A lovely windy noon

It’s been a long time since I last felt this happy. I mean like simply happy with nothing behind my head to worry or think about. I wasn’t even thinking about what to make for dinner. Just a couple of hour of throwing everything out of my systems and enjoy that bit of time at the park with my baby boy. 

We had to walk a bit so I’d put BB on his stroller. He had woke from his morning nap, had lunch and finished up his apple juice. So I reckon,he won’t be cranky for the next two hours since he’s totally recharged. 

Once we reached the park, without walking further, I decide to free him from the stroller and allow him to roam. Today, the wind was strong but no dark clouds so it was a perfect day! I felt BB felt how I feel. It almost seems as though we took in a deep breath together enjoying  the breeze. It also seems like he knows the weather was perfect! 

The park was connect to the beach.  BB loves the beach.. He loves digging into the sand and makes little holes. 
He had two balls in his hand, and he took really good care of it. Everytime the ball slip away.. He would called out “oh no” and then continue to run after the ball. Even while digging In the sand, he hold the ball tight with one hand and dig with the other.


Watching him being happy makes me happy. As parents, we always term ourselves as care taker to our child. But at this stage, I am only glad I have him as my companion all the time. It’s been 16months already… All I need now is to slow down time. 


Oh Hi there! 

Oh my… Was just checking in on my blog entry. Its been such a long time. I miss you, I really have.

Just that Baby Boy takes over my life. And I decided to being an everything to this little human being who means the world to me!  

So here is how I spend my past 13 months.

I had quitted my decently paid job, only to stayed home trying to figure out….

1) why he won’t drink for weeks? He won’t drink! My milk would dry up soon! Paranoid, I would express breast milk and try to spoon feed a 3 mths old! And then Damn it, the pump doesn’t work at all, 2oz after half hour?!?! Yes, I’m drying up for sure. So to Google I turn.. Figure I could do power pumping and I did… every two hours! And still nothing! Told DH I need a hospital grade pump. Got angry with him for not making it happen. 😊

Today, my milk supply did not drop a bit. BB STILL LATCH on like a pro! And Oh by the way, along the way, I threw that Damn pump and stop pumping altogether.

So most days, I’m just happy to take naps with him whenever he naps. Having him suckling on my breast and falling asleep together, that is but pure bliss. 

2) why is he not pooing despite being totally breast fed? To Google I turn, 5 days of not pooping for infant is quite normal. Not convince, called PD office, was told the same but I can poke his back with the thermometer to kick start a poop session! And there the Holy poo came the next day! 

Never felt happier cleaning poo diaper then this one. 😊

3) why he won’t eat solid when he turn 6months? 

BABY BOY has no interest with food. I started from 6 months as recommended. Potatoes, carrots, brocolli,  courgette, parsnip, you name it, I tried them all. Steam, puree, serve, throw. That’s the process of most meals. It’s depressing. he really started semi eating solid when he turn 10 months. Even then was once a day during dinner time. 

Every visit to the PD, I get questioned; have you started him on solid? He’s way under weight. Breast milk is good but he need solid food now. I felt as though I was the one to be blame. I’m  starving my poor child. 

Yes, My baby boy is under-weight. All.the.time. He still is. Always below the 50th percentile. It was nerve wrecking each time he had to visit the PD. 

Look at us today, we survived. of course, BB Still fuss with food but most days he eats 3 meals a day, eats kiwi, Apple, orange. I don’t need to be creative with food because he only likes porridge so far. Tried pasta, Shepherd pie… He won’t take a second bite. 

I do not watch his weight anymore. He doesn’t need to be a chubby baby to be healthy. He’s cool like that; lean, healthy and strong. 

4) why he won’t sleep on his own cot? 

Without a doubt, to Google I turn. I Had to put him on his bed when he’s still awake. Did that, and still he wake up crying. I did the CRY IT OUT METHODE. Thinking I succeeded but there fail big time after going away for a long weekend.

 so Any new mum reading this, my personal opinion, how about just go with the flow and stop stressing? You baby will grow up one day and refuse to sleep with you. The precious first year passed with a blink of the eye. 

And to mum that had “sleep trained” their baby successfully,  good for you but stop bragging. Not all babies are alike. Some are easier with training, some are just not. To each his own. 

Today – BB SLEEPS IN HIS OWN BED WITH HIS FAVOURITE BEAR! It just happen. Some days he’s more difficult and Papa will put him to sleep. Some days he will fall asleep suckling on me and other days he falls asleep on his own. He still cries to sleep with us in the middle of the night and that’s fine for us. We love waking up to his first babble of the day. 

