Stamp the Pot with all your might!

I’ve only landed in the lowlands for exactly a week now but there is so many things happening. I’m little overwhelmed but am handling it quite well. A lot of tears because I’m missing home very much. I’m really glad I had Jos who has been so patient with me. Living with my emotional mood swing everyday must be a horrible experience for him.

Anyway, back to the many happenings. Being a Singaporean, the food I ate or love to eat are very different from what the dutch dishes are. I like western food, steak, pasta, hamburger etc but no, don’t like them on a daily basis. So getting use to eating what the dutch would eat naturally become a challenge for me.

I remember Jos made me a Winter dish in November last year, he proudly calls it “boerenkool met worst”. I love this dish very much even though I’m not a big fan for Carbohydrates. So being back in the Netherlands, all I can remember was to eat the same dish since I remember enjoying them enough to remember the name of the dish.

A Stamper

This time, I made it together with Jos although not “met worst” which means “with Sausage” but it’s still good.

I realise, the process of making this dish is simple and fast, all you need is a Stamper, put all ingredients together and mash it with all your might! Thereafter, flavored it with salt and pepper.

I wonder if this stamper is created because of the dutch habit to smashed their food with ease… because I’ve never come across a stamper in our Asian kitchen. On the flip side, this stamper does make it a lot easier to mash the ingredient up but it didn’t say you should be gentle with it. Jos had to repeatly remind me to press the stamper to the bottom of the pot!

Well, the first thing we did was to put bacon to cook in a saucepan until crispy as seen below. While cooking the bacon, we can start boiling potatoes (skin shaved) and 2 eggs (in dutch : Eieren) in a big pot. While cooking and boiling, we chopped up the endive. And then, we make a cup of coffee and return to the couch and relax while waiting.

Randomly, we checked on the bacon, making sure it does not burnt and the potatoes to check it’s softness.

After all that, the hard work begins. Drained the potatoes, remove the eggs and peel the shell. Put the endive and the crispy bacon into the same pot we use to boil the potatoes and begin smashing with all my might.

Anyway, let me now allow the picture to speak it’s thousand word on how this dish is being cooked. 🙂

First thing First - Cook the Bacon with a pan.

Boiling the main ingredients - Potatoes and Eggs

Next you chopped up the Endive!

After everything is cooked.. the bacon, potatoes & eggs (remove shell please..) put them altogether in the same pot.

Stamper is ready to mash them up.

Without the Human... it is not possible of course. 🙂

Finally, the result after much hard work with the Stamper 🙂

This may not be very professionally presented but the taste of it might be nicer than you thought. I had TWO servings of this! So it must be good. If you care for a fuss free and quick fix to your dinner, I believe this could be it and it don’t have to be winter to enjoy a meal like this.