Extras!! Extras!! Extras!!

Okay I’m only trying hard to draw attention to whoever that is reading my blog with the title of this post. The truth is, I was just gonna do a quick update since I have not blog in almost a month!! Goodness me.

Well, many things have happened, good & bad. The good ones are I’ve been indulging myself with food & shopping; the bad ones are not worth mentioning. So in other words, there isn’t really much happening in my life! Except that I’m looking forward to yet another trip out in December! This time we are heading to Edinburgh, Scotland. Will blog about that in due course.

So I haven’t been blogging in this space. But guess what? I’ve started blogging in another social media app; DAYRE. It is one of those app that combines Facebook, Twitter, Instalgram & blogging all into one! The cool part is, at the end of the day you just compose a Blog Post! How convenient! So my Dayre Name is Jessabella. If you like, please follow me there! I have only 2 followers … FML! So yes I am begging for followers! LOL

In other news, winter is rushing it’s way in. The temperature has dropped tremendously and I am sure, before I know it, there will be snow, and before I know it, I will be wearing 3 maybe 4 layers just to get to the grocery store! 

Yesterday was freezing at 4 degree C, I was out with my future mother in law for lunch. We walk a good 15 mins to the restaurant and instead of complaining about my freezing ear, I was really enjoying the cold. I like the feeling of cold cheeks.. Is it weird? I reckon I’ve gotten so use to the cold that winter doesn’t mean I have to hibernates like the polar bears anymore. But, the good news is.. even if I have to hibernate, I’d be happy to do so mainly because we have signed up for Netflix. Together with our under-used APPLE T.V, Netflix works like wonder! The best combination ever! We are really loving it. So we have watched Orange is the New Black; completed season 1, House of Cards, Completed season 1 as well and adhoc-ly completed also many other movies, all this for EUR7.99 per month and it’s not even a month yet! My Favorite Series; Breaking Bad has only just aired on Netflix, that sucks cos I’ve already completed all 5 seasons but I don’t mind catching up on some of my favorite episodes.  So yeah, if you are considering hibernating at home for winter.. consider Netflix plus Apple TV. 🙂 

Alright, so much for now. Be right back.. real real soon! Ciao! 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Extras!! Extras!! Extras!!

    • Ahh thanks Mitzie! You are too sweet and I’m still stuck with 4 followers 🙂 it’s really cool for live quick updates but please do not neglect your actual awesome blog because I’m reading them!! 😉

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