Gifts Idea

The month of September & October seem to be month with a lot of birthdays celebration. I reckon, that’s because, these September babies are conceived during Winter where there is nothing better to do but make love. Since I’ve returned to the lowlands, I’ve already attended two birthday parties and one family day last Sunday.  I’ve managed to politely turn down one birthday party because it is just too much for me. Yes, I can be anti-social like that and I am honest about it.

This week, we have Jos’ mum birthday coming out. This one is not one that I can turn down or ignore right?  So that means there will another dutch birthday party for me to attend this week. I’m happy to be present for this one because I always feel very at home at Nelly’s. Yes maybe I will be over whelmed by the dutch language but no worries, I’m used to smiling at jokes that I hardly understand but I make do.

Going to a birthday party means you have to bring with you a present which means SHOPPING for me! And I totally liked that. But wait, shopping for someone can be quite a chore though. The truth is, no matter how well you know that person, you cannot be totally sure what he or she likes.

This is the conversation I had with Jos about getting present for his mum.

Me : What do we get for your Mum?

He : Hmmm… we will get something from Villa Augustus. (Note: Villa Augustus is an awesome place with a Hotel, a restaurant & a nice little shop – I will blog about that place soon.)

Me : Villa again? Boring! (I said that because, we always had to run to Villa Augustus to get present for anyone at a last minute!)

He : we will think of something.

Me : How about we get a voucher from the Garden Center since she is re-doing her garden.

He : My mum hates vouchers.

okay. so I get it. Nelly doesn’t like vouchers. that is not personal. I hate vouchers too… I think that must be the most insincere gift ever.

So… what do we get for her!?!?!?

The birthday is this Thursday, which is tomorrow! And we have nothing ! Me being me, I panicked. So Yesterday, I went to Loods 5. Loods 5 is an IKEA like kind of store but nicer and more pricey. I really love shopping at Loods 5 because I love everything and I really mean everything there. I’m definitely going to bring some stuff from Loods 5 to Singapore when I move back.

Anyway, while shopping, I remembered Nelly searching for new cushion for her green couch at the Garden Center I visited with her. So i’d decided to get her new cushions for her birthday! Brilliant idea? No?

I spotted two that I think would go well with a green couch, so I took picture of them and send them through to Jos right away… here are are pictures

One :

And Two:

Not so bad right? I think they are both lovely.

Anyway, Jos’ reply was… “Think she don’t like those, better bring her out to Loods 5”

Because he took some time to reply, I already paid for picture “one”,, infact I bought two of them! So, feeling a little disappointed with his reply, I place the two cushion in our bedroom when I return home. And I find them really nice! So that is that… I’ve decided I will keep these cushions for myself.

When Jos returned home from work last evening. He actually liked the cushions and the way it is being placed on our bed.

Long story short, we are still going to present the cushions as our present for Nelly anyway.

My point really is…. how can anyone buy anything and be very very sure that he or she would like it. Unless, that person makes a wishlist. But wishlist can be unrealistic because we all have a budget to keep to. And when the person has no wishlist, we make wild guesses and learn from mistakes. To be honest, there is no one thing i received from a friend that I’d totally love but I appreciate the thoughts.

On the other hand, I really love the burberry’s scarf Jos got me last christmas! But he already know I wanted a burberry’s scarf! so see….. unless I tell what I really want. There is no way for anyone to guess.

So, anyway, I do hope my choice of cushion is what Nelly likes, otherwise, we have to bang on the TWO cakes we are going to bake for her! We are going to make a cheesecake and a strawberry cream cake. I’ve no idea how to bake, yes I’m stupid like that. My sister always says, as long as you can read, you can bake. It is not true because I can read but I still cannot bake! Anyway, Jos taught me how and we already have the bases ready for both cakes, tonight we will complete them with the final details and touches… I will post pictures of the cakes when they are complete! 🙂

So what do you think? Do you also have the same problem with gifts idea?


Online Purchase = Blind Purchase

To get ready for the nasty winter in Holland, I’ve decided I should purchase a UGG boots. The problem is there isn’t a UGG store in Singapore so the only option for me was to order online and I did. I’ve surfed on the website, did some research (“so I thought”) and found out that Whooga appear to have the cheapest UGG boots. I also read on a blog and was convinced. Although the price difference isn’t alot, approximately about EUR20.00 different. I decide to go ahead and order with Whooga anyway.

The ordering process was really easy and I could even track my order online on the number of days it will take to be delivered to my home. So I wait….

The fateful day arrived….. but I was extremely DISAPPOINTED! The parcel came in with brown box packing from a address in Southern China via a cheap courier company. Somehow, I feel sad because I read that UGG boots should be 100% manufacture in Australia but Whooga boots are manufactured in CHINA! That I overlooked.

It isn’t the fault of Whooga, they have clearly stated what they are on their website but this clearly isn’t what I was looking for. I will pay more to just get an authentic UGG brand boots and not Ugg type boots made in another manufacturer’s name and ship from China. Price paid, mistake learned. I’ve got a pair of ugg whooga boots, made in China, at a price of EUR115.00 which is equivalent to SGD190.00. Let’s now hope the material is genuine and the comfort level does not compromise.

