Flowers Everywhere!

So the yearly “declare your love” day is here, if you receive anything today, you are being loved! How Sweet! 🙂

By now, everyone must be out eating their heart out in restaurant with an unusually expensive menu which would cost much lesser on normal days, sending beautiful flowers for their love ones which would also cost unusually more expensive than it would cost on normal days, maybe also some expensive gifts just to express their love for the one they love. And me, at home – blogging! lol!

I log into Facebook this morning and my news feed was already flooded with flowers, flowers and more flowers. It’s such a lovely sight to see. The flowers on the news feed are too lovely. The immense joy of these friends of mine, can be felt through my bones and naturally put a smile on my face. So Sweet! I just have to show these beautiful flowers that my eyes capture the whole of today and still going….

Lovely Roses For Valentines Day

And Another 🙂

Nice Pink!

Chocolates! Oh my favorite!

Flowers & Bear! Lovely!

Just a stalk but still lovely! Thoughts that count! 🙂

Flowers adding some Balloons!

Now, Imagine the smile on the florist face, counting the cash they “Ke-Ching” (Sound of the cash register) throughout the day. The one day that they make 100 times more than the other 364 days. 😀

Awfully Happy!

I have to agree, sending flowers, cards and going out for dinner dates with the love of your life is one of the most lovely gesture between any loving couple. I envy. But somehow, I do hope I see this happening every other day. I cannot help but wonder, why does one need to declare their love pledge only on Valentines Day? How about the other 364 days? Ok, we have Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions that the ladies receives flowers, let’s say what about the other 360 days?

The love of my life isn’t anywhere near to me today. So, call me sour grape, it’s fine. All I get this Valentine from Jos was a E-Card that says : “Hey love, happy valentine’s day! Love ya very much and one more long distance hug before you come over to the cold “low lands” – From Dragon.

One More Long Distance Hug from Muggy?

This one E-Card is good enough for me. I should take a picture of my smile reading this in the morning today. It makes my day! In retrospect, I remember reminding Jos not to send me any flowers, because it is crazily expensive to send anything on a valentines day. I didn’t think it’s worth the money. Well, Jos being Jos, he do not read in between the lines. So, he send me an e-card of which I am impressed! I do hope I receive e-cards every other day telling me how much he loves me. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against celebrating valentines day. This could be a day to remind a couple to not take each other for granted and remembering she/he as your valentine, the love of your life or whatever that bring the couple closer. I just don’t think celebrating this special day must means spending money on pricey flowers or gifts. The importance of being together today and everyday with or without the presentation of an expensive gifts, an overpriced bouquet of flowers or an unreasonably pricing of a simple dinner. Celebrate Valentines in it’s purest form. A home-cooked dinner together, a hand-made card and even a self-planted sunflower (like I plant mine) 🙂 could mean a lot more than grabbing something from the florist and pay through your nose.

Let’s celebrate valentines day everyday, show love, express them freely, give hugs and many kisses because Loving someone is a feeling, an uncontrollable passion that makes one unable to stop giving. Take note – it isn’t about how much money you splurged.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!