A Picture Paints A Thousand Words….

Although I’m not a tourist in the Netherlands anymore, I’d like to see all of Netherlands as much as I can. I’ve spoke to a dutch friend about wanting to see different town in the Netherlands and he replied : “They looked the same!”. Well, not to me. Every place I’ve visited gives me a different feel and the feelings are great! They are beautiful and also very historical. And I’m determined to visit every single town and villages during my stay here. For now, I like to share some pictures of the memory I have in the Netherlands so far. Enjoy!


Of course, Amsterdam being the first city I’ve put my foot on when I arrived in the Netherlands for the first time. I can vividly recall the vibrant and dynamics of the city of which spurs the feeling of excitement. Canals are everywhere. And being a touristic spot, there were many boat rides, coffee shops, streets market etc. It is the only town in Netherlands that are alive even at night.



I totally enjoyed shopping in Rotterdam. The first time i make a tour around Rotterdam was with Jos’ Dad who happen to be a History Teacher. He had brought me to a very old church in the Middle of Rotterdam. I’m sorry I cannot remember the church name nor the street name. All I remembered was they were going through some re-construction on the external at the point of my visit but the interior was historically pretty. And by the way, in my opinion, Rotterdam has the best shopping besides Amsterdam.

Light a candle and say a prayer!

Water Winkel - Water Shop in Rotterdam

Scheveningen @ The Haag

I totally love this place. I’m a beach lover. Not that I swim at the beach but the sound of the sea, the wind and the sand just gives me a very soothing feeling. I was there in May and it isn’t so crowded, I can imagine how it would be during summer!

Restaurants along the beach

And, a picture when the sun is setting, I took this last weekend in Scheveningen. From last weekend, the spring weather is so good everyone is going to the beach. I hope the weather stays this good till summer but I was told it will start chilling towards the weekend. Niet Goed!

Sunset @ Scheveningen

Volendam – Old Fishing Village




All thanks to a Singapore Girl Friend of mine that brought me here. Gouda is a beautiful old town.

Den Bosch

I know I didn’t say much about on the individual pictures or elaborate much on this post but I guess if a picture paints a thousand word, this post must have painted more than a thousand words! So Cheerios peeps! 🙂


Jump-Starting a City Girl on Wheels

Exactly 2 weeks now. I guess it’s time for an update on what I’ve learned so far.

It’s been a long, tiring and busy week. I feel like I’ve been put in a boot camp for an aggressive jump-start training to live like a real dutch. The things I did this week isn’t something that I’ve not done before, that is the reason why I use the phrase jump-start. I’m like an old engine that’s been stalled and need to be awaken quickly by jump-starting for a quick run on a new path. I know I’ve exaggerated and if Jos read this he will say : “Drama Queen!”

Like I’d said, these things I’m made to do isn’t something I’ve never done before. I just haven’t done them the same way I had to do here in the Netherlands. So you asked, then it’s not difficult! Well, yes it is not difficult but then it requires more focus and attention which would mean I would have to work on my brain which was then sleeping before the training started. Be aware, these are things that would pose life threatening if I lose my focus. You will agree when you read on. Anyway, now imagine jump starting the brain and the body system at the same time? It was hard. 🙂

When I arrived in the Netherlands last week, all I want to do was to grief over the family and friends I left behind in Singapore. So I did not really want to move my butt to be exact. I just wanted to do nothing. But now, I guess I’m ready for a whole new adventure. Take me on!

The Dutch and Their Bikes

As you are aware, dutch goes almost anywhere and everywhere with their bikes. And when I said bikes I really mean Bicycle not the Motor ones. The first day I landed in Amsterdam, I was overwhelmed by the amount of bikes in Amsterdam City. They were fast, they were furious. I was almost hit by a bike while trying to cross the street in Amsterdam. And no, I’m not being dramatic. 🙂

Jos was eager for me to live like a dutch I can tell.  Being a Dutch man who can be unromantic and straight forward, no I’m joking, he is a totally romantic guy. I think I’m the unromantic one. Anyway, the point I was getting at was this; when I had my birthday celebration last week, I already knew what I would get for my birthday from him. And I was right, it was none other but a BIKE! Romantic much? 🙂

