Romance in the AIR of Ghent, Belgium

Did I tell you about Ghent? No, I realised I did not but I really think I should. In one word, I would describe Ghent as being “ROMANTIC” second to Verona in Italy.

Have you ever felt Romance in the Air? I mean literally in the Air. Not just between you and your partner but surrounding you. When in Ghent, I felt it! The same feeling I had when I was in Verona, Italy. And it was literally romance in the air. Not just between me and Jos… it was felt constantly, just in the AIR! Ever felt like that before?

Ghent is indeed a beautiful City, amazing architecture, nice people and very romantic ambiance. Oh and even the food is great!

Without further a do… lets run through the pictures taken from my iPhone but I really don’t think these pictures reflect the beauty of Ghent well enough. You have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate the beauty of Ghent.

Gravensteen Castle

Ghent, Town Centre


Brussels, Mussels and all its charm.

Hey it rhymes! Brussels and Mussels! 😀

The last I visited Belgium was during Christmas two years ago and I remembered there was alot of snow. Was really nice, I had alot of fun walking in the snow and visiting the Christmas market.

I requested again to go to Brussels since I’ve only visited Antwerp briefly during Christmas two years ago. Jos readily agree and we went to Brussel the same weekend I requested. This is very efficient of us since we are both pretty good at procrastinating.

Belgium is most popular for their Mussels, Beer and Waffles. As I’m not a drinker, I am not so interested to find out what they have for beer. I wanted to go to Brussels for their waffles and mussels as I’ve heard it is really good. From Dordrecht, we drove an easy 1.5 hours to reach Brussels. It’s amazing how two country can be so different when they are just one feet away. I’m talking about the border-line. It is very fun to think about it.

Breakfast in Belgium, Lunch in Holland!

As every one that drives on the Euro Highway will know, Belgium has the best highway system: the one and only in the world to be free and totally en-lighted by night.

Quite fortunately for us, although it is the end of summer and the weather should supposedly be rainy, the Sunday we were there was perfectly nice weather. Sunshine, Cold breeze and No Rain! I felt so blessed! As I’ve been dying to try the Belgium Waffles, the minute my eye faces a waffle shop, I decided to try it. But as I walked on, there are more dedicated waffles shop and then I was tempted to try another one. This one is better.

Waffles with Coffee = Heaven!

Besides indulging ourselves with waffles which is incredibly sinful for fats watcher like us, we did alot of sight seeing as well.

At the Square @ Grote Markt.

The Big Church..

The Belgium speaks in two Languages, commonly French & Dutch. As they were under the french influences, I’ve found that alot of their building resembles that of France. I also learn that they are also the creator of Smurf & Tin Tin! How cool is that?

These are also typical Belgium, although I won’t carry a bag like this, I think they are very unique and nice.

See that guy behind craving for a photo shoot? That is Jos 🙂

A sign at a Beer Store.

Not that I didn’t see the real Manneken Pis, I really prefer the runaway ones! 🙂

The real Manneken Pis is approximately 58cm standing at the corner of Rue Stroofstraat. The statue is dressed in costume several times each week, according to a published schedule which is posted on the railings around the fountain. His wardrobe consists of several hundred different costumes.

Our Superb Visit in Brussels ends with a nice dinner at the restaurant that serves very good seafood. Although I could have eaten the mussels, I went for the other types of shells instead, shrimps and some snails. I like some of them but surely not all.