European Rejuvenation

I’m typical Asian Girl. If you have been to Asia, anywhere in Asia, you will agree, Asia is probably the best place to get cheap and good rejuvenation of all kinds. Rejuvenate your hair, nails, face, body … and almost any part of your body, Asia is the best place to go. And as such, I miss being in Singapore. I love Singapore for being a blessed country with all these services easily available. Of course there are more to it than just the beauty services. Singapore is also a very safe country, too safe.

Since I’m a frequent visitor and now living in Holland, I have on many occasions attempted their rejuvenation service here and once in Paris. The experiences on these many occasions didn’t come close to my expectation. Often, I feel myself leaving feeling a little disappointed. I hope for better. But each time I had to do it again. I do not believe I cannot find something close to what we have in Singapore. Well, the truth is also because, since I’m gonna be living in Holland, I better get used to their kind of standard. On side note, in my opinion, I think these Europeans has beautiful hair, skin and all and how the hell did they do that? I resign to the fate that they are probably born beauty or the weather are so good, they don’t need much of such.


My experience of the first hair cut in Europe was when we were on a 3 weeks summer holiday last year and the feeling of a super bad hair day struck me. On impulse, I decide to just walk in for a fringe cut in Valence, France. That went really bad, well at least I think it’s bad and from the look of Jos’ when he saw me, I confirmed it’s really bad. I’m gonna show you how I look then but please do not laugh behind that computer screen of yours. Pinky Promise? šŸ™‚

A super bad hair day.

Alright, you may laugh now. I know it’s bad to hold a laughter and I won’t be mean to stop you from laughing. Anyway, I find the fringe cut weirdly shape and really short! Its horrible~!

Being a dare devil, I did another hair cut in Holland yesterday! No, I’m lying… I didn’t have a choice. I won’t be back in Singapore anytime soon and this time the bad hair day syndrome is killing me even stronger and Jos WAS complaining. So I had to bravely walk into the hair salon in Dordrecht, one that Jos frequent and on my own. To my surprise… this time is better!

Better? Please agree with me...

To me, fringe cut is very important since I have long hair all the time, the back of my hair is straight and really doesn’t look very different even if its 5 inch shorter. So yes, I can live with this one. I hope the standard doesn’t change and I will be back for more hair cut. Just for knowledge, I paid EUR5.00 for fringe cut in France. In Holland, I paid EUR26 for full head. But that is not all, for wash, I pay another EUR8, for conditioning the hair, I have to pay another EUR5 and blow dry, I have to top up another EUR5. So all in all, I paid EUR44.00! That is a good SGD70.00 which is equivalent to a very expensive hair cut in Singapore. Note: I’m not complaining, just for comparison. It’s quite strange how they break down every service charge because in Singapore, a hair cut would include wash, condition and blow dry.


To an Asian, going for regular massage is very common. Ask any Asian, they will agree. With me, I go for my regular massage once or twice every month in Singapore. I even had a package that I paid for 10 session at SGD500.00 which is SGD50.00 per session and this include a body scrub! The massage lady I had is really really good. The pressure is just right and the focus point was also accurate. I enjoyed every session I have and often feel totally rejuvenated after each session.

Naturally, I had to have my regular massage when in Holland. Jos bought me my first massage session with a Thai Massage Centre in Dordrecht. The voucher cost him EUR60.00. Pain! That is expensive! Anyway, I went. I trust for it to be good since the ladies doing the massage are Thais. They have to be good.

The first impression was good. NiceĀ ambianceĀ and very friendly Thai ladies. The owner of the shop is also an Expat here for her Dutch husband and have been here for 12 years. She speaks fluent dutch and could relate very well to me since she was once going through the same fate as I was. A newbie in a foreign land.

The massage went alright but wasn’t as good as I expect it to be. They do not have a proper massage bed that allows my head to fall through a hole. I had to lie on a pillow with my head turned to the side, and that can be very straining for the neck. Overall rating besides the pillow, I give it 5/10 for the first time. Barely pass, not because of the bed, more because the massage wasn’t good enough.

Being back in the Netherlands now and going to stay for an extended period of time. I had to go for another round of massage because I need it. Don’t ask me why but I’m addicted to Massage. So, I had to go back to the same shop. This time, I have another lady doing the massage on me. She was strong, focus and very good. I came out feeling really satisfied despite having to pay another EUR60.00, I enjoyed it very much! I will surely go back but will ask for the same lady.


This is the only one thing I am learning to do without. I mean, really, it’s better to have bare nails than to have nails that chip the very next day after a manicure. I bravely walked in to a shop also in Dordrecht that appears to have the same thing we have in Singapore. The Gelish Manicure. I bravely asked for them to remove the gelish I did in Singapore, which was still in pretty good condition after almost a month. But I had to redo them since it’s already a month old. Instead of soaking my nails, they uses a kind of electric filer to file off the gel. Ouch, that hurtsĀ subconsciously. Although I asked why are they not soaking the gel off and they did not give me a clear answer, I’d allow them to go ahead since I choose to believe in the professionals. These manicurist are Vietnamese, they are Asian as well! But despite the very professional tools they seem to have, my nails didn’t turn out to be the same quality of gelish I had back in Singapore. I leave the shop without feeling very pretty and that didn’t feel very nice. To make things worst, the gel started peeling and cracking off the next day. I paid EUR40 for a manicure that didn’t last a day. That’s quite upsetting. Once bitten, twice shy. The next time I go into these shops, I will just ask for them to cut the cuticle and nothing else.

Overall, Asia still provide the best beauty rejuvenation service. I miss these cheap and good beauty treats. For now, I still need to find some where that can do a good trim on my eye brow! If you have any tips, please enlighten! šŸ˜›