My Red & Almost White Bike

I’m joking, It was indeed a nice surprise as I was expecting the bike much later. He traveled all the way to north of Amsterdam (approximately 2 hour drive – back and forth) just to make sure he gets me going on the bike before he leaves for his business trip. The bike was a nice red with a tinge of white. I like it very much because it kinda represents the color of my home country flag (Singapore). But I was a little disappointed because when I sat on the bike, my feet can barely touch the ground. I can feel my toes stretching out and finally touch the ground with the tip of it. So as such, I was not comfortable. I learn to ride a bicycle when I was a child, riding a bicycle is easy, why would anyone be scared? But what stressed me out was riding a bicycle next to cars, I’ve only ride on a bike in a park. Casual biking.. nothing serious. Plus, imagine, I step on the brake, my feet care barely touch the ground, I could easily fall right? And imagined if the bike lane is like this (See below) will you still ride a bike with those mentioned fear?

Crazily Narrow!

Well, since this is a boot camp week, Jos didn’t care if I was scared. He managed to persuade me anyway; I went on the bike. Not once but many times, it was scary but went alright. Now, Applause for me will ya? Thank you! 😀

My final ride on the bike this week was yesterday morning before Jos leave for his business trip. As he promised a bouquet of flowers for me every Saturday, he had to make me ride to the market in town to get them with him. So I did, and I even had those pretty flowers on the crate in front of my bike. So dutch.. can you imagine that? Yes, really sweet. But sweetness ends when a guy dash out with his bike. Although I’ve saw that happening, I wasn’t sure of what I was suppose to do. Yes, I’m suppose to step the brake and stop but for that split moment, I just couldn’t make myself do that. I reckon now, I was really afraid I would fall because I cannot stand on the ground when the bike stop due to my short leg, thank you. Anyway, I crash right at his bike. It wasn’t really a bad crash, I just had sore knee with a slight bump. Now imagine I crash into a car. It’s freaky, don’t you think? Alright, I’m being dramatic again.

Driving on the Right; Sitting on the Left 

I’ve drove in Singapore. In fact, I’m quite a good driver, all my friends will agree. ahem. Thank you. So why would it be scary to drive in the Netherlands? That’s because Netherlands is left hand drive on the right lane. I’ve drove once last year during my short visit here and went on the left lane facing a truck right in front of me! I will not forget what Jos said to me at that moment. He said “Jess, I wanna live.” Even he was scared with me driving on the right lane, because i can easily hit some trees on the right or fall into the drain.

Anyway, this time, Jos didn’t care. Same thing, he wanted me to get on the wheels, (this time – 4 wheels) as soon as possible so I can pick him up from the airport when he returns next week. So I drove, not once but many times. Jos happen to live in an apartment with a very very narrow entrance to the car park. It was so narrow that every car has to close the side mirror before making it’s entrance so that it is left with one inch on both side to slide the car in for a parking lot. It is almost crazy for me because it’s only an inch. The first few rounds was tedious but I survived, I did NO scratch on both side of the car.

I got used to driving after few tries and in fact I kind of enjoyed it. The navigation system in the A3 was amazing. She speaks to me and tells me when to turn and at which exit to take. It was nice to have the navigation system, however, in my opinion, the dutch road system is very clear and straight forward. I should manage the highways without the navigation, i reckon. After sometime, I believe this navigation Lady might be too annoying to be turn on.

Anyway, I managed to send Jos to the airport with Jan sitting next to me just to make sure I don’t lose my way. After we dropped Jos off, we even went to Den Haag for a very nice Turkish Dinner. Job well done and ends with a nice meal. It was delicious. Maybe I was hungry as well. Oh, while driving to Den Haag, I saw a bright flash light and then to realize I wasn’t driving at  an appropriate speed. Let’s now hope Jos don’t receive a ticket from the traffic police. 😛

To choose between 2 wheels and 4 wheels, I will go everywhere with 4 instead of 2. Driving is whole lot more fun and easy.

Last but not least, before I sign off, check this out: 🙂

Back in the Lowland with Three Layers

I’ve finally come to term with my move and officially landed in the lowland yesterday. Arrived with 3 degrees and light snow. I was happy to finally see snow again but that didn’t last very long. But the smell of nice fresh air fills me with a light smile. Such fresh air, I will never experience in Singapore.

Except for summer in Holland, most time I had to wear at least 3 layers. First layer, the inner wear, 2nd layer, a light t-shirt, 3rd layer, pull over a sweater (best if wool to keep warm) and finally a heavy over-coat. Oh, that’s 4 layers if the inner wear is consider a layer.

