Soaking in Italian Sun

We’ve been out and travelling again. This time out for two weeks, on road, back to Italy. We did the same routes we did two years ago. Maybe it seems boring and stupid to do the same trip we did two years ago, but this is how much we love Italy.

I’m typing this on my iPad while Jos steps on the accelerator of the vehicle heading back to the Netherlands. We are now 530km away from home and about 650km away from our last stop; Venice. At this point, I started missing the days we spent in Tuscany, strange because the last trip we fell in love with the Garda Lake in Arco. This time, I feel a lot for Tuscany, i cannot explain. Perhaps the 2 hours i spent shopping at the Prada outlet at Montarvachi or the half hour at the other luxury outlet mall in Florence? It could also be the wonderful time we have at the campsite, swimming and being bored, watching the landscape from the terrace, enjoying the sun, the smell of the morning dew and the sound of the chirping birds. Surely not the creepy crawlies that freak me out and left my hair standing. I only wish these campsite take a little more effort in keeping the crawlies away.. But then again, that’s what you get camping. But we like the life of campers, living a life out of busy towns but in the suburbs.

The most beautiful sights I’ve seen thus far was the sights of really old couples doing the things a young couple would. My heart warms each time I sees them.

While in Florence, every evening we would get a drink at the cafe before dinner. On the 2nd evening, a old lady sat on her wheelchair sipping coffee with her dear husband. She’s plump wearing a floral dress and I also noticed her feet was somewhat swollen. But otherwise, she looks a healthy old lady. Not frail at all. The same night I went for my shower at the shared bath-rooms, their caravan was parked just outside the rows of bath-rooms. The lady still in wheel chair, eating her dinner with her dear husband. I felt instantly sweet that a couple at their age would go on an adventure together despite the disabilities of the wife. And being disabled also means the dear husband has to be assigned to do everything. And trust me, camping is not like a holiday staying in a hotel. You have to clean your own cave. Doing it together is fun, doing it alone must be Love.

While in Fusina, the campsite we stayed does not have a swimming pool, even sadder to realise it is no where near to a beach (not within walking distance.) But the strange thing is I’ve spotted many people in swimwear. So I demanded “there has to be a beach somewhere.” But Jos have asked the reception and was told no.

One evening, we took a walk making a nice round. Near to where the jetty is, where the boat arrives to ferry people from Fusina to Venice. There, many people lies on their beach mat in bikini n swimming trunks just to get the tan. It is at crazy 36 degree!! It is amazing how much these people love the sun despite not having any water within reach to soak and cool them down. In fact, the warmth was a little too much for me. When I start feeling the sun burning my skin, I would pull out my sunscreen SPF 50 to block the sun out. At this moment, I saw an old man in swim trunks rubbing sunscreen on the back of his bikini dressed wife. They must be 80 at least. I like to take a picture of the sight but really didn’t wanna be rude. It was such a lovely sight. I melt not by the sun but by how blessed are people that grow old together and are still able to do things young people does. So much love, so much passion.

And then from where I stand… I spotted another old couple holding hands inching away from the jetty… This, in my opinion, is love.


Besides the lovely couples, here are some lovely views of The places we’ve been..





Till next time! 🙂