Merry Christmas!

Yes! I’m back again! Just before it turn a month again. You know I am always sorry for not updating my blog so I won’t say it again. I’m just glad I remember to be back just in time to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Well since I’m already on this New Post Page, I might as well write a few of my thoughts and brief updates of what’s up. 

First thing first… just recently, I became really fascinated with Pine cones. Please forgive me for my ignorance, I know many of you would have known a lot about Pine Cones but me, being a city girl all my life… not much. 

Some weeks ago, we were at Jos’ mum home for dinner. While trying to keep the fire place burning, I discover one single pine cone in the basket next to the fire place. Jos’ mum told me, pine cone make good fire starter. So that was that. But I’ve always love pine cones as a Christmas Tree Ornaments, well, not just that, I love them on it’s own too! So imagine burning them seems really wasteful in my opinion. 

Anyway, having said that, below is a picture of Nelly’s cat next to the fire place. He loves the fire place during winter time, he can sit there for hours enjoying the heat. He is clearly a summer cat 🙂 


Just last weekend, we had yet again our weekly nature walk. Well, I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the place, these nature park have like super long names, I didn’t really take any effort to remember them. They are all nice. This time, something magical happen, I found pine cones! When I picked up the first one, I showed it to Jos and asked if they were pine cones. To my delight, his answer was yes! 

But why does they looked different from the ones at your mum?? Jos said, they would open up when it gets dry and warm. So in other words, pine cones closes up when it’s wet. Without hesitating, When we returned back home, the first thing I did was to place all 3 of them on the heater, hoping it will open up like real soon. And they did! Maybe not really fast but slowly it is getting there. Below is a picture of MY cones at day 3. I’m monitoring their “growth” from far since I’m away from home again! 



So that is one thing I’ve wanted to share!! 

On other news, I’ve also visited several Christmas Market this year! One in Valkenburg, one in Dusseldorf and last one in Edinburgh, over a month! Can you imagine? How adventurous!?  I love the feeling of being at a Christmas Market.  Also, Edinburgh trip was lovely! For the first time, I’ve climbed a Hill! For the first time, I set my feet on a royal ship! For the first time we got married by a Machine.  I know right, I have so much to blog about and I know it is about time. Well, all these for the next post! 

Till then, have a Happy Jolly Christmas!! 



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