Its’s 1030am, I’m standing in front of the mirror, in my bathroom. The reflections on the mirror shows the same old me. Checking if I’ve look any different, checking if I’ve developed some new acne due to the amount of spicy food I’ve been consuming. Gladly, there was none. I smile in relief. While I walked away from the bathroom, I hear myself speaking within. There is something changing in me, I’ve definitely changed. Not the changes with the way I dress or how I look, ok, maybe I’ve put on quite some weight but isn’t obvious enough to call myself fat. The truth is I have changed.

I’ve reflected and I’ve reflected and reflected yet another time. I realise the biggest change in me was that I’ve developed BORING as part of me ! Noooooooo! But yes, it is true. Maybe, no one ever finds me interesting anyway. Then again, imagine I’m now more boring than boring? FML.

I was browsing through my old Facebook posts and updates. Thank goodness, the new timeline (maybe not so new anymore) that Facebook have developed makes it easier for us to check the things we did/say 2 or 3 years back. I used to be direct and straight forward with my post, some laughs, some rants and some meaningful quotes and were pretty regular too. And now, I’m refraining from posting on Facebook. I care about what people think of me. I don’t want to behave like a bimbo. Was I ever one? FML.

I browsed through the older post of my blog entry, I kinda enjoy reading them and even laughed at some. And now, I’m have “Boring” writing all over on every single post! FML.

What’s wrong with me? How can I undo “boring”?

Wait. I remember I read once about Dutch being boring… Is it because of the 1yr and 6 months I’ve spent with the Dutchie that makes me like them? Nooooooo… ! Are dutch really boring? In my honest opinion, yes they are. Period.

Edit: Boring and Boring don’t mixed. So the equation is simply:

Boring + Interesting = Boring or interesting
Boring + boring = definitely Boring

So in our case, Jos (somewhat boring :P) + me (normally interesting) = Boring! Omg, his boring-ness have overwhelmed my interesting-ness!!!!!

Lol, the truth could also be : being boring also grows with age, Perhaps, I’m ageing!?

So yes, in whatever case, I’ve developed “Boring” and it could really be a sickness. I need an antidote, perhaps, being in singapore for a while helps undo some boring in me…. Perhaps.