Being home at 830 am on a Sunday morning, Dordrecht was quiet as always. Sunday is supposingly a rest day and the shops are closed. This is not something you will see if you live in Singapore City. Sunday is just like every other day in Singapore, it is hardly quiet.  So having a quiet environment isn’t a bad thing after all if you just landed with a jet lag of 7 hours. I slept for a good 3 hours, waking up feeling hungry, I needed food! When I turn to look out of the window, I snuggled back in bed and slept for another hour.

The cold winter even without much snow sent me back to slumberland. I was dressed comfortably in single layer with the warmth of the heater, I just cannot bring myself out of that warm, fuzzy condition and bring myself out to the cold. It’s not good, I know. I can already imagine myself turning into a white polar bear hiding in it’s den entering its hibernation.

Not moving....

Jos dragged me out of bed anyway. He wanted me to do the usual Sunday walk at the park like everyone else does. I’ve done these walk a few times and I don’t mind having such walks. The difficult part is going through that “4 Layer” process. I fight that all the time but once I’m out, I will always enjoy being out. The strange part is I never stop fighting each time I have to get out of the house. The worst is when I just want to get out to grab a sandwich across the street and even that, I’ve to dressed up in 4 layers. That totally kill me!

Anyway, I do think I should stop complaining and start getting use to these layering since I’m going to be here for an extended period of time. So, let’s focus on the fun ahead! I have found out over 1 day what people do during winter and here is what I’ve found.

Nature Park Walking

I do realise, when Jos had nothing to do, he drag me out to walk the park. Naturally, I asked… “is this park walking thing a Dutch thing? And naturally, the answer was “Yes!” Yesterday, we went to the same park we went during summer last year – De Merwelanden. I remembered the first time Jos brought me there was when I sulked because he didn’t want to bring me anywhere and in the end, we went Park Walking. This time, he brought me back to the same park because I was asking for green bean soup for lunch and they happen to have a nice cafe by the park of which I remembered was in front of a very pretty lake. But this time, the feel of walking the park during winter and summer brings a vast different. It doesn’t look the same at all. First of course, there wasn’t any sunshine and also the trees has no leaves! I realise now how depressing it is when the trees has nothing but branches without the green leaves.

Anyway, my point is, winter or summer, spring or autumn, people in Holland, walk. These park are well organised with walking path and cycling tracks. These path are even segregated between long walk, not so long walk and shorter walk. So if you feel fit, you can talk a longer path. Whatever path you take, it will lead you back safely. I don’t know how, but I managed with Jos’ guidance.

Park Walking

Ice Skating

I missed by one week to do the real skating on natural ice. After some interviewing and chatting up with local dutch besides Jos, I realise the dutch are quite crazy about ice-skating. Although, the dutch generally do not like winter very much, they made full use of the condition.

“Dear Weather, if you bring on the snow and make it nasty cold, we will do the ice-skating”

With love, Dutchies

But the horror truth is, there are people who get drowned due to ice-skating. This is because the ice cracked and the unlucky one fell through the crack and was unable to find his way out since the rest of the ice is nicely intact. In another words, you could be buried under ice if you are the unlucky one. That in my opinion is scary. Ok, I know I’m being paranoid but still, think about it! No, I do not want to ice-skate on natural ice….

Do not cracked on me!

That’s all for today’s sharing on my view about the lowlands. Don’t take my view too seriously because I can be too negative and extremely paranoid. Wait till you did the same, we can share our views. Now, I’m looking forward to spring! Bring back those green and all the colors! 🙂

My Travelling Adventure – Egypt

Last year this time, I was in Egypt for holiday with my sister who lives with her expatriate husband in Dubai. We had make it a point to visit each other at least once a year now that we are so far apart and that happen to be our first deal. I flew 8 hours to Dubai for the first time, stayed 4 days and fly 4 hours from Dubai into Egypt with my sister. I will leave my Dubai Adventure for another day. For now, Egypt which has always been a place me and my sister has always wanted to visit. Well Egypt being one of the many places we had like to visit.

