My Travelling Adventure – Egypt

Last year this time, I was in Egypt for holiday with my sister who lives with her expatriate husband in Dubai. We had make it a point to visit each other at least once a year now that we are so far apart and that happen to be our first deal. I flew 8 hours to Dubai for the first time, stayed 4 days and fly 4 hours from Dubai into Egypt with my sister. I will leave my Dubai Adventure for another day. For now, Egypt which has always been a place me and my sister has always wanted to visit. Well Egypt being one of the many places we had like to visit.

Well before our trip, my sister reminded me almost daily about what not to wear in Dubai & Egypt because it’s Muslim country and if we dress skimpily, we will get stares and even have people throwing stones at us. That sounds awfully scary in my opinion. Which tourist would want to be thrown stones at right? I mean, she sounded really serious and became such a nag that it got me worried. I had to do a Google search on what to wear in Egypt! Crazy but its true. I suppose the reason why my sister warn me was because Singaporean girls are known to dress quite often in spaghetti stripes singlet and a tiny shorts with flip flops. On special occasions, they would put on a pretty dress, also with spaghetti strips or tube dress with super high heels walking down the street feeling tall and proud. The excuse for that skimpy dressing is directed to the hot climate we have. Period. So yes, I Google on what to and not to wear and I came up with a conclusion to just put on pant/jeans with a top and cover up with cardigan. I didn’t thought of covering my head though and assumed it’s fine.

Anyway, back to Egypt. The first impression Egypt sent me was the warmth of the people. It’s really strange to be in a mini van and yet get people (guys mostly) waving to us from their car and blowing their horns to get our attention. I didn’t know what to do and how to react. Am I suppose to be friendly as well? Or do I ignore them? I reckon it must be strange for them to see Asian in their country. And I was right, throughout the time I was in Egypt, I have Egyptian coming up to me asking to have a picture with them and this time girls included. They are even really happy to have their picture taken without shying away.

Egyptian Lovelies at the Mosque

And Another group of Pretty Young Ones

So ready for the camera! Look at their smile, beautiful! 🙂

These girls don’t speak English very much but I remember one of them told me they like they way Asian look. Why would anyone like the way Asian look? I think the Egyptians looks beautiful, their eyes, the way their lips are shaped and the beautiful dark hair. Well, I reckon it’s always greener on the other side.

Egyptian Man Also ready for pictures! Nice Smile! 🙂

I’ve covered the people, now the place. Egypt in my opinion is quite messy in general. The traffic is horrible and getting yourself across any road is almost impossible, be prepared to die or just stay where you are. No one car is going to give way to you. You have to dash across at your own risk, hopefully without getting killed or you can jolly well stay where you are and eat a muffins. The sound of horns and rumbling engines can drive one nuts.

The Chaos!

Now, of course, besides the chaos, the beautiful history of Egypt is one that would drawn anyone to visit the country. The Pyramids, The Sphinx, The Mummy and the Famous Tombs during the Roman Empire. We had a personal tour guide who brought us around and explained everything in detailed, which was really helpful. The insight of the history of Egypt brings me way back in time. Totally enjoyed the experience.

The Sphinx

I think the Camel is in Pain... I'm over weight!

So have anyone of you heard that the Egyptians trade camels for wife? Nah, I really mean like a dowry. I’m not sure about other country, but in Singapore, we uses number of tables or hard cash as a dowry when a man want to marry a girl. Number of tables here meant to provide 10 tables to the in-laws during a wedding dinner and they will get all the hard cash from the money the guest gives as wedding gifts. That is Singapore. All about MONEY! In Egypt, they deal with Camel, the more camel the father asked for in return for their daughter, the more valuable the bride is. O.o But then again, it is also about money here since to buy a camel is as good as purchasing a car for them! I came across an Egyptian guy at a store, he told me he has a Camel at home. I asked how much does a Camel cost. He said about USD 5,000.00. So, 50 Camels would cost USD250.000! duhs!

50 Camels for 1 Wife. You only have 2, No deal Son!

Camels are Beautiful

Pyramid with the Sun

Being in Egypt, We cannot missed going to Alexandria which is the largest seaport located just at the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful weather and Scenery. Unfortunately, our time there was really short, but still I managed to capture some nice scene of the place.

Alexandria, Egypt

This guy sells Fragrance!

Stalls alone the Beach Walk.

Saffron - Popular Spice selling everywhere.

Well, so, been there, done that. If you are thinking of going to Egypt, just be very careful with not buying things from touristic spots. Essential Oil, Fragrance, Spice are all their popular produce but not all are genuine. So my advise is to refrain from buying anything that they try hard to promote selling at a cheaper price because it’s hardly the real thing even though they make it look real. I remember my sister and I bought loads of essential oil to realize they are all fake and we have to throw them anyway. Otherwise, Egypt is a beautiful place to experience for at least once in a lifetime.