Deadly Kisses

One kiss can be so deadly. Okay, maybe not deadly deadly, but yes Kisses can pass contagious illness.

The day I’m back in the lowlands, it is with no doubts, Jos and I exchange kisses when we met. I mean that’s what couple do right? Not forgetting we haven’t seen each other in more than a month! But wait, he is just recovering from a flu a few days ago. So, we were clearly testing our limits. Or I should say, I’m testing my immune systems! Yay! And I was wrong, I’m not so immune to this kind of illness after all. So that deadly kiss quickly elevated to a flu for me. And because I have history of being asthmatic, this evil flu has to make it worst than what Jos had…. I have a very bad asthma attack.

After suffering from somewhat flu-like systems for a few days, which was bearable. Just when I thought it will be over soon, one morning I woke up breathless. Thinking I would be fine just using my regular Ventolin inhaler, I went to work. By noon, I was gasping for oxygen. It was clear, I am all blocked up. I am having an asthma attack and I need to be treated with a stronger medication because that Ventolin Inhaler isn’t helping anymore.

I went home… feel like I’m dying, still gasping for air. You see, In Holland, people don’t go to the clinic for flu and cough. They believe in eating lots of fruits and eating healthy and the body would recover on it’s own. Well, technically that is not wrong. Maybe even a very good approach to not consuming too much medication. But what if, I’m dying to have some oxygen?!

I sent a text to Jos “I can’t breath and I’m having a fever now.”

Quickly Jos called me back, he said he have called the clinic and the first available appointment is tomorrow!

Seriously? My answer was clear “I might be dead by then”

Next thing, Jos called the clinic again. This time, the clinic said,”I would need to speak to the patient herself to determine if she is really so sick that she have to see a doctor.” (wtf? I don’t even speak proper dutch yet!)

Jos said, I’m gonna call them now and put the phone to you, so please speak really sickly so that they will grant an appointment now. I mean…. I don’t have to act! I am really sick! wtf?!

Anyway, the call went through and this time, another lady picked up and said was okay for me to drop by the clinic now! Great! Well, Thank you Ms nurse!

Imagine this – You are out of oxygen, you have to walk to the car, and then when you arrive at the carpark, you have to walk to the clinic about 2 meter away and then at the clinic, you have to speak to the nurse at the counter who will then assess you before allowing assess into the doctor’s clinic. The door to the doctor’s clinic is securely locked.

When I finally struggled with the help of Jos to reach the reception. Jos had to tell the nurse “Look at her!” At that point I was guessing, I think she is asking if I have an appointment and if it is necessary? Anyway… we got through. Within 10 minutes, my name was called and again I walked to the doctor’s room gasping for oxygen.

The kind looking doctor first introduced himself. Not wanting to be rude, I wasn’t listening to his introduction and I don’t freaking remember his name anymore, all i wanted was OXYGEN! Anyway, he listens to my lungs, asked a few question – are you coughing? Yes – Duh! The point I wanna make was, I cannot even talk the normal way I did. I stammer, I cried at some point because I have no oxygen, I need air!

Long story short, I was sent away with some medication and a stronger inhaler (purple in color). Even though I’ve asked if he would give me Nebulizer which is what I would be given when I have an asthma attack back in Singapore. I was told what he gave me will be good enough.

I went home, my dear fiance still supporting me. He put me in bed after I took my medication. I woke up 2 hours later feeling a lot better. I suppose the medication did helped anyway. I woke up 2 hours later, Jos had dinner prepare for me, power soup meal with a delicious slash of beef. I felt well instantly after the power meal. I cannot thank God enough for having Jos. How can one person be so many things? Jos can. He is the love of my life, my best-friend, my maid, my cook, my keeper, my helper, my confidant, my sand-bag (to punch at), my nurse, my interpreter, my everything! Love you muchie!!

So Thank you for reading… I know this post is crap, please forgive me, a sick person trying to express her agony and I am still unwell (I choose to be unwell because I get better treatment :))


5 thoughts on “Deadly Kisses

  1. poor you! it’s good you have such a great support as Jos 😉 and I gotta admit that dutch health care system is sometimes astonishing me. I mean… it’s sometimes too late to help your body by JUST eating fruits and drinking lot of water :/

    • Hey girl! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yes it is indeed crazy… this is the 2nd time I got so sick, I dread to have the 3rd!

      Btw, why arent you bloggin anymore? I’ve been visitng your blog but no new post!! I miss you.. please keep bloggin! 🙂

      • Hey, I am still blogging, but lately only in polish (since 90% of my readers is polish). I really hate it, that I haven’t writen anything in english for sooo long, but I’m kind a having problems with finding time. I will def. try to do it neverthless 😉

      • haha! Okay now i get it! Do not worry, I will swing by your Polish blog then.. it’s not difficult to do a google translate on google chrome for me! 🙂

  2. I actually have a google translator toolbar somewhere at the bottom of the page, but translation from polish to english is soooo bad 😀 Sometimes it doesn’t even make much sanse anymore 😀

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