A Date with the Sun, Sea, Sand and loads of Wind

Jos: It’s Queen’s Day this weekend and we are gonna wear Orange to celebrate.

Me: But why should I wear Orange?

Jos: Because it’s Queen’s day!

Me: But I don’t want to wear Orange…

Jos: Yes but we celebrate the queen’s day!

Me: But wearing Orange makes me look stupid and orange isn’t my thing.

Jos: OK then, you go back to work.

Me: …… (Dumb founded but quietly agree with him)

That was a conversation between me and Jos about a week before the Queen’s Day. Typical Dutch and their Queen’s Day… Quite honestly, I’m very impressed with their loyalty. 🙂

The week went by, only to realise I was in fact looking forward to wearing something Orange and do a face paint of a Dutch flag on my face. This is clearly because I cannot agree enough with Jos, I should try to enjoy wearing Orange and celebrate Queen’s Day with the Queen just on that one special day. I thought it must be fun.

On the other hand, Jos was busy being a master of ceremony for a best friend’s wedding and I didn’t really expect anything more than a wedding plus a orange celebration for that long weekend.

Saturday Morning, I woke up to be pleasantly surprise of a last minute decision to spend a weekend at Terschelling! The booking of accommodation and the ferry tickets was completed within half an hour! Superb!

Terschelling is an island next to the Vlieland

Jos has never been to Terschelling which makes it a first time for both of us. Sweet! We booked for a evening departure, packed and was ready to go by 3pm. Hopped onto the car and traveled approximately 2 hours from Dordrecht to Harlingen where the Ferry Terminal situates.

Some quick snap short of the beautiful tulip fields.

Every time we have long drive like this one, I’m always enchanted by the many pretty Tulips Field that flashes at me once every few kilometers. This trip does not differs. And each time these Tulip Field flashes at me… I have to clumsily grab my camera from my very messy bag and try to take a snap shot of whatever I can capture. Well, I never succeed with these “passing” by photo taking. Jos would always wake me up from my sleep if he sees beautiful Flower Fields but he will never stop for me to take a good picture of them. It’s like, “hey, wake up! here is a chocolate, ok now go back to sleep.” How’s that for a spoiler?

The Ferry ride from Harlingen to Terschelling was another good 2 hours so to get to the Island, we traveled a total of 4 hours but it’s all worthwhile. I’ve always had this fear of feeling sea sick while going on a ferry but this trip to Terschelling was perfect! I felt no sea sick or anywhere close to sea sick. The ferry was huge and stable and was really a pleasant ride. Here are a few pictures of the Ferry and the interior.

The first impression of Terschelling upon arrival at the harbor already gives me a feel of being in a whole new world. I’ve left Dordrecht Town and arrive in a foreign island. Although the weather did not differs … cold and wet and people still speak dutch; the place, the surroundings and the people living in it send a totally different feel.

The B&B accommodation we chose was so perfect. There was only 2 rooms within the cafe which also means there are loads of privacy and also very quiet.

Ok, I’m not going to bored you with the details of the B&B we stayed in. All I can say is, it’s a perfect place to rejuvenate and unwind.

We arrived in our rooms at about 930pm, put down our bags, deep breathe and out we go hunting for food. The night was rainy and dark. despite that, I cannot deny it was really a nice walk from our B&B to where the town is but walking pass a cemetery at a cold windy night does send chill down my spine. I just had to run pass it very quickly… but upon reaching Midsland Town… we came pass a church with more tombstones. I then decide, I should embrace the experience than run away from it… so, here it is, a picture of the church taken bravely by me from as close as i like to get.

The Church by Night…

The next morning…. I brace up and took the courage to go closer to the church. This time, I managed to take a closer look at all the tombstones.

The church by Day…

I’d thought this would probably be it. The only church in this small island with tombstones all around. But I was wrong. Over the next 2 days in Terschelling, we traveled on bicycle from Midlands to to Formerum to Hoorn to Oosterend and back to Midsland. In Hoorn sits another church that is filled with Tombstones!

Map of Terschelling

Okay, enough of Tombstones. Besides the surprisingly large community of Tombstones, the island is surrounded with the beautiful natural landscapes and greenery. The feeling of riding on the bicycle with the sea on the left and the sheep feeding on the green on the right is so perfect. It wasn’t hard to be stress free.

As Terschelling is part of Holland, the weather has to be somewhat the same – Unpredictable! Day one was just plain strong wing and light rain and really cold. Day 2 which was Queen’s Day was just perfect! Sunshine full day with light wind, I can easily walk around in Shorts. Oh and for the record, when I decide to pack a pair of shorts for this trip, someone said I was naive…. I think he know now, he was so wrong!

Now allow me to let the picture speaks it’s thousand words…. like as always 🙂

Beach Cafe

Stopping the sand with my hand…

Two Black Sheep wonder off…

Sat at the cemetery enjoying the view… how brave!

What a sight! Did you see the words on the sand? 🙂

“Female” Sumo Wrestler on Queen’s Day. Super cute!

There are just too many pictures to upload, although pictures speaks a thousand words, it will never beat the feeling of being there yourself. For me, Different feel on different days, they are both perfect because of the company I have with me of course. 🙂