A lovely windy noon

It’s been a long time since I last felt this happy. I mean like simply happy with nothing behind my head to worry or think about. I wasn’t even thinking about what to make for dinner. Just a couple of hour of throwing everything out of my systems and enjoy that bit of time at the park with my baby boy. 

We had to walk a bit so I’d put BB on his stroller. He had woke from his morning nap, had lunch and finished up his apple juice. So I reckon,he won’t be cranky for the next two hours since he’s totally recharged. 

Once we reached the park, without walking further, I decide to free him from the stroller and allow him to roam. Today, the wind was strong but no dark clouds so it was a perfect day! I felt BB felt how I feel. It almost seems as though we took in a deep breath together enjoying  the breeze. It also seems like he knows the weather was perfect! 

The park was connect to the beach.  BB loves the beach.. He loves digging into the sand and makes little holes. 
He had two balls in his hand, and he took really good care of it. Everytime the ball slip away.. He would called out “oh no” and then continue to run after the ball. Even while digging In the sand, he hold the ball tight with one hand and dig with the other.


Watching him being happy makes me happy. As parents, we always term ourselves as care taker to our child. But at this stage, I am only glad I have him as my companion all the time. It’s been 16months already… All I need now is to slow down time. 


Our wedding Preparation

Besides going gaga about my pregnancy. We were also really overwhelmed by our up-coming wedding party! I was hoping to push the wedding party to a later date but I reckon it wouldn’t mean the same if we push it to a later date. The decision was either to have a wedding party or not to have a wedding party, no later.

At this point, we have already decide to have the wedding party! And at this same point, I’m stressing over the wedding dress that I’ve paid for since January! Which also means I have to work with the same dress despite how big I’m gonna get by June. Luckily, the designer of my dress thinks it could be easily fix and I would still look nice. Not sure if he is being honest or just being nice. I suppose he don’t really have a choice too.

Now, the main purpose of this post was the wedding venue we have decided upon. I’ve never imagine I would be wed in a venue like this one. In singapore, it’s common to have the wedding in a nice restaurant or a 4-5 star hotel. Well, the more glamour the better!

Although I’m not really into glamour, I’m also quite curious how our wedding would turn out! Since the place we have chosen is gonna be an old barn – refurbished! I can imagine it to be quite romantic but still, because it’s a city girl wedding party, it feels a little surreal.

Yesterday, we went to the wedding venue with Jos’ sister who has kindly offer to help with the wedding decorations. She has come up so many beautiful ideas that I’m quite sure I’m gonna love it. The end result shall be shared after the wedding but here are some pictures of the venue at its bare form.


This is the garden right outside the barn. I love it that it’s facing a river.



More pictures of the garden.


The entrance to the barn. We don’t have a big party so the size is quite perfect!



The last picture is the inside of the barn. What do you think? Now, let your imagination runs. I’m sure wedding in a barn is quite common in USA and Europe, it’s just not in Singapore. So this will be a different experience for my Singaporean guest. They might not get use to this like I was. But now, I’m totally game for this. I think it is gonna be so romantic and beautiful .

Watch this space for the final look of our wedding venue!

So Much in 13 Days!

Hello There… Happy New Year! I hope for everyone to have a better year ahead, with lots of love and funny things. Well, I am back on my little space again. I’d thought it is right about time to updates what 2014 has done to me or me to it .. so far.

To be honest, I’ve no idea where this post is going to bring me, I just miss writing. So here I am. Since I’ve no idea what I’m gonna write, I’m just gonna let it flow okay? So pardon me if this is going to be full of nonsensical crap, just bear with me with just this one post. Wait, or have you already been bearing with me all this while? 🙂

In a blink of an eye, we are done 13 days of 2014. And I’m quite proud to say, I’ve accomplished quite a few things!

One of the thing I did was I started running. Although this year I did not set any resolution for myself, I’ve randomly decided that I should start 2014 being healthy by running and I was aiming to run daily! So I started running daily, without fail until one day I fell on my left knee, right hand and right cheek, to be exact. I did not trip on anything, I fell because for some reason my legs went wobbly and next I was out of control and then I find myself on the rough ground. Now, start imagining that and laugh. It’s okay because I just did thinking about it. Now, I’m taking time to heal that ugly wound. 

P.S. In case you are wondering, I’m still running.

Besides being healthy, I’ve also decide that I should stop procrastinating and start doing something about our wedding. So shopping for my wedding dress while In SG was already in my agenda. I know I can always have my dress in the Netherlands but I do need a shopping partner. Since Jos is not allowed to see my wedding dress until the wedding day, I have no one that I felt close enough to comfortably shop with in NL. So doing this in SG with my BFF gives me a lot more confident. I know she will tell me nothing but the truth.