Well before our trip, my sister reminded me almost daily about what not to wear in Dubai & Egypt because it’s Muslim country and if we dress skimpily, we will get stares and even have people throwing stones at us. That sounds awfully scary in my opinion. Which tourist would want to be thrown stones at right? I mean, she sounded really serious and became such a nag that it got me worried. I had to do a Google search on what to wear in Egypt! Crazy but its true. I suppose the reason why my sister warn me was because Singaporean girls are known to dress quite often in spaghetti stripes singlet and a tiny shorts with flip flops. On special occasions, they would put on a pretty dress, also with spaghetti strips or tube dress with super high heels walking down the street feeling tall and proud. The excuse for that skimpy dressing is directed to the hot climate we have. Period. So yes, I Google on what to and not to wear and I came up with a conclusion to just put on pant/jeans with a top and cover up with cardigan. I didn’t thought of covering my head though and assumed it’s fine.

Anyway, back to Egypt. The first impression Egypt sent me was the warmth of the people. It’s really strange to be in a mini van and yet get people (guys mostly) waving to us from their car and blowing their horns to get our attention. I didn’t know what to do and how to react. Am I suppose to be friendly as well? Or do I ignore them? I reckon it must be strange for them to see Asian in their country. And I was right, throughout the time I was in Egypt, I have Egyptian coming up to me asking to have a picture with them and this time girls included. They are even really happy to have their picture taken without shying away.

Egyptian Lovelies at the Mosque

And Another group of Pretty Young Ones

So ready for the camera! Look at their smile, beautiful! 🙂

These girls don’t speak English very much but I remember one of them told me they like they way Asian look. Why would anyone like the way Asian look? I think the Egyptians looks beautiful, their eyes, the way their lips are shaped and the beautiful dark hair. Well, I reckon it’s always greener on the other side.

Egyptian Man Also ready for pictures! Nice Smile! 🙂

I’ve covered the people, now the place. Egypt in my opinion is quite messy in general. The traffic is horrible and getting yourself across any road is almost impossible, be prepared to die or just stay where you are. No one car is going to give way to you. You have to dash across at your own risk, hopefully without getting killed or you can jolly well stay where you are and eat a muffins. The sound of horns and rumbling engines can drive one nuts.

The Chaos!

Now, of course, besides the chaos, the beautiful history of Egypt is one that would drawn anyone to visit the country. The Pyramids, The Sphinx, The Mummy and the Famous Tombs during the Roman Empire. We had a personal tour guide who brought us around and explained everything in detailed, which was really helpful. The insight of the history of Egypt brings me way back in time. Totally enjoyed the experience.

The Sphinx

I think the Camel is in Pain... I'm over weight!

So have anyone of you heard that the Egyptians trade camels for wife? Nah, I really mean like a dowry. I’m not sure about other country, but in Singapore, we uses number of tables or hard cash as a dowry when a man want to marry a girl. Number of tables here meant to provide 10 tables to the in-laws during a wedding dinner and they will get all the hard cash from the money the guest gives as wedding gifts. That is Singapore. All about MONEY! In Egypt, they deal with Camel, the more camel the father asked for in return for their daughter, the more valuable the bride is. O.o But then again, it is also about money here since to buy a camel is as good as purchasing a car for them! I came across an Egyptian guy at a store, he told me he has a Camel at home. I asked how much does a Camel cost. He said about USD 5,000.00. So, 50 Camels would cost USD250.000! duhs!

50 Camels for 1 Wife. You only have 2, No deal Son!

Camels are Beautiful

Pyramid with the Sun

Being in Egypt, We cannot missed going to Alexandria which is the largest seaport located just at the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful weather and Scenery. Unfortunately, our time there was really short, but still I managed to capture some nice scene of the place.

Alexandria, Egypt

This guy sells Fragrance!

Stalls alone the Beach Walk.

Saffron - Popular Spice selling everywhere.

Well, so, been there, done that. If you are thinking of going to Egypt, just be very careful with not buying things from touristic spots. Essential Oil, Fragrance, Spice are all their popular produce but not all are genuine. So my advise is to refrain from buying anything that they try hard to promote selling at a cheaper price because it’s hardly the real thing even though they make it look real. I remember my sister and I bought loads of essential oil to realize they are all fake and we have to throw them anyway. Otherwise, Egypt is a beautiful place to experience for at least once in a lifetime.

Christmas Trees are Trees decorated

I know right.. I’ve been writing too many posts about Christmas and Winter and Snow.. and Snow and Winter and Christmas.. Sorry I just had to since now Christmas to me is not just about partying in a club, counting down to Christmas and getting wasted with loads of beer. Christmas in Holland isn’t about clubbing, well, at least I was told, all shops are close so everyone had to stay at home or have dinner with friends and relatives.

It seems to me that having a Christmas Trees in every household in Holland is almost mandatory since even Nelly had to make sure Jos has one in his home although Jos hates decorating the tree.