And now.. on to the amazing things he did :

1) first smiled at 7 days old. 

2) Rolled over at 3 months. 

3) stand up at 6 months in his cot.

4) started walking around his cot at 7months. 

4) took his first step at 9.5months. 

5) started toddling at 10 months

6) taking over my mopping duties at 13 months! 😊

My awesome baby! Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve learned so much more than what I have learn all my life! And by the way, I also started to learn to cook and bake. It’s been a superb year.   


One more month to a whole new year, I pray for good health of all my love ones and world peace! 

Till next time! 

Lotsa love, J

A post from the Heart. 💗

When you come to term with certain things in life; it is also the time when you can start talking and sharing about it. I’ve never had a post this private but I guess it’s about time I let it all out in one post.

Last year this time, I’ve subtly blogged about a special someone who came into my life very briefly, but before I could start appreciating it’s presence, it left. I was sad, very sad, for a very long time. I didn’t have the courage to speak to any one about it. Not my family nor my friends, not to say blog about it. The only person I could relate to was Jos, everyone that came to me or people I tried to turn to didn’t gives me the same comfort. For a long time, I felt strongly that these people (although really close friends) were mocking at me and that I am a complete failure. That lingers within me for a very long time.

The truth – I was really going through a miscarriage at that time.

The pregnancy then was a surprise. We were not trying for a baby, although we know we will be quite happy if we should have one. So when I missed my period then, I wasn’t even at the least suspicious that I might be pregnant. So by the time I found out I was pregnant, I thought I should have been about 6 weeks pregnant basing on my last menstrual period. We were as happy as can be.

During my first scan at my calculated 9 weeks, the sonographer measured the fetus to be 7.5 weeks with a heartbeat. The first thought was I’ve miscalculated my LMP, right? I mean what else can be wrong right?

So we moved on, i started feeling really bloated and awful there after. I complain to everyone I meet on how hard it was for me and how ugly I felt. I didn’t enjoy the pregnancy! Not one bit. I had to travel back to Singapore at that time, which was dreadful but I did anyway.

Two weeks later, while I was still in Singapore and was supposedly 9.5 weeks basing on the last scan, I started spotting blood. I rush myself to the gynecologist (a random one) and was told he could not find a heartbeat of my fetus!! He continue to say, “Oh, this is what we call Missed Miscarriage.” I was like what the f**k you talking about, you old fart. That was really what I said from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t trust him, because it was a holiday eve and I could not find a better clinic than his which happens to be  a very run down and old clinic, with old apparatus, old nurses and no patient waiting in line!! He proposed for me to perform a D&C after the holiday which is 3 days later.

When I came out of the clinic, the truth starting sinking in. He is old yes but he must be experienced enough to tell there is clearly no heartbeat. My tears uncontrollably rolled, and I couldn’t stop. It was hard to break the news to Jos who was 10,000 km away from me. feeling helpless.

The next person I told was one of my childhood friend-M, she think I should go for a second opinion and because it is a holiday eve, the only place available would be the A&E in the hospital. M was my only pillar of strength, she came right after work, drove from town to east (where I lives) to pick me up and drove back to town (where the hospital is). I am so grateful to have a friend like her, what she did mean so much to me.

After waited for a good hour, we were told the same. Fetus measures 7 weeks and there was no heartbeat. But this doctor tries to be optimistic, she said let’s wait a week, maybe still too small to find the heartbeat. But I know, the fetus isn’t suppose to be this small!! I went for a 3rd opinion with my friend M’s gynecologist the following Monday and nothing change, NO HEARTBEAT !! NO HEARTBEAT!! There the gynecologist suggest I do a D&C asap or I could have infection from the passing fetus.

I had the D&C the next day, and there my angel baby left.

I was devastated. I didn’t know how much I wanted the baby until I know I was going to lose it. I’ve never felt like this before. I regretted my actions of being indifferent, I felt like it was God’s punishment to me for being cocky and ungrateful. I hated myself. I feel that I’ve let Jos down. I’ve let his family down. I felt like a total failure but there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. Nothing at all! I can change, I promise! I will be grateful, I will not complain of the discomfort of being pregnant, I will appreciate being able to make babies. But no, it was too late, nothing I do was going to bring the baby back. And the truth is, although I’ve only carried the fetus for 12 weeks (basing on my LMP), the feeling I have for it is the same as what anyone would feel for their child (born or unborn). I’ve loss my baby, I’ve loss my baby. That’s about all I could think about for the next few months after.

