Luxurious Luxembourg

If I’m asked to use a single word to describe Luxembourg, it will be Luxurious. Read on to understand why.

Alright, so here is another post about my travelling adventures.

We are turning 3. I really mean we are celebrating our 3rd year together as a couple. Because I like to find an excuse to travel, celebrating anniversary is a great excuse for me!! So I’d decide we should find somewhere to go. We didn’t have the luxury of going for long break so we only have the weekends and for a quick get away, I quickly thought of Luxembourg. We could conveniently drive up on Friday and back on Sunday. 2.5 days in Luxembourg I reckon is more than enough.

We drove through Germany before arriving in Luxembourg, and we stopped for Echternach which is a little village that is just next to the border to Germany. Quite fun to know you can be in two country at one time!

The picture below shows an old customs “hut” that is no longer in use since the European Union is in place.

Old Customs House

Because we arrived in the afternoon and the sky gets dark earlier these days, we didn’t do so much on the first day we arrive. However, we did make it to Luxembourg City for our 1st anniversary dinner this year. I meant to say we will have a few more until October ends, because the actual date was 31st October! šŸ™‚

Anyway, when arriving town, the first impression I get from these restaurant in line was how luxurious each and every one looks. They all looked kinda expensive and I am truly amaze how they really take pride in making sure their restaurant is renovated in class. The number of restaurant that are posh versus the normal ones are 9 out of 1. To be clear, I meant in every 9 posh restaurants & cafe, I find one normal cafe. In other words, the ambiance on the streets are just filled with luxurious class.

Not just the restaurants, the locals are very well dressed, so much so we felt really under-dressed. I happened to not bring enough clothes to mix and match so I have this rush to do some serious shopping !

Anyway, so we ended up being allured by a fondue restaurant. They serve Cheese Fondue, Chocolate Fondue and Meat Fondue! Now I’ve tried cheese & chocolate fondue but meat fondue sounded really interesting.

Fondue Restaurant

Beef Fondue

So Beef fondue is really cooking your own beef in a pot of OIL!! They are served with several kinds of sauces to go with the beef and a huge chunk of fries to fill you up. In the end, we were really filled up and I didn’t manage the finish all the meat and fries. I wouldn’t do this again because I prefer for professional chef to grill a proper beef steak than having to do it myself in an unprofessional way. And no, I didn’t enjoy having the oily smell clinging onto my coat for the rest of our trip! But still… it is a good experience!

The next day, we went shopping! Because our clothes smells like oily beef and we didn’t bring enough clothes to change. So Jos got a pair of new jeans and I bought another coat! Mine is clearly an excuse to shop.. anyway, move on.

After a little shopping, we walk around Luxembourg city. Besides the feeling of being posh, Luxembourg is like a garden city. Full of beautiful trees!

Later in the afternoon, we drove off from town, intending to visit the mini waterfall in Mullerthai. In the end, we ended up in Consdorf. I was told then, I had to do a hike from Consdorf to Mullerthai, in order to reach the waterfall. Now, while typing this, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been fooled. See, if the waterfall is in Mullerthai, what are we doing in Consdorf??? Huh Jos?

Anyway, I am not complaining! The truth is I will never experience something so awesome if we didn’t take the Consdorf to Mullerthai trail. It was one of the best walk (in this case – hike) I’ve made!! Totally interesting and somewhat “dangerous”, in my dramatic opinion.. well, you will know why later…

So this path looks nice to walk on doesn’t it. But wait, that was only a very small part of the trail we did. Most of the time we are face with path like this one:

Up the steps….

and this one:

And more up slopes

And this one…

First down and then go up!

So yea, this is like a super tough hiking trail and we walk for a good 4 hrs.

At some points we have to walk through caves!! Yes, I am not joking, it is caves, so cool!

The exit of a cave. Yes it is that narrow!

And finally we arrived at the waterfall……

Beautiful! Totally worthwhile! I will do this again and again.

Before we leave Luxembourg, we went to yet another castle. I realise we always end our trips with a castle. The last time we did the same while in Dusselfdorf!! So here is a picture of the castle! šŸ™‚


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