Our Sweet Adventures

I have promise to post pictures of the cakes we made! So here they are


This is the cheese cakes.. It’s loaded with 500gram of white chocolate and 300gram of mascarpone cheese some butter, a lot more sugar plus a lot of love making it 🙂


This one is loaded with 1.5 jar of strawberry jam and a whole lot of sugar!

So that one dinner at Nelly’s birthday ended with a Sugar Bomb!

I had a lot of fun baking them with Jos. I’ve never baked a cake and succeed. So here we are not two but three cakes in a week!

Before the weekend, we were requested to bake the same strawberry cake for Jonus (a little boy birthday). It’s a birthday request right? So how can we reject?! I don’t have a picture of that last cake to proof it but we did 🙂

Besides the sweets load, my dearest prepare a very nice weekend meal just for me! You will drool seeing this :


So yes, that’s so much for a weekend full of indulgence ! Anyone baked 3 cakes in a week?! Tell me! 🙂