I’ve on a few occasion purchase clothes online from local Singapore Online Shop and have never once purchased something close to what it’s mentioned on the website. But those are really cheap item, you know even if it does not fit, you don’t mind trying.  And the truth is, none of those online dresses I purchase online is something I would wear them. And all went to waste.

There was also another incident I had to purchase a Dildo online for a friend because I just didn’t have time to run to the sex shop in Amsterdam. I’d look at a pink bunny vibrator which appear to me that it must be a tiny one since the price of it was EUR24.95. I will never be able to purchase a small dildo for SGD50.00, my friend bought one for SGD79.00. So I’d thought this must be it, alittle cheaper than buying from Singapore. To my surprise, the Dildo arrived in a big box. I told myself, I never knew a small toy need to be packed in such a big box. ONly when I open the box to realize its a super sized Dildo I almost fainted.

Small Dildo in a Big Box?

I’m not sure if my friend would find it useful anymore since she requested for a really small one and I’ve given her a super sized one. But again its another online purchase fail even though this one is value for money. A dildo size like this will cause more than SGD200.00 in Singapore!

The only thing I successfully purchased online and feel happy about was books from online bookstore.

So, I should know by now…. I should never trust online purchase. If I don’t see it myself with my bare eyes and touched the product with my bare hands, I will never ever purchase anything from online shop except books.

My 2 cents worth….

Colombo, Sri Lanka and all its glory…

Today 25th October 2011  shall be our last day in Colombo. Wait, did I say 2011? Yes I did but I actually feel like I’m being drag back in time the whole time I’m in Colombo until today! Jos had to work so its gonna be me in the hotel room or me out in the wild doing what I know best…. shopping! So I choose the latter.

This morning after breakfast, I walked straight to the travel desk within the hotel. I’ve learn to be alot smarter now. I do not trust anyone out there and with the hotel, you know you will definitely pay more but at least you know how much you will pay and you just have to agree with the price they asked for. Reasonable deal I reckon. So I did, there wasn’t any negotiation to be honest. I asked to be driven to do some shopping in the afternoon for 2-3 hours – granted… for RS1450.00 which is equivalent to EUR9.66 close to SGD19.00. So i went ahead to confirmed to be picked up at 2pm in the afternoon and everything else will fall in place.

Well, it did. Hop into the car and was asked many questions as usual by the driver. To be honest, I do have a problem speaking with Indians, I can never understand them. Even though they clearly speak fluent english, I can never put them together because of their accent. Anyhow, we survived. After exchanging some small talks, I was first brought to a little shopping mall called Lakmedura.


Lakmedura is 4 storey high that sells all kinds of souvenirs and products of Sri Lanka. These includes Ceylon Tea and Elephants Ornaments, handicrafts and such. This place brings back memory of the time I’m in Egypt where we were dropped off in a building full of tourist and it gives me a feel of I’m so gonna be ripped off! But truth to be told, the price tag on their product aren’t really pricey. Maybe its the country. I bought 4 boxes of ceylon tea leaves for RS 1200 which is Equivalent to a nice EUR 8.00. Quite a steal!

Next, I was brought to another touristic shopping spot ! To be honest, I hate places like this, because I just feel I could get it for alot lesser! So this next place seem alot more expensive than the previous one. The name of the shop is Origins by NWC. Even by the name you will feel its gonna be expensive.

Origins by nwc

Quite honestly, I was quite shocked by the price tag. It wasn’t really expensive considering the fine sculpture and handicraft that are really lovely to look at. I didn’t purchase anything because I don’t want to have to carry too many stuffs back home.  Just gonna grab some small stuff as souvenirs so I walked out empty handed.

Next, the driver was going to bring me to some place where they sell gems and stone. I know how precious such gems and stones are from the Sri Lanka but that isn’t me. I hardly wear accessories not to speak of Gems and Stones… expensive accessories! So I’ve requested for him to drive me to some big shopping centre and he finally did… ODEL!

Odel Colombo

This is possibly the first place I’ve seen so far in Colombo that brings me back to year 2011! 😀

I totally enjoy shopping in a shopping mall like this. Call me a city girl whatever, but when it comes to shopping, you just need to have a place like this. Even this is not the same as what we have in Singapore or  Holland. This is way smaller, not much big brands but alot of fun stuff. Check out the few things I bought for the girls!

Fun Stuff @ RS 350 each

Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka for the Dutch! Paid ES300 = EUR 2.00 = SGD 3.50

Backstage Slippers from Colombo

Slippers for myself! I'm a flip flop freak! Paid RS750 = EUR5 = SGD9.00

So, my last day in Colombo isn’t that bad after all. At least I managed to buy some girly stuff and some souvenirs for friends. Colombo ain’t kids friendly so nothing for the kiddos all for adults.

Need any questions on Colombo? Ask me! (P.S. I’m no expert but I surely knows how not to get conned!) 😀