iPhone Game – Tiny Towers

So yes, I’ve been drowning myself in iPhone games and application of late. While I wait to move to the Netherlands, sorting out what I need to bring with me and all the informations I need has been crowding my mind. To clear that crowded mind, I play games. And Tiny Towers kinda got me hooked.

Well to many, this game is just a plain waste of time. I cannot disagree with that but the point is I am finding something to waste time on. So instead of drowning myself in alcohol and spending money on shopping indulgence, I decide to waste time on games.

Tiny Towers is somewhat interesting though. First we were given a building with a lobby, and then we are suppose to build as high as we can and invite Bitizens to live in our apartment and give them a job in one of our business within the building.

Check out how high I have went in less than 2 days! 19th Storey! 😀


The most interesting part of this game is matching these Bitizens to a job closest to their dream job. I love this part of the game and having to do that gives me a sense of achievement and feeling of satisfaction especially when I match 1 to their dream job. And I did with 3 Bitizens. Check out those with Green Smiling Face.


And when you match the Bitizens to their dream job… You get…. 2 Tower Bux!


And these Tower Bux allows you exchange for Bitizens coin which in turns allow you to build more levels of shops and other businesses or residential. 50 Tower Bux gives you 100,000 Bitizens Coins. Which is really good “coins” to use for building up more levels of excitement 😀

However, I come to realise that there are some Bitizens that seem to be not zealous with life. Well, at least that’s how I sees them. Check this one out :


Erin Gonzalez. Check her stats out, although she has a dream job in Asian Cuisine, her enthusiasm for any type of work is below 5. Sad case if you ask me. Imagine a real human who has no zest or life? That’s pathetic isn’t it and I’m quite sure this happen even in our real world.

But wait! Now check this :


Raymond Torres. His statistic is on high 9 for service, food and creativity. I see him as someone with a huge passion for work and life. ok, maybe you think thats because he has a dream job. But if you look at it, he has passion for recreation as well! 3rd example below, now check this one:


D.Carpenter is alot more focus don’t you think? He scores 9 on his passion and nothing else. So this is what I mean. Even Bitizens are made with characters! 😛

I know right. I may be thinking a little more than I should. But life is like a game isn’t it?

Now back to my game! 😀