A lovely windy noon

It’s been a long time since I last felt this happy. I mean like simply happy with nothing behind my head to worry or think about. I wasn’t even thinking about what to make for dinner. Just a couple of hour of throwing everything out of my systems and enjoy that bit of time at the park with my baby boy. 

We had to walk a bit so I’d put BB on his stroller. He had woke from his morning nap, had lunch and finished up his apple juice. So I reckon,he won’t be cranky for the next two hours since he’s totally recharged. 

Once we reached the park, without walking further, I decide to free him from the stroller and allow him to roam. Today, the wind was strong but no dark clouds so it was a perfect day! I felt BB felt how I feel. It almost seems as though we took in a deep breath together enjoying  the breeze. It also seems like he knows the weather was perfect! 

The park was connect to the beach.  BB loves the beach.. He loves digging into the sand and makes little holes. 
He had two balls in his hand, and he took really good care of it. Everytime the ball slip away.. He would called out “oh no” and then continue to run after the ball. Even while digging In the sand, he hold the ball tight with one hand and dig with the other.


Watching him being happy makes me happy. As parents, we always term ourselves as care taker to our child. But at this stage, I am only glad I have him as my companion all the time. It’s been 16months already… All I need now is to slow down time. 


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