First Trip Out On European Train

Currently sitting comfortably on a High Speed Train heading towards Brussels to connect another train to Paris to meet with my sister for a couple of days. I have my lap-top, a dongle (for internet connection), my iPad, a trolley bag containing my clothes and toiletries and my handbag. I’m all alone. In a train. In Europe (OMG!). Not knowing what to expect. Going to Paris.

I just thought I had to put this down in my blog (also my diary). Just in case I don’t come back to Holland safe, at least my last words are here.

For some reason, writing this event right here makes me feel less alone, because I feel and know that people that cares about me are reading. Some are people that I might not even speak to. Well, a BIG thank you for being interested in my random and at times boring post. Everyone needs an outlet, my outlet happens to be my blog aka my diary.

Quite honestly, I’m a little nervous. in about another hour or so, I will be in another part of Europe. Apparently, I have to change to another train in Brussels and apparently, this train that I’m suppose to be on isn’t one that is at the same station. I have to walk across… well, I cannot relate now, but I will in an hour. And people…. please pray for my safety. OK I’m being dramatic, I know.

I should arrive at Paris Disney Station at approximately 925pm and we were suppose to watch the fireworks. I’m looking forward to that.

So cheerios… if you don’t see my post soon.. call the police! haha! 😀

P.s. my mobile line just switch to Belgie! omg!