So, during the last 13 days, I’ve also said YES to the one Dress and am still loving it. I’m very eager to show off my dress but I can’t! I’m sorry. But maybe I can show you another one that I’ve tried and was also in love with.


So what do you think of this one? I really like how the back flows, so elegant, so glamour. But Ive always dream of a simple dress for my wedding, so although this dress is beautiful but it’s just not me.

The next accomplishment was I’ve also purchase our wedding band! Shopping for wedding band without the Fiancé feels quite weird. I mean, not only do I have to choose my ring, I have to choose his. Jos has claim he is bad with rings, so he had tasked for me to choose the ring for him. in fact he added if he could do without a ring! What!?

Anyway, I’ve chosen a very simple ring for him, white gold Matt finish. I guess man really don’t need a good ring since they won’t appreciate it as much as we do. Surprisingly, the man ring on sales are quite fanciful. Some of them even had diamond on it. I mean seriously, why would I want my man wearing diamonds? Despite me saying I want it simple, the sales lady continues to present me with fanciful rings; diamonds, stripes across, criss cross etc.. So I had to make it obvious, I said, No design, White Gold & Matt finish. Yes, this is how man ring should be. No Bling.. I Forbid! 🙂 

Next big thing I did was legalizing some paperwork for our marriage. It was crazy but I’m glad it’s done. I arrived at MFA thinking all my documents was good, but was told I had to certify I’m single! So I had to shuttle between MFA, ROM and the Dutch embassy for the whole freaking day! And the wait in between almost kill me. In the end, I had to literally beg for the dutch lady at the embassy to have it done on the same day because she’d asked that i return the next day to collect the docs. I told her I will wait doesn’t matter how long it takes. So I sat at the reception and waited. The embassy closes at 5pm sharp. Dutch being Dutch, the documents was ready at 4.55pm! When she called out to me, I feel my face glow with so much happiness! I suspect she feels it too. Repeatedly I said to her, thank you so much! at least 4 times!

So yeah, my accomplishment in 13 days! How was your last 13 days? 🙂

Away From Home At Home

I’m away from Holland again. This time for 5 weeks.. back to Singapore. I’ve to stay on for 5 weeks this trip because of a reason that matters a lot for our future. I shall leave writing about the reason for next time when all is finalized.

Today is exactly one week I’m back. Nothing change, it still feels like a month already. Being back brings me back to where we were more than two years ago. It seems like we are going through LDR (Long Distance Relationship) all over again. Although this time,  it feels very different, since our relationship has elevated to the next level, there is honest trust,  where we do not second guess one another.

Jos never second guess me, I admit, being the woman, I’m the insecure one. But that’s only because I care and man can be very idiotic when come to being sensitive to how woman feels. Well having said that, I’ve also learn much from being in a Long Distance Relationship but there is only one thing I have not master : the skill of living life without him. It just gets weirder! 🙂

Those LDR days, we used to spend 3-4 months apart, during those time, we could only text and call one another every day. Jos wasn’t a technology geek, so he never like being on Skype, he don’t have an iPhone, so we cannot FaceTime. As such, our face to face time was really little. It was hard, I hate being in a relationship but not living a life together. Life in Holland and Life in Singapore is drastically different, each has it’s good and bad, but I only want to share the same life with the one I love.

I remember whenever we meet after the 3-4 months apart, I would still feel a little shy and it’s like we fall in love all over again. My heart would speed at the baggage belt, I would check my hair, my face to make sure I’m looking okay. And when we meet at the arrival hall, I felt like my heart skips a few beat I could die! Of course, each time I sees him, I fall in love all over again. 🙂



My Favorite; taken in year Sep 2010 where we reunited and never part ! 🙂

Okay, enough of the emotional crap I’m feeling right now. I don’t want to stop but that is enough mushiness for one post! 🙂

Yesterday, 9th August,  is a very special day for me and all Singaporeans. That’s because it is Singapore 48th Birthday! So here is 3 cheers to Singapore, the little dot on the world map where I was born and raised. I may not live in Singapore for the next few years but I will never forget it’s goodness. I love my Singapore and I will be back!





Glitter Words

A Surprise in A Surprise

The memory I have of Prague is still vivid. I guess I should pen it down now before the memory wipes out from my puny brain.

Prague is well known for being one of the most romantic city in the world. Walking along Charles Bridge; watching the painters working on their art pieces & couples taking their walk across the bridge surely lights up that romantic atmosphere. Besides, I’m also really enchanted by the way they immaculately preserve it’s ancient beautiful architectures.

On the 2nd day of our trip, we chanced upon a small lovers lock bridge. I remember the last I saw these lock bridge was in Amsterdam, a really small one, like only a few locks. And prior to that, I’ve seen them in Paris and Venice. All these time was with Jos and every time I’m fascinated by the way the lock entangles upon one another. I would always takes tons of pictures. It’s just so nice to see! 🙂

Lover Locks.

