Hagelslag – The Typical Dutch Breakfast

While I was having my Fried Carrot Cake for breakfast this morning, I’d thought about what I had when I was in Holland. And yes, most morning I had Hagelslag. And what is Hagelslag for the non-dutch? Well, it is non other but a spread on your toast. Commonly, we spread peanut butter, Jam, butter, cheese etc but Dutch would add in some flavors and spread Hagelslag.

Hagelslag are really sprinkles that comes in many flavors to top on sandwiches for breakfast. Although I’ve hardly seen Jos eating those on his sandwich for breakfast but generally yes it is still typical dutch breakfast because I see them everywhere. They are served in any hotel breakfast buffet, they are also widely sold in any supermarket in Holland.

I read on wikipedia that sprinklers served on sandwich are also commonly serve in Indonesia then I start wondering why hasn’t it been introduced to the other part of Asia? Strange but to us, sprinkler are only commonly seen on cakes, or donuts. Well, on second thought, we can really say its really a quick fix if you want a bake sprinkler donut and can’t have them, you put sprinkler on your bread! Now, this sounds right.

I had Hagelslag for breakfast for a good 5 days and I got kinda sick of it. I have this posted on my facebook and then, I had friends commenting that I must be bored stiff to have sprinkles on my bread. What comforts me was, the next thing, I found Jos bringing me instant cup noodles from the supermarket.

My breakfast for a good 5 days

As a matter of fact, having Hagelslag for me is a quick fix especially when one is really hungry anything like this would taste good. One fine day, I finally understand, maybe it isn’t really something most adult dutch has for breakfast, it is mostly consume by children! I found Madelief having them even for dinner while camping in France. So, my conclusion to Hagelslag is:  it is kept handy for any quick fix for meals.

Madelief and Hagelslag - She sure enjoys them!

There are many flavors of Hagelslag, if chocolate isn’t your thing, get the fruity ones and if you don’t like fruity ones, then I suspect you don’t like sprinkler! To be honest, they are really quite nice and a great improviser to quick taste of sprinkler without feeling guilty of eating “sugar” on its own.

The Many Flavors of Hagelslag by De Ruijter.

Being a Singaporean, breakfast are quite sumptuous if you asked me. Forgive me for comparing Dutch and Singapore all the time, this is because the two are just so different. Having to adapt to a totally new lifestyle and many many new experience sometime puzzle me.  I am enjoying every bit of the difference.

Many asked if I would miss the food in Singapore. I am sure I would, very much. The oil, the spice, the variety, they are awesome but that does not mean I wouldn’t miss food from Holland when I am back in Singapore. I love Dutch’s poffertjes, their Pannekoeken and their Bittleballens (Oh they are delicious!) of which I will blog about in my other post. 

So ending my post with a picture of the kind of breakfast I had this morning, Singaporean fried carrot cake! Did you see the vast difference of the two? 

Fried Carrot Cake