Online Purchase = Blind Purchase

To get ready for the nasty winter in Holland, I’ve decided I should purchase a UGG boots. The problem is there isn’t a UGG store in Singapore so the only option for me was to order online and I did. I’ve surfed on the website, did some research (“so I thought”) and found out that Whooga appear to have the cheapest UGG boots. I also read on a blog and was convinced. Although the price difference isn’t alot, approximately about EUR20.00 different. I decide to go ahead and order with Whooga anyway.

The ordering process was really easy and I could even track my order online on the number of days it will take to be delivered to my home. So I wait….

The fateful day arrived….. but I was extremely DISAPPOINTED! The parcel came in with brown box packing from a address in Southern China via a cheap courier company. Somehow, I feel sad because I read that UGG boots should be 100% manufacture in Australia but Whooga boots are manufactured in CHINA! That I overlooked.

It isn’t the fault of Whooga, they have clearly stated what they are on their website but this clearly isn’t what I was looking for. I will pay more to just get an authentic UGG brand boots and not Ugg type boots made in another manufacturer’s name and ship from China. Price paid, mistake learned. I’ve got a pair of ugg whooga boots, made in China, at a price of EUR115.00 which is equivalent to SGD190.00. Let’s now hope the material is genuine and the comfort level does not compromise.

I’ve on a few occasion purchase clothes online from local Singapore Online Shop and have never once purchased something close to what it’s mentioned on the website. But those are really cheap item, you know even if it does not fit, you don’t mind trying.  And the truth is, none of those online dresses I purchase online is something I would wear them. And all went to waste.

There was also another incident I had to purchase a Dildo online for a friend because I just didn’t have time to run to the sex shop in Amsterdam. I’d look at a pink bunny vibrator which appear to me that it must be a tiny one since the price of it was EUR24.95. I will never be able to purchase a small dildo for SGD50.00, my friend bought one for SGD79.00. So I’d thought this must be it, alittle cheaper than buying from Singapore. To my surprise, the Dildo arrived in a big box. I told myself, I never knew a small toy need to be packed in such a big box. ONly when I open the box to realize its a super sized Dildo I almost fainted.

Small Dildo in a Big Box?

I’m not sure if my friend would find it useful anymore since she requested for a really small one and I’ve given her a super sized one. But again its another online purchase fail even though this one is value for money. A dildo size like this will cause more than SGD200.00 in Singapore!

The only thing I successfully purchased online and feel happy about was books from online bookstore.

So, I should know by now…. I should never trust online purchase. If I don’t see it myself with my bare eyes and touched the product with my bare hands, I will never ever purchase anything from online shop except books.

My 2 cents worth….