Lover Locks Bridge – Prague.

Other than knowing these lock bridge are lovers that lock their love. I’ve no other clue how this is suppose to be.

The other amazing thing I really love is their “Escalator of Death”! Because it is so steep and long, It might send shivers to the weak hearted! 🙂

Escalator of Death!

Escalator of Death!

Oh, and I really love their Sugar Roll especially when it’s baked fresh and piping hot, it is delicious! You have to try them because it is oh so good!

Sugar Roll

Sugar Roll.

I know all of those above doesn’t sound convincing enough to be the surprise I was talking about right? Yes, because those aren’t surprising enough!

On the last day of trip. We woke up, have quick breakfast, run back up and started packing. Yes, we are the last minute sort of person. We like to run after time 🙂 After that, we went off to walk around town to grab one last look and then went back in time to checked out of the hotel but leaving our luggage with the concierge because our flights only leaves at 930pm. So that give us another full day to enjoy the city of Prague again.

Since it is the last few hours in Prague, we had to go back to the place we both love most…. which is none other than the PETHRIN HILL! We bought some food and drinks from the mall to bring along and took a tram giving our sore feet a little rest. I don’t know why but for some reason, the tram ride seems to take like forever. And when we arrive, the queue seems to take forever too! Strange indeed….

Anyway, we survived the wait. Jos was exceptionally happy that day. I recalled he was smiling alot. When we found our spot at the hill, I quickly take my seat on the soft grass and when I turn around, I saw Jos face beaming, kneeling with a ring in his hand. He said “I don’t know when, I don’t know how but will you marry me?”

The first reaction from me was : “Are you joking?” And he looked at me smiling and said “Of course not!” And then the rest I remembered was I kept crying & crying.

Now, allow me to rewind to the past, although past are not to be reprimanded but I need to clear your doubts about why I would cry.


In year 2011, while we were still dating in a long distance relationship, Jos send me a image like this over whatsapp :

Marry me Jess

Ok, now this is very embarassing but I will say it anyway. When I received it, I was almost in tears and ask if he was joking. And because he was busy at work, he did not reply my message. So I assume it was for real! The first thing I did was I send to my BFF and said Jos sent this to me. To cut the long story short, it was indeed a joke. I was so damn upset with him, I feel like I could slaughter him! Well, I didn’t of course. He apologized and that was that.

Over the years while we were dating, I would always tell him which of my friends are getting married and Jos would never get the hint. So I decide I should be direct. I asked him : SO we are not getting married? His answer was always consistent, “You will know when we will get married”. Okay, now I make myself sound so desperate! Although i am not an advocate for marriage, I do believe that is the only way to proof you want that person in your life for as long as you live. And no, I’m in no rush to marry but it just kills me he isn’t even thinking about it! I’m sure all ladies would agree. It’s just a girl thing.


Now, let’s fast forward to the day he kneel down. I don’t know how long I cried but seems long enough, with him still kneeling and staring at me in anticipation. He asked again: So is that a yes? How can I say no to a boy this sweet? And to top it off, he was the love of my life! I’m totally touched by what he did. Organizing a surprise trip for a proposal! I can still cry writing this down.  And on that day 30th May 13, I fell in love again with the same man. 🙂

The Ring & The Flowers.

The Ring & The Flowers.

And that was it. No wait, that wasn’t it. Next he took out a padlock which has air flown with us from Holland. I suppose you would all guess, we want our lock on that bridge in Prague! I didn’t know the rules before but now I do. We have to inscribed on with the dates and initials with the keys.There are two keys to the lock, we are suppose to throw each of our key in the water as a public statement of our ‘everlasting love’. And so we did.

Here is our LOCK.

Here is our LOCK.

Picture 463

And these are our keys!

This is like the most romantic thing ever that a guy would do for me! I’ve never had that but I have now.

And there we are, happily engaged to be married !

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Signing off, J

On The Second Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me….

The beautiful Town of Maastrict!!

From my earlier post, I’ve mentioned, we are not done with Christas, we have Day 2. So, yes, the magic continues in Maastricht on Day 2…

Maastricht is a town in Limburg, about 20 minutes from where we stayed. The town was crowd with a lot of people even though the shops are closed. There was a fairly huge crowd also visiting the Church where we lit our candles.

Basilica of Our Lady

In the Centre of the Centrum lies the Christmas Market selling food, commodities and also fun rides.

