Our Simply Perfect Wedding

Yes we are married already for more than a month and i’ve not mentioned a word. Well, my last post specifically said to watch this space for our actual wedding so i don’t wanna not update at all.

That one single day was so perfect, more than i can ever imagine. Like i’ve mentioned, i didn’t know how a barn wedding would be like. Now i can safely say, its better, way cooler, moost romantic  than wedding in 5 stars hotel. It was a hot day, and all i felt was warm and fuzzy.

I didn’t forget every single details of the wedding. I was late. My groom had to hang around the apartment i stayed for abit before he could finally see me.

I had booked an apartment in Villa Augustus (Google villa augustus Dordrecht, its beautiful!) for a night, because the tradition was that the bride should not see the groom the night before their wedding day or it brings bad luck! So i reckon we do what the traditions says..

Anyway, My friend was fixing my hair, my sister was rearranging my face. Both aren’t professionals in doing this, which also explains why it took alittle longer. But the beautiful fact is, they complete their task like a professional! I’ve never thought i can look this pretty but they make it happen!


That’s my sister and i. Do you also agree i looked like i’ve been professionally rearranged?

Because of the delay, we didn’t have enough time for a long photo taking session, so we make do with a quick round at the Garden of the apartment i stayed in.


I confirmed my sister and friend did a very good job when i see the look in Jos eyes when he saw me. I think he was really proud of me and he couldn’t take his eyes off me! Okay i’m blushing now. So much for self praising! ☺

After he picked me up. My heart was rushing, i felt really nervous. I didn’t know why. I just felt like i had a tons of huge butterflies fluttering in my stomach. No matter what i do i couldn’t get it to stop.


Until we get into our little wedding car, the butterflies still won’t leave!


Imagine having a baby and tons of butterflies… i felt super uneasy, i almost felt like i couldn’t breathe. Despite all that, you must agree, i managed to hide those nerve wrecking face and kept my cool.. at least on my face. I could be an actress! Easily…. lol i joke.

We arrived at the cityhall where we signed on the dotted lines to be legally made husband and wife.


And you can now kiss the bride…. wait but he already did! We cheat. 🙂

That single moment, the butterflies flew away. Like instantly.. I felt relieved and really happy. Maybe because i’m dying to be married to the love of my life! Finally he’s mine! *evil grin*

After the ceremony, we adjourned to the dinner venue. The last i saw the venue was still in its bare form. Just like the ones i’ve blogged about in my previous post. So i am in it for a good surprise. I wasn’t worried a single bit. I just knew that it will be beautiful. But i didnt expect it to be so extremely beautiful that i couldn’t take my eyes off every single detail of the decorations.


All this cannot be made possible without Jos’ sister. She designed and decorated every bit of the venue. Including the garden which i don’t have a full picture of but the one below will show you roughly how it was revamped.


Besides all the nice decorations, delicious food and great weather, the best thing about the wedding was having my family close with me on this special day, they filled the gap, they are all i ever wanted to make this day so perfect! I love you guys! Thank you for being there for me!

We then had our honey moon in switzerland. It was perfect. One short week but really nice. I hope it won’t be too long till i come back with pictures of our honeymoon…

Till next time! Have a great weekend ahead.


5 thoughts on “Our Simply Perfect Wedding

  1. Gorgeous! You looked beautiful, the wedding sounds indeed like a perfect day! I’m so happy for you two and wish you all the best. Congratulations married girl! 😉

  2. A very late congratulations! I thought you had stopped blogging on WordPress (maybe you have?) and I always forget to log in to Daire. You’re a beautiful couple and it looks like you had a wonderful day:)

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