Big Plans, Small Steps…

So it’s a brand new year! This is the first year we celebrate New Year together and also my first year crossing into the New Year the Dutch Way in the European Time Zone.

Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, Dutch way of celebrating New Year is actively trying to bomb the country with lots and lots of fire works! Although I’ve heard alot about it and even seen them on webcam last year, seeing it for real this year makes it an eye opener. I have to say it is one amazing experience! No I did not take any pictures when Jos was busy lighting the fire works with the Cigar he holds in his hand. I was too engrossed and enjoying every bit of it. The whole sky was filled with fire works every seconds. Nicely done you crazy dutchies! 🙂

Every year this time, it is kind of mandatory or a protocol for people to reflect on the past year and set some new year resolutions for themselves. Quite honestly, I have not. I used to make a list of what I need to achieve but I hardly keep to them. So, no I have not been reflecting.

Sub-consciously, I realise today that there seem to be already a resolutions set for us this year.  Yes, not just me, it is for US. After speaking to the parents of Jos, they have inspired us to plan a coastal walking holiday in Cornwall this year. Jos have been looking at the maps of the walk. It could be very tough because we will have to carry only our back pack and walk from coast to coast until the end (maybe). Take a look at the map below and you will understand.

Our Pre-Planned walk…

Such holiday really means you travel on your feet, do some sight-seeing, smell the air, touch the trees, kick some sand on the beach and continue walking. And when you become tired, you try to find a hotel at any nearest village and take shelter for a day or two and then continue walking to the next village/town.

Such adventure can only be enjoyable if we are both fit and strong. As such, Jos has make plan. We will walk in Netherlands first! So we started walking. We have done some walks around Dordrecht before, was nice and small walks. But when the plan surfaced and my walking shoe was bought, he had planned for a 10km walk in an island in Netherlands called Tiengemeten.

We walked the Yellow and Red Routes

I was told also told we need to take a ferry from Nieuwendijk. That makes me really excited because that means we are going overseas! 😀

The same morning, It was without effort I gotten change (usually I need time to decide what to wear) and putting on my new Timberland walking shoe which was really comfortable!

And we start our adventure to Tiengemeten. The ferry ride was about 10-15mins, completely open air, no cover no seats. We have to try to enjoy the strong cold wind while on board. But because I was quite well prepared, it was fun!

This a restaurant where we have our lunch and walk on..

Pretty View.

When we started , we already know from the flyer/map provided at the tourist center that we will come across some wild Scottish Highlanders. We were also told that we have to keep 25m away from them as they can be dangerous especially when they have their young with them. These Scottish Highlander were imported from Scotland and put into the wild to upkeep the grounds of these nature walk.

At some point of our path, we saw from a distance that there were some animal heads jugging out from the sides of our path. Our first thought was horse and then we remember it must be the Scottish Highlander. But the path was narrow, and if we walk on, there is no way we can keep 25m away from them! So i suggest: “It must be an ambush! What do we do? They will attack us if we walk on..” Jos laughed and walk on! O.O what the hell? So much for a valuable suggestions right?

So we did walked on, me being very nervous. Finally, I was walking in between a herd of Scottish Highlanders! There was no turning back. I walk really fast withing turning my eyes on them but still managed to quickly snap some pictures before I scram off.

At the end of the first herd, we saw a group of people going really close to the cows and taking pictures. That’s when I relax and started enjoying the muddy walk with the cows next to me. It was an amazing experience! I didn’t think I will come this close to them…

Hello.. What do you think you are doing?

And with that we walk on for another 5km which makes it approximately 10km in total. My legs was weak and wobbly by the end of the walk but I really like it and wouldn’t think twice if I’m invited to take a total of 20km path also. It is nice.

On New Year’s Day, we did yet another walk. This time we did not go overseas. We went to a nature walk in Brabant and it was yet another amazing walk. The first time I see Christmas Tree plantation and at the end of the walk, there was even a Christmas Tree Forest! I told Jos, we will come hand pick our own Christmas Tree next year here! 🙂

Big Christmas Tree Plantation


Small Christmas Tree For Next Christmas.

The wild ones in the forest!

Besides the enchanting Christmas Tree, the very nice view during our yet another 10km walk. Now enjoy the pictures:

Feels like a painting to me…


Yet another Painting..

In the Forest..

I didn’t know how beautiful other parts of Netherlands can be but now I know. There are just so many things to see and feel. The best part of it, the weather was good, 10 degree with SUN. Lovely! This is another 10km path walk, although I was tired at the end, I didn’t feel so much pain in my muscles this time. Training Training! 🙂

As I’ve said there is just going to be more walk like these ones, I will update again after this weekend when we take our walk again. I’m not sure where we will go but I’m in for lovely surprise! Thanks Darling! X



Ignite the Light & Let the Colors Burst

Happy New Year 2012

ASIA must be the 2nd or 3rd continent to welcome every new year! So being in Asia, I’ve step in 2012 much earlier than Jos did because I had to be back in Singapore while waiting for MVV from the Dutch Embassy. This MVV thingy is a sticker that I need to stick on my passport to allow entry to the Netherlands and to apply for my residence permit. So being 7 hours ahead of him. I was force to receive year 2012 before he did. I’m not complaining since I’m gonna be away from Singapore for an extended period of time.

But not celebrating New Year together with the one you love is depressing, I’m sure you will agree. So we have an agreement to video call on Tango at both time.

Jos has to stay awake at 4.55 pm (his time) which is 11.55 (my time) just to catch me counting down to 2012 at the almost heart of Singapore at the Central of Clark Quay. Of course, it is easier for him to stay awake at 4.55pm than me at 6.55am! I know right, time difference confuse you. It confuse me all the time and I never get it right. So nevermind about the time, the point is, we had to speak and video chat at a specific time, any later is not going to be the same.