To make myself feel better, I turn to forums and chat up with ladies who have went through the same thing as I have. I find comfort from there because it was them that makes me feel less awful of myself. It was them that would listen to me and give me an answer to just what I wanna hear. From there, I make some really nice friend too! 🙂

Because of the loss, I wanted to be pregnant again even more. I spoke to the Gynecologist; I told him I want to be pregnant again. He prescribe me with Clomid. According to him, that helps to regulate ovulation and increase chances of getting pregnant. I took Clomid for 4 months with Ovulation test kit, suffering all the mood swings and all this to a BIG FAT NEGATIVE. My period would came right after I pee on the stick to test for pregnancy. It was tiring and discouraging. I cried each time my period arrives.

Then I gave up hope. Perhaps it is God’s will. But I will never forget that little visitor for the rest of my life, I swear. And now I officially documented it.

The end. I thought.


No, Not Yet.

On Feb 8 2014, the day I should have my period, I found out I was pregnant again. The exact same cycle as from last year. I am scared stiff. why has it got to be the same cycle? I don’t know what to expect but I can only try to expect the best out of it. Yes, we are over the moon!

I’ve safely passed my first trimester. I’m 14 weeks today. Every minute of every day is a blessing to us.


Life is full of surprises. Sometimes good, other times bad, but I am pretty sure Whatever happens, happen for a reason.

Celebrating Chinese

Last year, I bought pussy willow to make the dutch home feel like Chinese New Year. Read > Here

This year, I did the same but more because I’m not gonna be in Singapore for Chinese New year which kinda sadden me, so, I’m gonna celebrate CNY the dutch way. 🙂

You know,  it’s time like this you want to be with your family. Sometimes I wish one can be at two place at the same time or distance be made less noticeable. Anyway, don’t wanna get all emotional here. So,  let me share with you the happy things. 🙂

There are a few things that are mandatory during Chinese New Year.A Sumptuous Reunion Dinner, Pussy Willows, Mandarin Oranges, Bak Kwa (Roasted Pork), Pineapple Tarts & Red Packet! Sadly, there are only a few I manage to achieve in order to make that dutch home looks almost Chinese New Year-Sy.

The easiest to achieve was Mandarin Oranges. The dutchies eats Mandarin as their daily fruit intake. So for that is it not new. The only thing is, the dutch mandarin are way smaller than those we have in Singapore which we import from China mainly. The size is at least double but not at all sweeter. So Dutch Mandarin 1 – 0 Chinese Mandarin.

 photo F6288DCB-D5F3-44AB-AC04-DDE67180D7FB.jpg
Surprisingly since last year, pussy willows are easily available in the Dutch land. And it seems like they sell them during this period of the year. So I went back to the same florist I did last year to buy those pussy willow. They are still pink and pretty like they were. The pussy willows that we have in Singapore which are also imported mainly from China aren’t pink. They have really long stalk, so you will need some muscles to carry them home and a huge vase to place them. So Dutch Willow 1 – 0 Chinese Willow.

What is different this year is, I am here to watch it blossom!

 photo 475659ED-B96B-4C56-B91D-88BF64F09D25.jpg

 photo DB407384-51D9-4A3F-9793-D930A2EC94E2.jpg

Bar Kwa (Roasted Pork), Pineapple Tart & Red Packet are those that are not achievable. I realise I wasn’t allow to bring in any meat products while travelling back to Holland so i did not take the risk of smuggling some. I don’t know why I didn’t bring back any pineapple tarts, I’m just stupid. Now I am regretting it like a big time. And the dutchman won’t give me red Packet so I don’t have red packet as well 😦

Nevermind, I get over it. In order to make myself happy, I reckon I must at least have a reunion dinner kind of meal! So I send Jos a text while he is at work that we will have steamboat tonight. To my surprise, he didn’t ask what is that but readily said OK!

The typical kind of reunion dinner in Singapore are; go out to a fancy Chinese restaurant and be ready to spend a lot of money. Because these restaurant worked so that you can have your reunion dinner so naturally, their prices are way above the usual rates. Or, make your poor mother/father/grandparents whipped up a sumptuous feast of at least 6 dishes. These old people are usually really good with CNY food. I don’t know why. My mum is one very good cook but because she is now old, we usually eat out. I miss her cooking, she made delicious curry chicken, Soy Sauce Pork and many more. It’s time like this I miss her even more. Okay not because I’m hungry for food, more because it’s Chinese New Year and we should have reunion dinner together! So, anyway,  I called her just before the new year and we have made a deal that she have to pass down her culinary skills to me!

