A Picture Paints A Thousand Words….

Although I’m not a tourist in the Netherlands anymore, I’d like to see all of Netherlands as much as I can. I’ve spoke to a dutch friend about wanting to see different town in the Netherlands and he replied : “They looked the same!”. Well, not to me. Every place I’ve visited gives me a different feel and the feelings are great! They are beautiful and also very historical. And I’m determined to visit every single town and villages during my stay here. For now, I like to share some pictures of the memory I have in the Netherlands so far. Enjoy!


Of course, Amsterdam being the first city I’ve put my foot on when I arrived in the Netherlands for the first time. I can vividly recall the vibrant and dynamics of the city of which spurs the feeling of excitement. Canals are everywhere. And being a touristic spot, there were many boat rides, coffee shops, streets market etc. It is the only town in Netherlands that are alive even at night.



I totally enjoyed shopping in Rotterdam. The first time i make a tour around Rotterdam was with Jos’ Dad who happen to be a History Teacher. He had brought me to a very old church in the Middle of Rotterdam. I’m sorry I cannot remember the church name nor the street name. All I remembered was they were going through some re-construction on the external at the point of my visit but the interior was historically pretty. And by the way, in my opinion, Rotterdam has the best shopping besides Amsterdam.

Light a candle and say a prayer!

Water Winkel - Water Shop in Rotterdam

Scheveningen @ The Haag

I totally love this place. I’m a beach lover. Not that I swim at the beach but the sound of the sea, the wind and the sand just gives me a very soothing feeling. I was there in May and it isn’t so crowded, I can imagine how it would be during summer!

Restaurants along the beach

And, a picture when the sun is setting, I took this last weekend in Scheveningen. From last weekend, the spring weather is so good everyone is going to the beach. I hope the weather stays this good till summer but I was told it will start chilling towards the weekend. Niet Goed!

Sunset @ Scheveningen

Volendam – Old Fishing Village




All thanks to a Singapore Girl Friend of mine that brought me here. Gouda is a beautiful old town.

Den Bosch

I know I didn’t say much about on the individual pictures or elaborate much on this post but I guess if a picture paints a thousand word, this post must have painted more than a thousand words! So Cheerios peeps! 🙂