For 2 years, I’ve decorated the Christmas tree at Jos’ home. And both years, they were live Christmas Tree. The reason I emphasize “Live” is because in Singapore, a fake tree is recyclable and a real tree have to be disposed after Christmas and its really not important to have a real tree or any tree for that matter.

Jos and I was shopping for a Christmas tree and he picked one that is crooked. I’ve spotted the crookedness and had suggested we should pick another. Its strange but Jos insisted on that 1st tree he set his eyes upon! He insisted that these are Natural and there are bound to be some flaws which he claim we could easily fixed. Ok, he win.

Take a look now at how crooked the mini tree look : (you must agree with me)

But after some artificial help to correct the standing of the tree with wood blocks by the Grandmaster.. The tree was standing up right! So what’s with imperfections? There will always be a way to beautify them.

Things that are natural cannot be perfect but they can still be pretty. After all, a Christmas Tree is any Tree that is decorated. You can pick the ugliest tree from any random garden, oh but make sure you cut and trim them to a shape of a triangle, decorate it and tada! It might be good enough for some Christmas Tree Contest! Is there even one? Maybe there should be one sometime soon!

Merry Christmas People!



Female Parking in The Netherlands

From the title of this post you would already know, I’m figuring out why would any country create a Car Park Space specially for the Women? They either have too much space in the country or they critical of the ladies driver or maybe, they are just being protective of the female gender.

Today, while riding in Jan’s car on the way to view some office space, Jan pointed out a sign to me. It says “Parking Female – Gratis”, Gratis clearly means Free which its probably a word everyone choose to look out for. The car just passes it and I haven’t got my camera ready to take a shot of it but I’m really curious why would anyone decide that the female gender should have a “preferred” parking space. I’ve asked Jan briefly. He wasn’t able to answer me because it’s also the first time he saw a sign like this even though he was clearly a Dutch.

Being a curious cat… I’d decide I will do a google search for a picture similar to what I saw today. And look what I’ve found! Indeed, there is more than one place in the Netherlands that has Female Parking Signage everywhere.

Female Parking @ Ikea in Holland

Somewhere outside a hotel in Holland

Female Parking @ NowandWow Event

This one is in Germany

There could be few good reasons where there is a need for female parking space especially for the female gender. I’ve derived two reasons why but note that these aren’t stereo typing or being critical. Just a thought. 😀

Reason No. 1 – Woman are DUMB drivers

Obviously, this is not something I like to proudly agree but incidentally, most woman can be indeed quite dumb or clumsy or let’s just say they are cute when it come to driving. They are generally slower and careful. To make matter worst, some cannot handle parallel parking or slops on multi-storey parking. As such, they take a tiny bit longer time to ensure their car get into the middle of the parking lot and not an inch out. This then causes traffic jam within car parks and make the impatient man angry while waiting for a woman to park their car.

But being a woman, I cannot agree driving is a man’s role. Woman, these day are trained and made to do what man can do and even do what man cannot do!

Think about it, if every woman is slow and careful…. wouldn’t there be a super huge jam if its a FEMALE ONLY Parking??

Reason No. 2 – Safety Reason

Woman are known to be the weaker vessel. When a man take us on, we will lose out even if we are taekwando trained. Simple reason of us being smaller and less strong than most man. I said most man because, a huge amount of man these days are really tiny. Sorry I digress, so therefore, a female only parking space only allows female drivers within the compound and hence, it eliminates cases of rape when there are skimpily dressed ladies out in the parking space. This special parking space for the ladies are highly secured and well protected.

Cover-up Ladies!

Its really nice if the reason is number 2, but what ifs, a perversity man dressed up as woman, enter the car park with the intention to rape anyway and realise the chances of having a man in the compound to save the ladies are small! Ok quite crappy reasoning I reckon but still think about it…

What’s your thought? Why does any country need female parking space? Just for your information, this don’t exist in Singapore.


Man are from Mars, Woman are from Venus.

Me: I’ve already drop many hints and you still don’t get it.

Jos: Don’t drop hints, just tell me directly.

Me: ……

Does the above seems familiar to many? I believe so, many girls goes through the same with their guy. They just don’t get it. They never understand. Why isn’t he calling me back? Why can’t he be a little more sensitive to my feeling? Why does friends mean more to him then me? And all these questions leads to Frustrations in a relationship and might even lead to a big fight. And we girls being girls, never give up trying. We keep trying to make him understand… by getting angry, by getting grumpy, getting upset and so on.