As usual, during days like this, the telephone service providers fails to deliver because of over whelming usage from everyone. Mine connection isn’t any good. There was no connection at that crucial hour! No data, no phone connection! So Jos only managed to catch the show right after mid-night. Disappointing but he sees something.

I’ve missed New Year celebration in the Netherlands for 2 consecutive year and that sucks! I’ve heard of the freedom to use fireworks in the Netherlands during New Year and have been wanting to witness a real firework right before my eyes and set off by me! Now I have to wait for another year. In order to soothe my disappointed soul, we had planned for a video call on Tango at 6.55am (my time) and 11:55pm (Jos’ Time) just so I could feel the New Year Spirit of the Dutchies.

So, I did, set my alarm to rings at 6.45am which was really tough since I only get to bed at 2am, I’m left with a few hours of sleep. The struggle to get up was all worth while, the connection was perfect and I’ve managed to snapped a few screen shot of the fireworks… not the best since it’s web cam on mobile but it’s good enough for me 🙂

Fireworks Ready for the Night

Courtesy of Tango!

Courtesy of Tango!

I can already imagine… the real thing must be really nice and watching them blazing and bursting their colors with your love ones must be a dream come true! It’s alright, I will wait, it will happen soon!

On the side note, TANGO is truly the best invention in the universe. Free overseas call with Video call effects! How cool is that? Awesome!

Quick Flash Back & New Year Resolution! Not Really….

So the year is coming to an end and a brand new year begins. I remember last year, I wrote a long list of new year resolutions but quite honestly, I’ve did nothing close to any of my resolutions and didn’t really remember what I wanted to keep to. The only one I remember was to hit the treadmill and lose some weight…. I believe this could be a resolution of many, but that didn’t happen. Well I run, cycle and roller-blade sometimes but never religiously. So my weight is still at it’s best 48kg! boo! Diet can always wait….

Diet can always wait says Garfield. And I live by that! 🙂

So, really what is resolutions if you never ever keep to it?  Don’t bother making a long list if you know you will not do it. Resolution of oneself can always start at any point of each year. So really, this year, which is a very important year for me, I’m going to have only one resolution and that is – BE HAPPY.

If you wanna be Happy... BE.

I’ll tell you why in a bit, for now, a little flash back of my 2011.

Flashback 2011

Year 2011 have been good to me. I’ve been really blessed. I cannot thank God enough for the year long adventure. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, there are tears of joy, tears of regrets but everything falls in place after every trial. Each time the road seems rough and I feels that I can no longer go on, but a few more steps, the road is smoother again. It’s amazing how everything falls rightfully in place to where I want them to be. And I really mean Everything. I’ve learn a lot from the many experiences I went through. I learn to be stronger, tougher and most importantly, I learn to trust again. I learn to love again. That alone is very precious to me. These are my personal growth.

Knowledge is something that you learn and will never be taken away from you. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve done the wildest thing of my entire life that I will never imagine doing. I’ve said this many times in my earlier blog entries but since this is a post of the many flash back of 2011, I will say it again.

1) Experiencing SNOW for the 1st time as an adult. Up close and personal, making snow balls. Most beautiful experience for an Asian Girl.

Snow Balls in the making!

2) Surreal experience of skiing on french alps – Les Menuires. (Been there, Done that – 1st Ski Trip!) On the side note, I was like the only Asian on that mountain.


3) Learning to make my very own Cheese Cake! (Never even dream about being able to make any cake.)

1st Strawberry Cheesecake!

4) Slept in a tent for a good 4 weeks, rain or shine! Been there… Done that! (Quite amazing for a City Girl)

Cooking in the wild! 😀

5) Visiting the 1st SUNFLOWER Fields and awe in amaze. Lovely!

Sunflower Fields @ Toscane, Italy

6) 1st Italian Opera @ the Grand Arena!

7) Driving on the left for an extended period for the 1st time! Stressed out but challenging! 😛

Driving on the Left Side.

8) Eaten the best Egg with Bacon cooked in the wild. 😀

5 Stars Eggs with Bacon

9) Watching a happy family grow 😀

Gosling! Too cute!

Ghoose - Still Cute!

10) Making the first Pizza!

My First Pizza!

11) Learning a new Language – the DUTCH Language!

It is not difficult, it's just different!

And finally, doing all the above with the love of my life! To me… that makes it perfect!

Year 2012 is going to be a brand new year of adventures.  where I will be travelling 6476.56 miles, 10422.62km across the globe to be live with the same love. I cannot think of anything I want to change or improve upon. I just know, I need to be a happier person. I learnt. The brain… well, my brain at least is one of the worst organs of my body. It has this ability to make my mind think of the most negative and assuming unhappy result. This very powerful organ of our body called the brain is really hard to control. But because it is a part of us, we have the power to control it if we want to! Whatever we place in our mind to think, is the result of our well beings. To be positive or negative, happy or sad. It’s all in the mind. And that is clearly the reason why I choose to “be Happy” for my new year resolution. I choose to control my thoughts, my mind, my brain. I will choose my thoughts just like I choose the clothes I wear. I believe, in order to see positive result, we need to be positive and happy. Nobody likes to be with a unhappy person, therefore, being happy is the key to every success. And lastly, a quote i learnt – ” WORRY IS A MISUSE OF YOUR IMAGINATION” so, don’t worry! Be Happy!

Don't Worry ! Be Happy!

Will now end this post with a big shout out to everyone! Happy New Year! I’m very sure it will be a good one for all if we control our mind! Cheerios ! 😀