Cats and Holland

All my life even as a child, I’ve never really had an up close and personal contact with Cats. I remember As a child, there was once i saw a kitten at the stairways near my home and even before I could touch it, my mum already warn me of how dirty and unhygienic these cats are. So, from then, whenever stray cats walks up to me and start meowing for food, I would shoo it away or walk away without feeling any passion for it.

Therefore, i never really like cats or think much about them as I have never really been in contact with one since young.

Then one fine day, I was made to live with one in a foreign land for a good 2 weeks! When I was introduced to Mug for the first time… the first thought that really came into my mind was: “Oh Damn, I haven’t really have much contact with a cat! What do I do now?”

(P.S. Jos didn’t know about my thought of course! haha =))

Let me first present you the red haired cat – Mug.

Mug is male cat.. almost 3 years old. Fit and super active! I’ve met him in Oct 2010 in the 2nd storey of a house in a little town named, Dordrecht in Holland. While I’ve come in contacts with dogs of all kinds, big and small, and I reckon I handle dogs pretty well because you just know what they are up to and canine are man’s best friend! So handling a dog, even a german shepherd, me have no problem! Mug in Dutch means Mosquito. The amount of time I spend with this red-haired mosquito may be even more than that with Jos because when Jos is working, I’ll be home with Mug. We are each-other’s companion…

The first time Mug jump on me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping was freaking scary, I was all curled up. I didn’t want him near me while I was lying down. I felt helpless and defenseless, I won’t move an inch just in case he scratch me on my face! And then he would gently stretch out his paws and still gently touch my face. He did it once… he did it twice.. and now, I cannot remember how many time he does it!

In Holland, it seems to me, every household has cat or even cats! Some people think that cats are haughty creatures that show little or no affection, maybe like I used to think. But cats are really loving and affectionate to their owner and even protective sometimes. I watch Mug snuggling up to Jos all the time and now even me of course. So the myth about cat being haughty are so wrong.