride for a little boat tour around Dordrecht. This is because the bride didn’t live in Dordrecht and most of these guest does not live in Dordrecht and knows little about the history of Dordrecht. So it serves as a introduction for the guest to know more about this pretty little town.

Dordrecht Boat Tour

After the boat tour, the guest was brought to the Dordrecht Museum where the actual ceremony will be held. The museum was decorated with loads of beautiful flowers with red carpets laid leading to the entrance. Musicians was specially arranged to be there to play their favorite piece from the Japanese Movie “The Departure”.

The Ceremony was held in a Glass House within the Museum.

The Wedding Ring

I was made to hold on to the wedding ring till the ceremony begins. Quite a stressful job, don’t you think? Nah, I’m joking, I feel really honored they trust me with the ring which is the most important thing for the wedding to continue.

The wedding continues with the guest drinking in the restaurant in the Museum while waiting for the Bride and the Groom to arrive. I’ve been to the same restaurant just 2 days before the wedding, it was quiet. This day was filled with laughter and joy and many smiling faces, all here to send their warmest and most sincere wishes to the wedding couple.

The arrival of the bride and groom..

Walking on the red carpet..

And finally… the vow and exchange of rings.

And there you have it. The couple are finally wedded with the blessing from hundreds of guest and the witnesses. And the live happily ever after. Wait not yet… before they wanna go live happily ever after, they are going to throw a big party with loads of food.

The Dinner party was held also in Dordrecht in a very old hotel – The Villa Augustus. I’ve been to Villa Augustus many times and have always enjoyed the ambiance and the food the serve throughout the day. I’ve tried their breakfast, lunch and dinner and have always enjoyed them.

Villa Augustus

The Party went on really well with families from both sides putting up performance in between dishes. Although I didn’t understand some of the performance as they were performed in Dutch language, their actions, dance and the way they speak attracts my attention and I did enjoy them all.

The Bride’s Mum performing a fairy tale.

There was even a small band of 3 guys playing 3 different instruments. Not just that, they even sing to the music. They sings really well and very entertaining.

Music Band performing throughout the dinner.

The Groom’s best mates doing a performance for him.

The wedding dinner ended at mid-night, there was clearly many tired but happy faces. The adults was happy, the kids were tired. By the end of the night, I’ve spotted many kids dropping on their daddy or mummy’s lap, arms, shoulder… wherever they can find comfort. It is really quite funny to see.

I didn’t speak of Jos very much over the whole post. To be honest, I hardly come in contact with him during the wedding day. He’s been so busy running behind the scene, organizing the catering, the musicians, the florist etc etc that he is hardly seen by me. He is the man behind the scene, making sure everything is in place, making sure the couple has the most stress-free wedding and ending the day with him riding the bak fiets back home as it is no longer needed. I’ve taken the opportunity to sit on it and have found it totally comfortable and stress-free.

Me and Jos on the Bak Fiets!

I’d recommend any couple intending to marry to try the bak fiets as a wedding transport instead of the regular Mercedes or BMW. It is probably the coolest idea anyone can think of! Think about it! 🙂