Shovels or Make Snow Angels?

So we have a week of snow.. okay maybe alittle more than a week. And then the rain came and wash the beautiful white snow away. Annoying! Although I really enjoyed the view of white everywhere, I must say these snow causes a lot of inconveniences just as much as the fun we have with it.

Usually, day one of the snow fall… the whole of Netherlands will be in chaos. Just like the war zone… no, I’m exaggerating! 🙂  The highways will be jammed up and you will see on T.V. and hear on the Radio how bad the “File” is. (File in dutch means traffic jams).

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And with these “File”, the lazy dutchies (the non-dutch, me included) will be stuck, working at home on the laptop until the “file” is cleared. That could take the whole morning! No, maybe more… hmm.

On the next few days of the snow fall, drivers like me have to be ready with a “Shovel”. The reason is simply because your car might get stuck in the 10 inch snow and no matter how much you step on the accelerator….. the car WILL NOT move. Been there, Done that but without the shovel! Well, because I was never taught I needed one. I have to kick the snow out with my lovely boots! It was a pain! But otherwise…. snow is fun. 🙂

We were enjoying the white a lot and even planned for weekend ice-skating. Until one faithful morning, we woke up and see the white almost gone. The sky was dark, the wind was howling and the rain won’t stop pouring. That was when the snow started melting and the temperature started rising. Before I know it.. the feeling of freezing cold is gone. From -5 degree C, today, we are at +7 degree C! Not that I like the freezing cold weather so much but rain is in my opinion not nice.

Here, I’d share a few of the pictures I’ve captured during the snowy days. After seeing these pictures once again…. I really miss the snowy days! See you soon Snowy! 🙂

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Picture 006

Picture 011

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