The Dragon landed on Bintan Island

I’ve been busy. Well, just holiday-ing with my dragon. If you read my previous post, you will know who I’m relating to when I speak of the Dragon. He is none other but the one guy that stole my heart. Currently, my heart isn’t with me but I’m glad I’m breathing and waiting to fly to the Netherlands.

Once the Dragon landed in Singapore Changi Airport, we both took a 45 minutes ride on the Bintan Resort Ferry to Bintan Island. It’s strange how I’ve never thought about visiting Bintan which is an island belonging to Indonesia even though it is so close to Singapore. However, when Jos trip to Singapore finalized, I’d decided we should make a trip to Bintan, since Singapore isn’t a place to stay for more than 3 days. Clearly, Singapore is all about Shopping and Eating and 3 days of that is quite enough I reckon. I don’t want to get a nice guy feeling claustrophobic being in Singapore. Too small for comfort!

The ferry ride isn’t pleasant for me as I get sea sick too fast too easily. Was grumpy the whole 45mins but was glad my companion keeps me busy with his silly actions to distract me. So yes, I survived. If you are interested, I have booked our ferry ride with Bintan Ferries Resort @

I’ve chose to stay in the Bintan Lagoon Resort because of the nice review I’ve read and heard. We arrived in Bintan at 930am and what worries us was not being able to checked in at the time we arrived since it was clearly stated that the check in time was 3pm. Surprisingly, we managed ! The receptionist allow us to check in earlier and not just that they were also friendly and polite. I really like the way they smile and greet in their best. It’s really nice to speak to people that are humble and nice.

First, we had problem getting into our room. After going back down to the reception and back, we managed. However, within 15 mins, we have 3 of their service staff knocking on our doors. 1st asked if we managed to get into our room. Another came in without notice to check on the mini-bar, but paused when he sense we are on our bed, and third one asked if we need extra towels! Amazing hospitality and kindness … positively, I think they are really helpful. Negatively, I wish they are helpful at the right time since we were dying to rest.

The Room

Without further a do, We put up the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign and took a very long nap. Jos just landed and I didn’t sleep a wink the night before because I was feeling all excited seeing Jos again after 2 months! So we nap a good 2 hrs and when we woke, straight to the pool. You know how it is like with the White man and the pool plus sunshine. They cannot wait to jump into the pool for a good deep  and lie flat on their chest for a good sun tanning.

The Pool

The Bintan Lagoon Beach

The Beach right in front of the resort.

The one plus point about Bintan Lagoon Resort is it has it’s own private beach front. They are currently building a ferry terminal that would arrive directly in front of the resort which will be ready in 2 months we heard. I think that is so awesome. If you should want to visit Bintan, do remember to choose one with a private beach front so you do not need to travel to visit the beach.

Beach Side Cafe - Nice Food, Nice Drink with Perfect View!

Wind Surfing Lesson

Cafe by the Beach @ Night.

We both enjoyed our stay very much. We even had massage by the beach. Was super relaxed, just doing nothing. Eat, sleep, walk, massage and enjoy the sea breeze.

At this moment while I’m writing this post, I’m really thinking about the cold winter in Holland. Finally, it has snowed and has hit a nice -15 degree ! I cannot wait to feel the snow once again…. it’s been too long. I love the sun but I’m dying to make snow balls! So please….. wait for me! 🙂

Snowing in the Netherlands



Chilling at the Beach

The feeling of being at the beach always gives me a good feel, I suppose anyone would agree. The sound of the ocean, the beauty of the clear blue sky and the space that allows you to enjoy the sea breeze. That to me is heaven. I’ve been dying to visit the beach in Holland because I’ve never been to one. Well, to me, beaches are only visit-able when the sun is out. Dressed in shorts , T-shirts and Flip Flops.  After today, I guess I was wrong.

Jos: Today, we are going to the beach!

Me : Oh nice! I’ve been waiting to go to one!
(In my mind I said : Isn’t it crazy to visit the beach in the cold? He’s just trying to hard to please me… too sweet)

Even while I got myself dress, I still cannot believe going to the beach in an attire like this. I think we are crazy! But anyway, we went!

The beach we went is at Wassenaar. The minute I step out of the car, I can already feel the atmosphere of being at the beach. It wasn’t really cold. The fresh air and space out scenery just gives it a perfect feel. There were already many cars parked where we did and that clearly tells me we are not the only crazy ones.

First, a nice lunch with a hot cuppa at Brasserie de Badmeester. For the record, Badmeester in dutch means Lifeguard, literally translated, it means – The Brewery Lifeguard! You might want to check out their website for more details :

Brasserie de Badmeester aka The Brewery Lifeguard

It is right at the top of the Wassenaar dunes by the sea with views over the surrounding dunes, beach and sea. There are also a large terrace

Outdoor Terrace

Below picture taken from Brasserie de Badmeester facebook page taken during winter 2010. I think it’s super cool! Can you feel the different feel? With and without snow.

Brasserie de Badmeester during Winter!

Lunch Menu!

I particularly took a picture of my lunch because I love this typical dutch soup so much I wanna learn how to cook them! Already booked for cooking lesson with Nelly! It is called the Erwtensoep met Roggerbrood en spek, translated in english it means Pea Soup with bread and Bacon. Yum! Now check it out…


Pea Soup with Bread and Bacon

It also amaze me how crowded the lifeguard restaurant was! So who really cares about the cold? No one really cares if there is a nice restaurant just next to a beautiful beach.

After lunch, we head straight to the beach. Jos had suggested to walk against the wind and that almost froze my ears! Good thing it is still there after the walk. Well, despite that, the walk was really nice.

When we spotted a lady riding on a horse, I’d immediately picturing myself doing the same. It is just too cool! As it was too cold, I’d insisted for Jos to help me snapped a picture. That explains the quality if the below picture… 😀 Nah, I’m joking!

Too Cool! 😀

Look at the amount of people! Crazy like us! 😛

Beautiful Seagulls on the beach

The Great Big Ocean

The walk wasn’t exciting but I enjoy every bit of the little things I see around us, I enjoyed watching families walking in groups with children running around them, couples hugging to keep warm, Dogs running into the sea and back all wet! Such scene warms the heart. And me, I have my hands in the pocket of Jos jeans so to keep warm, ear wrapped with Jos’ shawl in case it dropped off… While typing this, I’m already picturing the same scene I saw while I was there.

Us at the Beach ❤

There are many things I would never have done if I’ve not met Jos. This is one! To the beach, wrapped with coat, jeans, boots and shawl! The adventure with him has never been a boring one. That is of course not the only reason why I love him! But yes, it’s been really an adventure that I can write a book as thick as Harry Potter just before the day I die.