Autumn in Dusseldorf, Germany @ minus 2

To celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, we have landed our feet in Dusseldorf! Supposedly Autumn so I assume 8-9 degree during the day but we had a -2 degree temperature. It was freezing so much that I had numb fingers and a brain freeze. Okay, I lied. The brain freeze was due to the Bubble Tea I had in one of the Food Court in Dusseldorf. And yes, I’m crazy to drink bubble tea at -2 degree. But, I cannot remember when was the last time I had bubble tea and I love them! They are no where available (not that I know of) in the Netherlands. The existence of Bubble Tea was like “WOW” to me. πŸ™‚

European Bubble Tea

The one thing I must agree with the many review online; Dusseldorf have a wide selection of food choices and they are truly tasty. The first meal we have in Dusseldorf was a superb breakfast in Hanseat Hotel. This is a pretty boutique hotel, small but beautiful, Β great service for a reasonable rates.

BUT… There is just one thing I really dislike about he hotel. Look at the picture on the right, this is the view to our room. If you look closer, you will realise a dog face with a human body hung on top of the bed.Β So we thought, looks like we are being watched… not just from the behind but also from the front! Look! A bigger one staring at us all through the night!

Seriously, Dear Hanseat Management, this is creepy. Please change the picture to some sunflower field or beautiful scenery of Dusseldorf. A dog head on a human body isn’t cute.

Now the good part. Every morning, I’m awaken not by a dog sniff but by the fragrance of freshly baked croissant! No I am not joking, even with window closed, the fragrance came through. It just gets us really hungry that we had to wake up early for breakfast.

As mentioned, Dusseldorf has really nice food & great shopping, but I choose to tell you more about the food because the shopping to me is the same everywhere. And I get all excited talking about the food because we are able to eat delicious lunch for just EUR6.50 in their local Food Court. It amaze me to see that they have the same food court we have in Singapore! I don’t see them in Holland; which is kinda sad because this is just pure survival for me. Being able to grab proper lunch (my way) and eat them fast. We patronized the Indian Cuisine because I love spicy food. The spice wasn’t spicy enough but because it is so tasty, I’m quite happy with my lunch.

At dinner, we had to decide what to eat. Having so many choice is not good because then we cannot decide what to eat. We were told before we arrive in Dusseldorf that the Blackout Steakhouse is really nice. But we decide to have fish instead and we think it is possibly even nicer with a good price! Please people…. you mustn’t miss the FISCHHAUS! I enjoyed every bite of my meal. πŸ™‚

Whole Dorale Fish… the juiciness of the fish, the freshness of the spinach and the sin of having CARBO from Potatoes.. it is all worthwhile! πŸ™‚

Jos had mix grilled of seafood, If i have a stomach of a giant, I would eat them all! Too good.

Now I had to stop talking about food… I have to drool talking about them. But really, if you have to go to Dusseldorf, please visit this fish restaurant, a tat bit crowded with small dining table but worth it all.

Now about the sights. We walk around town the first day, and yes, there are just too many shops. It is heaven for shopaholic like me. But ask any lady and they will agree, shopping and holding a man is as good as shopping and holding a child. They are both a big stumbling block to a perfect shopping day. So, I’d prefer to show you all the scene around it. So behold people…. the beauty of DUSSELDORF!

On our last day of our mini getaway, we decided to visit the Castle of Dusseldorf – Schloss Benrath. This must be one of the best decision we made that really complete our trip there with a smile.

The castle was surrounded by a big forest that is beautifully, well… kinda, organised. We arrived early in the morning, where there was a lot of mist. It almost felt like we were in Heaven… so serene, so peaceful and so much mist! I’m glad none of us walk into a tree πŸ˜›



When the mist clears up… we see more trees πŸ™‚

And we even spotted a Heart made of autumn leaves! πŸ™‚
OK, I lied again…. we made this! πŸ™‚

So what do you think? Already planning a trip to Dusseldorf maybe? Well, it isn’t the best of Germany but it must be the nearest to me and the best. I so love the food there I have requested to visit more often even for a day trip! In fact, I can already see myself living there! To end this with a short and sharp review : I hearts Dusseldorf!