But ladies, its time you stop trying because man and woman can never be the same. If he is ever like you, you might want to re-consider him as your man because then there is a feminine side of him which can be quite scary, don’t you think? So, don’t try to change your man to be what you want him to be, he will never be and should not be. Naturally, because he is a man and he has to do what a man does.

I’ve had a few relationships before and I’ve learnt and even with my current, I’m still learning. The good news is each day I become better at it. I’m no expert but to survive a relationship, as a woman, we need to know what we do wrong as a woman as well. There is always two side to a coin, you can’t be always right. So here are my collections of tips from everywhere that I’d think its so useful to keep in mind.

Rule No. 1 – Do not try to change your man!

Why do we love a man and not a woman? What would we bother to be with a gender so different from us and suffer the consequences of being different? Well, Bingo! That’s because we want a manly man and not some wimp. That’s clearly the reason why man are made different from woman. The difference can be so vast that requires a lot of working on. But even then, isn’t it interesting and challenging to accept that manliness in your man? So stop getting upset when your boyfriend aren’t doing what you want him to. If he does, that is not manly.

If you should decide a man is not what makes you happy, then I suggest you go for a tomboy to ease the suffering. Because “she” will understand more what is needed from a woman’s point of view and do what you want them to.

Rule No. 2 – Do not depend on him to be happy.

Were you happy before you meet him? What were you doing before you meet him? There are surely things we do without our boyfriend and still feel happy. Think about what you did before he comes into your life and do that! If we start a relationship and rely on that one relationship to make us happy, we will never be.

Consider this, if you are happy despite whatever situation or negative thoughts that may bring upon you, your boyfriend would feel less stressed up being with you and thus makes a relationship happier and more lively.

Man are shallow, they do not think as much as a woman does. So no matter what negative thoughts you might have, his will only be nothing. Stop guessing what is not and just be happy even if he isn’t there or hasn’t return your call. You can choose to be happy if you want to be and the happiness at state don’t have to be necessary because of him. 

Tip 3 – Stop the guessing Game

Let’s just say, be direct! Honestly, how many questions marks do you want to put in your poor man’s head and make him lose tons of hair and find out he age faster than his age because of that balding head. So really, what’s the problem of being direct?

Man don’t like to guess (at least mine don’t). They prefer straight and direct question. But the ugly truth is even if you are direct, you don’t always get what you want. Not immediately at least.

Tip 4 – Don’t be the Girlfriend that ruins guys-night out. 

Everyone need space, time out from each other. This is important. I’ve heard many times girls complains that their man aren’t spending enough time with them. But really what is enough in a man’s context might not be enough for you. So eventually, to a man, it will never be enough anyway, so why bother?

Allow your man to hang out with his guy friends and stop thinking he will cheat. Its good for a man to have male friends. Breaking up his friendship with the guys will emasculate him, then really he won’t be worth having.

And when he is out with his friends, he might not pick up you call, might not send you a text or call you back even if you did called. That’s just being manly. But that does not always means he don’t love you. When a man need time-out, he really just need time out. So let him go, let him have all the fun he wants and he will run back to you because you are the one he loves.

Tip 5 – Communication

Did you realize we keep saying, he didn’t understand, he don’t listen. Consider this, did we understand, did we listen? It works both ways. But being woman, we want it our way. As for a man, they need time to digest every thoughts, every conversation as such they prefer to live it the way it is for a while. So they don’t usually  complain even if you didn’t understand, they wouldn’t say anything even if you are not listening.

Start Listening Ape!!

Tip 6 – Do not forget his virtue. 

Stop focusing on his flaws. Who doesn’t has flaws? We all have, and you might even realize, men doesn’t point at your flaws as much as you point at theirs. Try directing your focus at your man’s virtue whenever negative thoughts arise. No one is perfect, love him for his imperfection.

There should be many more tip than just these. To conclude my findings, I realize woman these days are independent and strong, they have their ideal and thoughts and stick right through. They forget that they are not always right, they wanna lead but they have forgotten, they are not man after all.

I’m not saying man has nothing to learn on the way to handle their woman. They do have, tons if you asked me, unfortunately, woman handle instructions better than man. Man improve at their own pace and do not need to be taught. They will grow up when they want to. So stop being their mother but start being their girlfriend / wife.

Signing out~ xo