Christmas Market at the Centrum of Maastricht

Huge Ice Rink @ the Centre of the Market

Also, I was completely engrossed with the shops there even though most of it was closed on the 2nd day of Christmas. As we walk, our head covered with our hoodie because it was raining, the corner of my eyes was drawn to the items behind the glass windows. The Shoes, The Coat, The Bags so beautiful so nice. Deep inside me I was dying for them to be open so I can shop to my heart’s content. Ladies, based on my instinct, I think Maastricht is a very good shopping ground, so if by chance you happen to be in the Netherlands, do not forget to mark Maastricht as a stop for shopping and definately beautiful sight seeing.

Due to time constrain, we did not see alot of Maastricht but again, I cannot be thankful enough to have been able to place my foot on Maastricht town. I promise silently at one corner of the town that I will definitely be back for another weekend getaway. It already feel good being there without seeing much.

After a not so eventful round at Maastricht, we head back to our apartment where we have nice dinner with Jos’ family. We were so pamper with good home cooked food! Fried Risotto Rice Balls with cheese and Pear Soup as starter, Roast Chicken and Beef as Main Course and Super Rich American Chocolate Cake as Dessert. Besides all that, there are also vegetables dish, an apple pie and yummy salad!

Look at Our Christmas Dinner Spread!

wait there is more…..

The Potato Thingy…

The pear Soup in a small cup… because there isn’t enough bowls. How creative! 🙂

Ok and finally… here is a picture of the very rich cake made by Jos… it is so delicious, I am so proud of him!


After a night of the Dutchmen gathering, we had to head home. On the way home, Jos and I had a fight, we were both very angry with one another. We argued from the beginning of our journey home. 2 hours to be exact but we ended the fight before we fall asleep. Each time we fight, at the end of it we thrive…. 🙂 Now, here is a picture of an example of what we were usually during a fight..

Is this sweet or what? 🙂

Flowers Everywhere!

So the yearly “declare your love” day is here, if you receive anything today, you are being loved! How Sweet! 🙂

By now, everyone must be out eating their heart out in restaurant with an unusually expensive menu which would cost much lesser on normal days, sending beautiful flowers for their love ones which would also cost unusually more expensive than it would cost on normal days, maybe also some expensive gifts just to express their love for the one they love. And me, at home – blogging! lol!

I log into Facebook this morning and my news feed was already flooded with flowers, flowers and more flowers. It’s such a lovely sight to see. The flowers on the news feed are too lovely. The immense joy of these friends of mine, can be felt through my bones and naturally put a smile on my face. So Sweet! I just have to show these beautiful flowers that my eyes capture the whole of today and still going….

Lovely Roses For Valentines Day

And Another 🙂

Nice Pink!

Chocolates! Oh my favorite!

Flowers & Bear! Lovely!

Just a stalk but still lovely! Thoughts that count! 🙂

Flowers adding some Balloons!

Now, Imagine the smile on the florist face, counting the cash they “Ke-Ching” (Sound of the cash register) throughout the day. The one day that they make 100 times more than the other 364 days. 😀

Awfully Happy!

I have to agree, sending flowers, cards and going out for dinner dates with the love of your life is one of the most lovely gesture between any loving couple. I envy. But somehow, I do hope I see this happening every other day. I cannot help but wonder, why does one need to declare their love pledge only on Valentines Day? How about the other 364 days? Ok, we have Birthdays, Anniversaries and other special occasions that the ladies receives flowers, let’s say what about the other 360 days?

The love of my life isn’t anywhere near to me today. So, call me sour grape, it’s fine. All I get this Valentine from Jos was a E-Card that says : “Hey love, happy valentine’s day! Love ya very much and one more long distance hug before you come over to the cold “low lands” – From Dragon.

One More Long Distance Hug from Muggy?

This one E-Card is good enough for me. I should take a picture of my smile reading this in the morning today. It makes my day! In retrospect, I remember reminding Jos not to send me any flowers, because it is crazily expensive to send anything on a valentines day. I didn’t think it’s worth the money. Well, Jos being Jos, he do not read in between the lines. So, he send me an e-card of which I am impressed! I do hope I receive e-cards every other day telling me how much he loves me. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against celebrating valentines day. This could be a day to remind a couple to not take each other for granted and remembering she/he as your valentine, the love of your life or whatever that bring the couple closer. I just don’t think celebrating this special day must means spending money on pricey flowers or gifts. The importance of being together today and everyday with or without the presentation of an expensive gifts, an overpriced bouquet of flowers or an unreasonably pricing of a simple dinner. Celebrate Valentines in it’s purest form. A home-cooked dinner together, a hand-made card and even a self-planted sunflower (like I plant mine) 🙂 could mean a lot more than grabbing something from the florist and pay through your nose.

Let’s celebrate valentines day everyday, show love, express them freely, give hugs and many kisses because Loving someone is a feeling, an uncontrollable passion that makes one unable to stop giving. Take note – it isn’t about how much money you splurged.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!