Berenboot is Beary Nice

Hello World! I’ve been lagging on blogging, I know. But I only realize it when my all-time loyal stalker aka my boyfriend  nagged at me for not blogging. “Shame on you, Jess” exact word he used. If you are also a blogger, you will understand, blogging uses much brain juice and because I’ve used up all my brain juice on my new job by the time I’m home, my brain have already been sponge dried so where do I get more of those juice? Right? Agree… thanks! 🙂

Anyway, I decide I should blog about a Bear we both adopted for a good cause, his name was Kika, but being his adopted parent, we can change his name of course. But he do not have a name yet because, well he is only adopted last night, so give us some time, we will come out with something nice.

The Adopted Bear - Kika

The story of how Kika was being adopted went like this……

Long long Not so long long time ago, in a far far not so far away land, a dragon and his piggy decided to visit a Bear Restaurant for some Bear Meat in a small town – Dordrecht. The name of this restaurant is Berenboot. Beren in Dutch means Bears and Boot means Boat, so it really means BearsBoat. Piggy being Dutch Language illiterate, she enter the restaurant without having an idea what it means or what to expect and Dragon didn’t care to translate.

Upon entering the restaurant, Piggy instantly felt the warmth (of course due to the cold wind outside, anywhere else would be warm) and coziness of the restaurant. The tiredness of a hard day work was instantly forgotten. She was beaming with smiles.

A Beary Nice Restaurant.. have you already spot the many bears hanging around?

A very friendly Bear-waiter waiter ushered them to a very nice cozy, 2 seater corner. Alittle cramp but meant to be – “Cozy” so they lived with it. The moment they took their seats, Piggy was instantly checking out the many bears surrounding her. She started putting them in her strange gadget called – a Camera…

Very Beary Bears... you have to agree, they are too cute.

There is even one that was punished and was hung on the wall!

Bear nesting?

Look at the one on the left... he is leaning so close squashing the little one for a nice photo shoot.

And after all the “going gaga” over the bears, Dragon & Piggy checked out the menu to decide what they should have for dinner. The set dinner menu comes with a starter, a main dish and dessert all for EUR19.50. As piggy was really hungry, she decided to have the set menu, she chose to have Hot Wings as starter (because she loves chicken), Baked Fish as main dish and the Chocolate Trio for dessert. For Dragon, he chose to have the Unlimited Servings of Spare Ribs for EUR13.50 because that is the most popular dish in the restaurant.

The Dinner Set Menu

Dragon's Meal - The Juicy Spare Ribs

Piggy's Meal - Baked Fish

Sorry, no pictures of the Hot Wings because they were both famished by the time the hot wings came and it looks insanely delicious. Was all gone by the time Piggy took out the photo taking gadget.

And here comes piggy’s dessert….

The bear-shaped sauce plate

Ooops, sorry that isn’t the dessert.. but isn’t it cute? Everything has to do with Bear here. You will agree when you see the dessert.

This is the dessert. Insanely tasty Brownies with whipped cream...

If you didn't spot the Bear Shaped Chocolate that came with it... here it is.

The restaurant even has suger, wet-tissues and cookies packed with it’s beary signature! Now watch…

Suiker = Sugar

Cookies! Well, eaten before the camera came into actions... by Dragon of course

Wet Tissues

The overall experience was a very good one. Piggy didn’t like the baked fish very much though, so she had to share some of Dragon’s meal, the Spare Ribs also because it’s too good not to eat them. Because of it’s unlimited servings,  they both had enough to eat.
At the end of the dinner while waiting to pay. Dragon was speaking with the Bear Waiter for abit in Dutch of which Piggy didn’t understand. Next Piggy received Kika Bear from Dragon. While Piggy thought it was a free gift for eating this much, it was really a gesture from the Dragon and also to support the Children Cancer Foundation. 🙂
Berenboots is located all over Netherlands. If you like to also have a beary good time in a Beary Restaurant, maybe for a good cause to also adopt a bear, visit Veel Plezier!
Kisses with Lots of Love from
Jess the Piggy