The other kind of reunion dinner for the not so good cook is to have STEAMBOAT. And that’s clearly why I decided I will make do with Steamboat as a reunion dinner with my white man. All you need is a good soup base and everything else is dependent on what is your favorite. I love prawns, the huge ass ones. On the contrary, Jos hates prawn. So good, I have them all to myself and I bought a lot of it. Some nice cut meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef), some Shitake Mushroom, Some Fishballs (typical steamboat ingredient), Tofu maybe and whole lot of vegetables; bak choy, broccoli if you like and any others. In another words, it’s a steam pot with whatever you want. It’s so easy and it’s really yum! So here are the pictures of the ingredients for our steam-pot.

Did you spot the chinese chop sticks and spoon? I bought them from the chinese supermarket especially for this. I reckon it is important to make it as authentic as possible. 🙂

So that’s how I spend my first Chinese New Year in Holland. Not quite the same but okay.

So Much in 13 Days!

Hello There… Happy New Year! I hope for everyone to have a better year ahead, with lots of love and funny things. Well, I am back on my little space again. I’d thought it is right about time to updates what 2014 has done to me or me to it .. so far.

To be honest, I’ve no idea where this post is going to bring me, I just miss writing. So here I am. Since I’ve no idea what I’m gonna write, I’m just gonna let it flow okay? So pardon me if this is going to be full of nonsensical crap, just bear with me with just this one post. Wait, or have you already been bearing with me all this while? 🙂

In a blink of an eye, we are done 13 days of 2014. And I’m quite proud to say, I’ve accomplished quite a few things!

One of the thing I did was I started running. Although this year I did not set any resolution for myself, I’ve randomly decided that I should start 2014 being healthy by running and I was aiming to run daily! So I started running daily, without fail until one day I fell on my left knee, right hand and right cheek, to be exact. I did not trip on anything, I fell because for some reason my legs went wobbly and next I was out of control and then I find myself on the rough ground. Now, start imagining that and laugh. It’s okay because I just did thinking about it. Now, I’m taking time to heal that ugly wound. 

P.S. In case you are wondering, I’m still running.

Besides being healthy, I’ve also decide that I should stop procrastinating and start doing something about our wedding. So shopping for my wedding dress while In SG was already in my agenda. I know I can always have my dress in the Netherlands but I do need a shopping partner. Since Jos is not allowed to see my wedding dress until the wedding day, I have no one that I felt close enough to comfortably shop with in NL. So doing this in SG with my BFF gives me a lot more confident. I know she will tell me nothing but the truth.

So, during the last 13 days, I’ve also said YES to the one Dress and am still loving it. I’m very eager to show off my dress but I can’t! I’m sorry. But maybe I can show you another one that I’ve tried and was also in love with.


So what do you think of this one? I really like how the back flows, so elegant, so glamour. But Ive always dream of a simple dress for my wedding, so although this dress is beautiful but it’s just not me.

The next accomplishment was I’ve also purchase our wedding band! Shopping for wedding band without the Fiancé feels quite weird. I mean, not only do I have to choose my ring, I have to choose his. Jos has claim he is bad with rings, so he had tasked for me to choose the ring for him. in fact he added if he could do without a ring! What!?

Anyway, I’ve chosen a very simple ring for him, white gold Matt finish. I guess man really don’t need a good ring since they won’t appreciate it as much as we do. Surprisingly, the man ring on sales are quite fanciful. Some of them even had diamond on it. I mean seriously, why would I want my man wearing diamonds? Despite me saying I want it simple, the sales lady continues to present me with fanciful rings; diamonds, stripes across, criss cross etc.. So I had to make it obvious, I said, No design, White Gold & Matt finish. Yes, this is how man ring should be. No Bling.. I Forbid! 🙂 

Next big thing I did was legalizing some paperwork for our marriage. It was crazy but I’m glad it’s done. I arrived at MFA thinking all my documents was good, but was told I had to certify I’m single! So I had to shuttle between MFA, ROM and the Dutch embassy for the whole freaking day! And the wait in between almost kill me. In the end, I had to literally beg for the dutch lady at the embassy to have it done on the same day because she’d asked that i return the next day to collect the docs. I told her I will wait doesn’t matter how long it takes. So I sat at the reception and waited. The embassy closes at 5pm sharp. Dutch being Dutch, the documents was ready at 4.55pm! When she called out to me, I feel my face glow with so much happiness! I suspect she feels it too. Repeatedly I said to her, thank you so much! at least 4 times!

