A Spooky Experience @ A King’s Palace.

This feels like writing a composition when I was in junior school. I remember vividly how my teacher gave us a title and made us write a story according to the title. We could be creative and write basing on our imagination or it could also be something that had really happen before. Common titles are; A day I will never forget; How I spend My Summer break and My Best Friend. I’ve never felt writing a composition a chore. In fact I love writing composition, possibly my best subject!

Today, I am going to give myself a title and write base on the title, non-fictional with a dash of my own imagination.

While in London, for some strange reason, we were very drawn to the history behind King Henry VIII (spooky 1). After reading the haunting event happening within the Hampton Court (Spooky 2), we were determined to make a trip to visit the Hampton Court Palace and carry out our little “investigation”. So we did.

Are we nervous? Are we scared? Duh? Of course we are! So, the smartest move is for us to visit this “haunted” palace in the broad day light! We left our apartment as early as 9am after a heavy breakfast, put on the necessary stuff in our back pack and hop onto the tube.

When we arrived at the Palace, we were surprise to be greeted by a gorgeous sturdy building. We must say the palace has been so well maintained; it didn’t feel at all haunted. I’m sure you will agree with me. Sorry for the quality of the picture, it must be my shivering hand. No, I won’t blame it on my iPhone. ūüôā

The Entrance to the Palace.

King Henry VIII

Now a brief introduction to this great King РKing Henry VIII of England. Because of the urgent need to have a heir for the King (an excuse) or the playboy instinct within the King, King Henry VIII had to re-married six times. After reading the history of these six wives he had, it was clear to me at least that it was pure LUST.

Besides his first wife, Catherine of Aragon whom I think is highly remarkable. I was also pretty drawn to the his second wife; Anne Boleyn who was regarded as the most Happy but was also one of the two wives that was beheaded because of accused adultery.

Portrait of Anne Boleyn in the Palace.. wait there is another head! Spooky! ūüėõ

And also his fifth Wife, Catherine Howard. She was beheaded also because of¬†adultery. Now, the spooky part is, Catherine Howard died with a wrong caused and many believed that during the execution, King Henry VIII wasn’t even there. Although she had cried and beg to be spared, she was beheaded on the faithful day.

As such, her sad spirit lingers around the Gallery now known as the Haunted Gallery. As we walked along the gallery, we were also told that the residents of the palace have report witnessing a figure of a woman, dressed in white with long flowing hair drifting down the gallery. Just as she reaches the Royal Pew she lets out an unearthly shriek before hurrying back towards the top of stairs with a ghastly look of despair.

The Haunted Gallery.

While we walked along the gallery, a huge gush of cold wind pass me by. Instantly I check if any of the windows are accidentally open but there was no window in sight! Spooky 3!

His third wife Jane Seymour, the most faithful who has a motto of “To Obey & Serve” died less than two weeks after a long birth labor of 3 days. It was said that her death was due to complication of the placenta after the birth of her first son.

The apartments used by Jane Seymour can be found at the top of the Silver Stick Staircase. Several people over the years have seen a ghostly lady in a long white gown carrying a lighted taper down these stairs.

We have walked up these stairs and also skip our way down these stairs, well, just so we have a feel without scaring ourselves. Quite honestly, I cannot deny the fact that the spookiness in the air was felt without any effort. According to Jos, our water bottle was not place in the front pocket of the backpack when we enter the palace. It was shifted for some spooky reason. Spooky 4!

The numbered part are the haunted part of the palace.

To make the spookiness more spooky… the King came alive. We heard from a distance a very very low voice commanding “The King have arrived! The King have arrived! Now give way for the KING!” That scare the hell out of me because the palace was so quiet we can hear a pin drop! A discerning voice like this one came quite unexpected. And next, a fat and authoritative looking king surface from a dark corner, walking down the aisle. I was too stunt, I did not dare pull out my iPhone (too high tech) to take a quite picture of him. But wow, he looks real! Just like the picture on the flyers!

