Exploring Europe – Barcelona!

I’ve set myself a target to visit as many countries as I can, within in EU while I live in Holland. The list of the places I’d like to visit is a whole long list and I really hope I can complete the list. Check the list of Countries I’d like to visit:

  • Italy 
  • Spain
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Bulgaria
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Malta
  • Lithuania
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Croatia
  • and the list goes on….. for now just this and as many cities as I can within them.

Although I strike out those I’ve visited, it does not mean I’ve really completed them since there are many province or cities withing them that I have yet to complete.

Well, this is probably as good as a bucket list for me. My bucket list will never be jumping off a crane or any fixed object (Bungee Jumping), entrusting my life to a large rubber cord, supposedly secured tied around my body or jumping off a flying jet plane (sky diving) entrusting my life to a supposedly safe parachute. I think that is plain stupidity to put a blow to that heart of mine.

Not mine kind of Bucket list… Picture taken in Barcelona!

This post is really about my on-going progress on completing my bucket list. I can now proudly say I’ve been to Spain! Hola! Alright, maybe I’ve only been to Barcelona BUT at least I touch the ground of the Spanish to much contentment. And I shall return to the other part of Spain, two of which I really want to visit would be Madrid and Mallorca!

Our trip to Spain was a short 4 days but we enjoyed it thoroughly even though, it ended with both our mobile phones being stolen on the last day of our trip.

I’m gonna show you now the entrance of the apartment Jos has booked us in. Please tell me your first impression of it and I will tell you ours.

The Entrance to our Apartment.

This is the picture I have in my camera, I’ve a few pictures of the gate of which we have to open before climbing up 3 flights of stairs to reach the door of our apartment. But I’ve lose all of those pictures now, because my iphone was stolen right behind my eyes! So what was your first thought? Jos and I was like “OMG.. What did we get ourselves into?”

And then to open the door to a beautifully authentic apartment, a typical spanish would live in.. now check these out:

The Bed Room

The lounging Area with an entrance to the balcony on the side.

The 2nd Bed Room

The Beauty of having a beach facing the Mediterranean sea just 200m from our apartment!

The first thing we do after throwing our luggage was running to the beach. For the 1st time I’ve seen so many women flashing their boobies topless lying flat on the beach, sun baking. I saw the 1st lady, I was like, “wow.. boobies”. When I walked on, I saw another and I go “oh… boobies”. And we continue to walk on, I saw many boobies lying half naked on the beach and after a while, I didn’t feel strange anymore.  So, it is just boobies of which man has too! Just smaller… 😛

The area we stayed was really a place for locals. We see the daily life of these local, hanging out at the bar, Common food court for daily meals, children playing at the playground and even grandmother feeding her grandchild in the central square at dinner time.

Grandma (I suppose) feeding grandchild. What sweet sight! 🙂

It is really quite an experience to live among the locals although we could easily book a hotel for the same rate. We totally love the feeling of being part of them just for a while.

Besides feeling part of them, we did some touristic stuff as well. Visiting most of the highlights of Barcelona. The one park I really enjoyed visiting was the Parc de La Ciutadella where we found many orange trees with full ripe oranges hanging on them. So pretty to see!

Look at the amount of oranges! Yum!

Barcelona is famous also for their strong presence of a talented architect – Antoni Gaudi. There were many building that was design by Gaudi as well as a church – Sagrada Família. The construction of Sagrada progressed slowly as it relied on private donations and was delayed by the Spanish Civil War, therefore, up to date, the constructions continues. I cannot deny the beauty of the design, it is indeed wonderful.

For the record, I’ve tried uploading a picture I took of Sagrada Familia for the last 15 mins and it didn’t work! The pain of blogging! Sorry peeps, but I kinda have to end this post quite abruptly, this waiting for the picture to be uploaded just kills me! If you do have any questions about my trip to Barca, drop me a note! Going to bed now… sleep well and dream sweet. 🙂