So yeah, my accomplishment in 13 days! How was your last 13 days? 🙂

Edinburgh, a Scottish Land.

Hi there, here I am back again doing what I should be doing – write a post. Without further a do, I’m gonna quickly register my memory of Edinburgh right here before it is being erase from my puny brain. But that is hardly possible because Edinburgh like most cities I have visited in Europe, is amazing beyond words. No I am not exaggerating. Oh wait, my brain isn’t so puny after all if it can store this much… hmmm.

While in Edinburgh, Jos being Jos choose to do the healthy stuffs. I’ve learned from our many trips out, shopping should never be a priority when on holiday, because shopping anywhere is almost the same, speaks the man. Anyway, the healthy stuff refers to doing things that would burn enough fats so we can have a good dinner. Healthy or not? We decide.

There, you go. So naturally, while having holiday and in order to burn off fats, we have to walk, no, not just walk, we have to walk fast, a very long distance and if possible, we have to walk in a vertical motion. As such, we landed our feet on the ground of the Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s Seat is situated in Holyrood Park. According to Wikipedia, this hill rises above the city to a height of 822 feet! I’ve only know the height of the hill after the climb and am really proud I make it to the top! The journey to walk up this hill wasn’t easy. This was mainly because the fateful day the wind was  gusting so strong I could feel myself feeling unstable while walking on really really steep path. No, I am not exaggerating! I had to cling on to Jos for support at some point or I’d fall or even blown away! And because it was such steep hill, I had to rest at some point to catch a breather. Man, I feel old #1. Anyway, we made it.

This is us at the TOP!

Us at the TOP!

View are always beautiful when you are at the top of anything; mountain or hill. We really enjoyed the view from the top and quite honestly I didn’t regret doing it despite the amount of energy it takes to get up there. I would do it again! While on top, we saw a group of elderly dressing up really professionally for the climb. They have proper shoes, proper backpack and proper sticks and they don’t look a tiny bit of being tired and I don’t see them panting at all! Man, I feel old #2. 

Picture 007

A picture of the Arthur’s Seat while walking down.

We spend a good half hour on top taking pictures, “enjoying” the gusting strong wind and slowly make our way down. Walking downwards was a breeze, so much easier and alot more fun! 🙂 Now I can proudly say…. Hey, I’ve climbed a … HILL! 😀

The other place we’ve visited was the well know Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. A very interesting place of illusion art and deliberately getting ourselves obscured. Here are a few exhibits I find fun sharing.

It’s always good to feel tall and big, if you ever feel like a shorty all the time (like I do), just go on to this place to make yourself feel taller for a good 5 minute, oh and don’t forget to take some good pictures like I did to proof it!

Look who is bigger?!

Look who is bigger?!

Note to the above picture: In real, Jos is 1.85m and I’m 1.58m, now look how much I’ve grown! That feeling is great, just great! 🙂

Next, I’ve posted two pictures below, but note that they are actually the same piece of art taken from a different angle.

Picture 001

Picture 002

I hope you see the difference. Maybe it is more obvious with the actual art, not so much when it is taken by a camera.

Another one I’d like to share is the picture below that has a caption that says, Before & After Marriage… do you know why?

This picture has a caption that says "Before & After Marriage" Do you know why?

This is obviously Before Marriage!

All you need to do is turn it around with the knob at the bottom and you will know what happen after marriage.

There are many many more fun in there. We even went through a mini mirror maze and by mini, I really meant mini mini of the mini. We came out in a minute without much fuss. But still it was fun. Another bridge that makes one feels like falling while crossing it. Remember this : Illusions Illusions… it’s only an illusion! And you will survive.

Right before the exit, we were invited to be married by a machine. Considering it will only cost us 1 pound and we get two rings and a certificate in return, we decided to advance our marriage plans! Oh and they even provide head veil and a hat so we look better, we need that really. And the best thing is… they also accept Gay Marriage! Wonderful! But of course, you can also choose to press 2 to escape from the marriage. 🙂

We are married! Now we can forget about the real one... :)

We are married! Now we can forget about the real one… 🙂

So that is just some things we did while in Edinburgh. We also visited the Edinburgh Castle! Majestic and amazing! But that is for another day.

