Oh Hi there! 

Oh my… Was just checking in on my blog entry. Its been such a long time. I miss you, I really have.

Just that Baby Boy takes over my life. And I decided to being an everything to this little human being who means the world to me!  

So here is how I spend my past 13 months.

I had quitted my decently paid job, only to stayed home trying to figure out….

1) why he won’t drink for weeks? He won’t drink! My milk would dry up soon! Paranoid, I would express breast milk and try to spoon feed a 3 mths old! And then Damn it, the pump doesn’t work at all, 2oz after half hour?!?! Yes, I’m drying up for sure. So to Google I turn.. Figure I could do power pumping and I did… every two hours! And still nothing! Told DH I need a hospital grade pump. Got angry with him for not making it happen. 😊

Today, my milk supply did not drop a bit. BB STILL LATCH on like a pro! And Oh by the way, along the way, I threw that Damn pump and stop pumping altogether.

So most days, I’m just happy to take naps with him whenever he naps. Having him suckling on my breast and falling asleep together, that is but pure bliss. 

2) why is he not pooing despite being totally breast fed? To Google I turn, 5 days of not pooping for infant is quite normal. Not convince, called PD office, was told the same but I can poke his back with the thermometer to kick start a poop session! And there the Holy poo came the next day! 

Never felt happier cleaning poo diaper then this one. 😊

3) why he won’t eat solid when he turn 6months? 

BABY BOY has no interest with food. I started from 6 months as recommended. Potatoes, carrots, brocolli,  courgette, parsnip, you name it, I tried them all. Steam, puree, serve, throw. That’s the process of most meals. It’s depressing. he really started semi eating solid when he turn 10 months. Even then was once a day during dinner time. 

Every visit to the PD, I get questioned; have you started him on solid? He’s way under weight. Breast milk is good but he need solid food now. I felt as though I was the one to be blame. I’m  starving my poor child. 

Yes, My baby boy is under-weight. All.the.time. He still is. Always below the 50th percentile. It was nerve wrecking each time he had to visit the PD. 

Look at us today, we survived. of course, BB Still fuss with food but most days he eats 3 meals a day, eats kiwi, Apple, orange. I don’t need to be creative with food because he only likes porridge so far. Tried pasta, Shepherd pie… He won’t take a second bite. 

I do not watch his weight anymore. He doesn’t need to be a chubby baby to be healthy. He’s cool like that; lean, healthy and strong. 

4) why he won’t sleep on his own cot? 

Without a doubt, to Google I turn. I Had to put him on his bed when he’s still awake. Did that, and still he wake up crying. I did the CRY IT OUT METHODE. Thinking I succeeded but there fail big time after going away for a long weekend.

 so Any new mum reading this, my personal opinion, how about just go with the flow and stop stressing? You baby will grow up one day and refuse to sleep with you. The precious first year passed with a blink of the eye. 

And to mum that had “sleep trained” their baby successfully,  good for you but stop bragging. Not all babies are alike. Some are easier with training, some are just not. To each his own. 

Today – BB SLEEPS IN HIS OWN BED WITH HIS FAVOURITE BEAR! It just happen. Some days he’s more difficult and Papa will put him to sleep. Some days he will fall asleep suckling on me and other days he falls asleep on his own. He still cries to sleep with us in the middle of the night and that’s fine for us. We love waking up to his first babble of the day. 

And now.. on to the amazing things he did :

1) first smiled at 7 days old. 

2) Rolled over at 3 months. 

3) stand up at 6 months in his cot.

4) started walking around his cot at 7months. 

4) took his first step at 9.5months. 

5) started toddling at 10 months

6) taking over my mopping duties at 13 months! 😊

My awesome baby! Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve learned so much more than what I have learn all my life! And by the way, I also started to learn to cook and bake. It’s been a superb year.   


One more month to a whole new year, I pray for good health of all my love ones and world peace! 

Till next time! 

Lotsa love, J