Dutch TV Programme

Although I love going to the movie theater  but sitting on the couch watching programs on television isn’t me. When we do chill at home, usually, Jos would be the one lying on the couch, switching from channels to channels, checking out all programs but skipping the advertisement and I will be sitting beside him, swiping on my iPad, playing game.

After being in the Netherlands for a good 7 month now, I’ve finally found some dutch programs (besides the regular movie channel) that really keep me asking for more and what more; it’s in Dutch.  These are the programs that makes me feel, feel far too much for the actors & actresses in it. I guess the reason why I feel more is because it isn’t fictional, it is real life story.

Quite luckily, the two programs that I’m going after are airing on a Thursday Night when I do not have my Dutch Lesson and I would sacrifice my fitness regime just so I can be at home to watch them.

Buitenlandse Bruiloft (Foreign Wedding)

As the title speaks, this program zoom into the real life story of how long distance relationship that ended up in marriage usually in a foreign country, by foreign i mean not in Netherlands. I decide I have to clarify this since I’m a foreigner myself. The programs follows the couples from the time they are not married to the actual day of the wedding. It is quite astonishing how the Dutch adapt to the way of life of their partners.

I’ve watch already a few episode of the program and have watched the wedding between a Dutch Lady with her Indian beau, a Dutch Lady with her Gambia Man and also a Dutch man with his Malaysian Wife. In my opinion, the vasts difference in culture between them is so great that I find it hard to believe anyone could adapt. The Indian wedding rituals, the Gambia living condition, the chinese wedding cultures… I watched in delight how these dutch actually seems to enjoy the difference.

Grenzeloos Verliefd (Boundless Love) 

On the other hand, there is also a program similar to the one above and aired on the same day – Thursday! Both program discuss how the couples survive the long distance relationship but Boundless love focuses more on the life of a female dutch after moving abroad to a foreign country. It might not be happily ever after because of the cultural difference and getting use to, but it surely tells the insight of a relationship like this. It touches my heart to see these couples crossing the ocean just to be together.

Over Mijn Lijk (Over my Dead Body) 

One of the program that I followed weekly just to catch up on the condition of the stars in this program. This is a program that zooms into the life of young cancer patients. The host of this program follows these cancer patients from the time they are still able to walk and talk till they  eventually end up losing the battle. Every episode of this program brings me closer to these patients, I cannot imagine how it would feel for the host himself. Although the program can really be depressing, it is also encouraging how these cancer patient faces death with guts and are so willing to share their thoughts about dying.

I am particularly impressed with Jip, who died in February 2012 at age 25. His last episode was aired last week. Throughout the whole time he was being interviewed, even while he is sleeping on the hospital bed, he had appeared strong, gutsy and always jolly. He even organised his own funeral before he dies.

Follow this link to watch his last message > http://www.bnn.nl/video/6fabcb598a62c04a176a3c31d7111ca7/

Check out these programs on Net5 & BNN. In my opinion, it is worth watching!