Ignite the Light & Let the Colors Burst

Happy New Year 2012

ASIA must be the 2nd or 3rd continent to welcome every new year! So being in Asia, I’ve step in 2012 much earlier than Jos did because I had to be back in Singapore while waiting for MVV from the Dutch Embassy. This MVV thingy is a sticker that I need to stick on my passport to allow entry to the Netherlands and to apply for my residence permit. So being 7 hours ahead of him. I was force to receive year 2012 before he did. I’m not complaining since I’m gonna be away from Singapore for an extended period of time.

But not celebrating New Year together with the one you love is depressing, I’m sure you will agree. So we have an agreement to video call on Tango at both time.

Jos has to stay awake at 4.55 pm (his time) which is 11.55 (my time) just to catch me counting down to 2012 at the almost heart of Singapore at the Central of Clark Quay. Of course, it is easier for him to stay awake at 4.55pm than me at 6.55am! I know right, time difference confuse you. It confuse me all the time and I never get it right. So nevermind about the time, the point is, we had to speak and video chat at a specific time, any later is not going to be the same.

As usual, during days like this, the telephone service providers fails to deliver because of over whelming usage from everyone. Mine connection isn’t any good. There was no connection at that crucial hour! No data, no phone connection! So Jos only managed to catch the show right after mid-night. Disappointing but he sees something.

I’ve missed New Year celebration in the Netherlands for 2 consecutive year and that sucks! I’ve heard of the freedom to use fireworks in the Netherlands during New Year and have been wanting to witness a real firework right before my eyes and set off by me! Now I have to wait for another year. In order to soothe my disappointed soul, we had planned for a video call on Tango at 6.55am (my time) and 11:55pm (Jos’ Time) just so I could feel the New Year Spirit of the Dutchies.

So, I did, set my alarm to rings at 6.45am which was really tough since I only get to bed at 2am, I’m left with a few hours of sleep. The struggle to get up was all worth while, the connection was perfect and I’ve managed to snapped a few screen shot of the fireworks… not the best since it’s web cam on mobile but it’s good enough for me 🙂

Fireworks Ready for the Night

Courtesy of Tango!

Courtesy of Tango!

I can already imagine… the real thing must be really nice and watching them blazing and bursting their colors with your love ones must be a dream come true! It’s alright, I will wait, it will happen soon!

On the side note, TANGO is truly the best invention in the universe. Free overseas call with Video call effects! How cool is that? Awesome!