Sinterklaas in Holland

Tis the season to be Jolly…. tra la la la la la lala la!

Yes… the season I love most especially with snow everywhere! I didn’t mind the cold, I just love the sight of the beautiful white snow. Winter in Holland can go as low as -5 degree (at least based on my experience during my stay sometime early December) but I was also told early December isn’t the coldest in Holland.

I marveled at the fact that the thick snow lying on the ground that reaches almost my knee are still not considered the real winter! At least I was told …

I remember last December, I was in Holland on the 6th of December, just on day after Sinterklaas which falls on the 5th of December of every year. I recalled receiving many gifts from Jos and had not felt so happy for a very long time. Just like a little girl opening up present after present. That is total bliss! Here is the list of prezzie I’ve got:

Received a BIG chocolate letter J for Jess

Biggest Giant Cookie Ever

And More Cookies

Hand Therapy for the Nasty Winter

And Lots of Candies

I wonder what will I receive this year. And I’m really looking forward to it. Sinterklass is a day especially celebrated by the dutch typically. This year, I’m gonna celebrate it with Jos and his family in Holland and the best part of the celebration is …. Sinterklaas is coming to Dordrecht this year. Check out the link —->

I’m gonna visit Sinterklaas Huis! How cool is that? Jos says we have to bring Madelief (Rob’s little girl) with us as an excuse to visit Sinterklaas because it’s meant for kids. Anyway, I will blog about the visit when it happens! 🙂

I’ll end the post with a few pictures now from last winter…. I’m ready for winter… come take me on!