Colombo, Sri Lanka and all its glory…

Today 25th October 2011  shall be our last day in Colombo. Wait, did I say 2011? Yes I did but I actually feel like I’m being drag back in time the whole time I’m in Colombo until today! Jos had to work so its gonna be me in the hotel room or me out in the wild doing what I know best…. shopping! So I choose the latter.

This morning after breakfast, I walked straight to the travel desk within the hotel. I’ve learn to be alot smarter now. I do not trust anyone out there and with the hotel, you know you will definitely pay more but at least you know how much you will pay and you just have to agree with the price they asked for. Reasonable deal I reckon. So I did, there wasn’t any negotiation to be honest. I asked to be driven to do some shopping in the afternoon for 2-3 hours – granted… for RS1450.00 which is equivalent to EUR9.66 close to SGD19.00. So i went ahead to confirmed to be picked up at 2pm in the afternoon and everything else will fall in place.

Well, it did. Hop into the car and was asked many questions as usual by the driver. To be honest, I do have a problem speaking with Indians, I can never understand them. Even though they clearly speak fluent english, I can never put them together because of their accent. Anyhow, we survived. After exchanging some small talks, I was first brought to a little shopping mall called Lakmedura.


Lakmedura is 4 storey high that sells all kinds of souvenirs and products of Sri Lanka. These includes Ceylon Tea and Elephants Ornaments, handicrafts and such. This place brings back memory of the time I’m in Egypt where we were dropped off in a building full of tourist and it gives me a feel of I’m so gonna be ripped off! But truth to be told, the price tag on their product aren’t really pricey. Maybe its the country. I bought 4 boxes of ceylon tea leaves for RS 1200 which is Equivalent to a nice EUR 8.00. Quite a steal!

Next, I was brought to another touristic shopping spot ! To be honest, I hate places like this, because I just feel I could get it for alot lesser! So this next place seem alot more expensive than the previous one. The name of the shop is Origins by NWC. Even by the name you will feel its gonna be expensive.

Origins by nwc

Quite honestly, I was quite shocked by the price tag. It wasn’t really expensive considering the fine sculpture and handicraft that are really lovely to look at. I didn’t purchase anything because I don’t want to have to carry too many stuffs back home.  Just gonna grab some small stuff as souvenirs so I walked out empty handed.

Next, the driver was going to bring me to some place where they sell gems and stone. I know how precious such gems and stones are from the Sri Lanka but that isn’t me. I hardly wear accessories not to speak of Gems and Stones… expensive accessories! So I’ve requested for him to drive me to some big shopping centre and he finally did… ODEL!

Odel Colombo

This is possibly the first place I’ve seen so far in Colombo that brings me back to year 2011! 😀

I totally enjoy shopping in a shopping mall like this. Call me a city girl whatever, but when it comes to shopping, you just need to have a place like this. Even this is not the same as what we have in Singapore or  Holland. This is way smaller, not much big brands but alot of fun stuff. Check out the few things I bought for the girls!

Fun Stuff @ RS 350 each

Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka for the Dutch! Paid ES300 = EUR 2.00 = SGD 3.50

Backstage Slippers from Colombo

Slippers for myself! I'm a flip flop freak! Paid RS750 = EUR5 = SGD9.00

So, my last day in Colombo isn’t that bad after all. At least I managed to buy some girly stuff and some souvenirs for friends. Colombo ain’t kids friendly so nothing for the kiddos all for adults.

Need any questions on Colombo? Ask me! (P.S. I’m no expert but I surely knows how not to get conned!) 😀