I don’t want to hastily stop but I have to. You see, I’m back in Singapore and am rushing out to do city stuff. So much for now. By the way, Happy New Year to all readers! Quite honestly, I cannot wait for 2013 to end! I’m so done with it!

Have fun peeps! Ciaoz..

Luxurious Luxembourg

If I’m asked to use a single word to describe Luxembourg, it will be Luxurious. Read on to understand why.

Alright, so here is another post about my travelling adventures.

We are turning 3. I really mean we are celebrating our 3rd year together as a couple. Because I like to find an excuse to travel, celebrating anniversary is a great excuse for me!! So I’d decide we should find somewhere to go. We didn’t have the luxury of going for long break so we only have the weekends and for a quick get away, I quickly thought of Luxembourg. We could conveniently drive up on Friday and back on Sunday. 2.5 days in Luxembourg I reckon is more than enough.

We drove through Germany before arriving in Luxembourg, and we stopped for Echternach which is a little village that is just next to the border to Germany. Quite fun to know you can be in two country at one time!

The picture below shows an old customs “hut” that is no longer in use since the European Union is in place.

Old Customs House

Because we arrived in the afternoon and the sky gets dark earlier these days, we didn’t do so much on the first day we arrive. However, we did make it to Luxembourg City for our 1st anniversary dinner this year. I meant to say we will have a few more until October ends, because the actual date was 31st October! 🙂

Anyway, when arriving town, the first impression I get from these restaurant in line was how luxurious each and every one looks. They all looked kinda expensive and I am truly amaze how they really take pride in making sure their restaurant is renovated in class. The number of restaurant that are posh versus the normal ones are 9 out of 1. To be clear, I meant in every 9 posh restaurants & cafe, I find one normal cafe. In other words, the ambiance on the streets are just filled with luxurious class.

Not just the restaurants, the locals are very well dressed, so much so we felt really under-dressed. I happened to not bring enough clothes to mix and match so I have this rush to do some serious shopping !

Anyway, so we ended up being allured by a fondue restaurant. They serve Cheese Fondue, Chocolate Fondue and Meat Fondue! Now I’ve tried cheese & chocolate fondue but meat fondue sounded really interesting.

Fondue Restaurant

Beef Fondue

So Beef fondue is really cooking your own beef in a pot of OIL!! They are served with several kinds of sauces to go with the beef and a huge chunk of fries to fill you up. In the end, we were really filled up and I didn’t manage the finish all the meat and fries. I wouldn’t do this again because I prefer for professional chef to grill a proper beef steak than having to do it myself in an unprofessional way. And no, I didn’t enjoy having the oily smell clinging onto my coat for the rest of our trip! But still… it is a good experience!

The next day, we went shopping! Because our clothes smells like oily beef and we didn’t bring enough clothes to change. So Jos got a pair of new jeans and I bought another coat! Mine is clearly an excuse to shop.. anyway, move on.

After a little shopping, we walk around Luxembourg city. Besides the feeling of being posh, Luxembourg is like a garden city. Full of beautiful trees!

Later in the afternoon, we drove off from town, intending to visit the mini waterfall in Mullerthai. In the end, we ended up in Consdorf. I was told then, I had to do a hike from Consdorf to Mullerthai, in order to reach the waterfall. Now, while typing this, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been fooled. See, if the waterfall is in Mullerthai, what are we doing in Consdorf??? Huh Jos?

Anyway, I am not complaining! The truth is I will never experience something so awesome if we didn’t take the Consdorf to Mullerthai trail. It was one of the best walk (in this case – hike) I’ve made!! Totally interesting and somewhat “dangerous”, in my dramatic opinion.. well, you will know why later…

So this path looks nice to walk on doesn’t it. But wait, that was only a very small part of the trail we did. Most of the time we are face with path like this one:

Up the steps….

and this one:

And more up slopes

And this one…

First down and then go up!

So yea, this is like a super tough hiking trail and we walk for a good 4 hrs.

At some points we have to walk through caves!! Yes, I am not joking, it is caves, so cool!

The exit of a cave. Yes it is that narrow!

And finally we arrived at the waterfall……

Beautiful! Totally worthwhile! I will do this again and again.

Before we leave Luxembourg, we went to yet another castle. I realise we always end our trips with a castle. The last time we did the same while in Dusselfdorf!! So here is a picture of the castle! 🙂