Despite the spookiness of the palace, the green part of the palace was pretty awesome. By now, we all have enough of the spookiness. Lets take a peek through the windows….. I cannot wait to run into the beautiful garden and feel the air! You too?

Look at the beautiful Garden!

Lets run out shall we?

P.S. The Lake was really Frozen, I could crack the ice…

So that ends our journey to the spookiness. It was eventful, nice, fun and pretty thrilling! Maybe you should go and check them out yourself. After this palace… I’m determine to visit more palace! ūüôā

P.S. Did you have a good New Year Celebration? I was literally partying within a war zone! Believe it or not? Next post maybe… ūüôā

P.P.S How is it there is a big space from the last picture to the last paragraph??? I did not arrange it like that… ewww spooky!


Next Stop : London

I know should update my travelling adventure as well. I didn’t forget, I just have a mind that are constantly blocked and words just don’t flow the way it should. Now I hope it will flow like the river so I can finally complete my blog post.

Yes, well before Christmas we took a ferry to London and stayed for 4 good days. But no, I’m not done with London yet! There is just so much to see, so much to do. I have to go back again, maybe another long weekend.. ūüôā

I remember I was in my teens when I first visited London. I should remember a great deal of it since I was old enough to experience and mark the moments. But, quite honestly, I don’t remember much. All I clearly remembered was we stayed in an cottage house right in the heart of London and the heater broke down so we were really cold and that was my first encounter with snow flakes. It was beautiful but far too cold for me.

This time going to London directly from the Netherlands is a totally different experience. Travelling on a over-night ferry instead of flying. Jumping from tubes to tubes to get to where we want to be. Walking more than 3 hours, maybe 35kms everyday. All these was no hassle at all. The trip was made perfect because I was with the ones I love.

We sailed on Stena Lines.

Our choice apartment was also such a blessing! We stayed in an apartment near to Hyde Park where the¬†Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain lies. The name of the apartment was Grand Plaza Serviced Apartment located at Princess Square. It was just 5 minutes walk to two underground stations, Queensway & Bayswater. Note: these underground stations serves different line,it is quite important to know if you don’t want to walk 1 hour to a destination and then realise there is actually a station that stand next to your apartment and have stop that is next to where you want to be! It is clear…that was what happen to us so people please¬†don’t make the same mistake we did!

Our first day was already awesome just by taking a long walk at the Hyde Park. Even though the¬†park¬†was¬†filled with a lot¬†people, it didn’t make any one of us¬†left feeling claustrophobic. There was enough space for everyone. The park was also filled with loads of birds, different kind. They are not afraid of the crowd, very friendly and always asking for food.

Just me trying to dare the ducks....

Just me trying to dare the ducks….

Ducks, Swans, Goose and other birds in the park.

Ducks, Swans, Goose and other birds in the park.

 Picture 3275

Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

Picture 3000

London Bridge from Different Angle.

The Famous London Bridge

The Famous London Bridge

Walking through the Hyde Park and ended up at the point where the Big Ben and the London Eye lies. Sometimes I wonder what with this BIG BEN that people are attracted to….. quite honestly, it is just a clock tower right? But whatever, it is nice to see.

Picture 2864

The first day was just exploring London as far as our my feet can take us. We just walk and walk non-stop until we I become really tired. My feet hurts because I was wearing¬†a crappy EUR20.00 boots that hurts really bad. So much for going for cheap deals… anyway,¬†so we didn’t do so much on the first day.¬†Despite the painful feet, we had fun.¬†Now my mind is blocked again, sorry I have to abruptly stop here. I know it’s very stupid and rude of me but let me lure you back with my next post on the 2nd part of my London trip. I¬†am going to¬†write about our spooky visit to the King’s Palace. Which King? A dead king of course… anyway, stay tune and I will be back! ūüôā¬†Oh,¬†just in case I’m not back in time for the New Year …¬†I will end this post with a¬†wish for every one to have a¬†blessed New Year Day with all good things, good food and good people¬†around you. Let’s take 2013 on! Happy New year! ūüôā