Exploring Dutch Nature – De Hoge Veluwe

As with most Sundays, we like to take long walks in the Nature. Almost every Sunday morning, Jos would browse through the wander book we have. This book compile all the possible walks within the Netherlands, it entails the routes and also what we expect to see during the walk.

Last Sunday, we had an unusual one. The weather was unusually good, with sunshine most of the time at 16 degree Celsius, just perfect! I had so much fun I must blog about it. Google this : De Hoge Veluwe! Unlike most of these nature walk, this one has an entrance fee but it is well worth it. For EUR8.40 per adult, you get to grab a white bike near the entrance for free and go on exploring the beautiful dutch nature on that bike for the whole day!! How cool is that.? Hearing it is enough to entice you right?

There are two cycling path, 10km & 26km. Jos being Jos, he choose the 26km and cut it by 6km by looking at the map he purchased at the entrance for EUR2.50. So yes, we travelled 20km on the bike which burns my thighs, ass and legs altogether! Still it is all worth it! I can do this over and over again. I cannot express in words how I love living withing these beautiful nature! We don’t have such space in Singapore, so you can imagine why I feel this way.

Being Autumn, it is also the time of the year where beautiful mushrooms grows in the nature. I’ve never come so close to a fairy tale mushroom. Althoug, I’ve blogged about it last Autumn, read it here, Today, seeing it again, I am still enchanted by its beauty. Not just the red ones, also the other colors, brown, white, grey, orange.

This year, there are more mushrooms which we can easily spot even though we are riding on the bike. And the fairytale mushroom looks more radiant and so very cute.

Now the grey ones, they are also beautiful.

Besides the mushroom, the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves continues to amaze me. Although we know the tree will lose all its leaves at the end of fall, but I have to say they die in grace ! πŸ™‚ During the ride, I’ve wanted to stop many times to snap pictures of the colors of Autumn. I managed a few pictures but didn’t think my picture skills gives justice to the actual beauty!

The above picture is the cycling path we ride on. It is hilly at some point and flat at other. Perfect ground for cycling.

After a few times of stopping to snap pictures, I turn into a dare devil, I managed to cycle and take a picture of my man in cycling in front of me! πŸ™‚

Yes I am quite far behind, but i really slowed down so I can hold my iphone steady!

I always love the view of woods like this one, although just brown but I love it. Beautiful isn’t it?

That’s me cycling! Told you I can cycle! πŸ™‚ Oh and by the way, all bicycles comes with a child seat! So if you are bringing along your child, you have no worries! They also provide bikes for smaller children of which I am proud I don’t have to use them. Since I’m short, I was worried I have to use their kid bikes! But I’m good with the adult ones, so proud of myself πŸ™‚

This picture below is another cycling path in the open, also hilly at some point.

Finally, I could not withstand it anymore. I had to add myself in the scenery and have my man take a picture of me, because I love it so much! So here it is:

If you lives in the Netherlands and are wondering where to go in the weekend.. try De Hoge Veluwe! I am very sure you will not regret visiting!



8 thoughts on “Exploring Dutch Nature – De Hoge Veluwe

  1. Beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season and was planning so many times to visit Veluwe, but somehow there was something in a way. I’ve been there only during spring, but it was still great! However there are more entrances… We used another one, where you don’t have to pay any fee (but you can rent there bikes as well). Good for just walking and wondering. Once you’re there, time flies!

    • Oh really!?! I didn’t know that. That day while riding, I thought I saw a lady that looks just like you, also on a bike towards me. She was speaking English to her spouse! And I was thinking this place is quite near to where u live? right?

      Btw, are you speaking fluent Dutch already? I’m ashame of myself, after 1.5 yrs here and still cannot communicate in Dutch! 😦

      • Haha nice coincidense, it is really close to us πŸ™‚ Would be funny if it was me, but then I would also regret missing a chance to chat with you in real life πŸ˜‰

        Don’t worry… I live here already 2 years, did NT2 exam and I’m still not fluent! I do communicate quite well, but I know I’m making many mistakes and don’t understand tones of words πŸ˜‰ So cheer up, 1,5 year is not that long after all!

  2. Hello friend! I nominated you for a “Sunshine Award”:
    The rules are that you should answer my questions and then pass the award along to 10 (or however many) bloggers who have not already received it, with a link to my blog (for nominating you) and a link to their blogs, and 10 questions for your nominees to answer, and include the ‘Sunshine Award’ icon in the post.

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