Meanwhile in Singapore

Hello peeps, I’m still in Singapore, have been already for the past 3 weeks!

Just done a 3.5 km run/walk (i’d better confess that I actually did walk) because I was caught for walking when I told Jos I ran. For the record, Runkeeper is not a good tool if you want to pretend you are a professional runner. IF you walk, your friends know! That’s clearly why I will never announce my running adventure on Facebook.

Anyway, I am now hiding in my air-conditioned room penning typing some thoughts that is currently running through my brain wave.

I was swiping on my iphone, browsing through the photos. While browsing, I came across loads of photos of the time Jos was in Singapore. That was only 2 months back in early July. These photos actually brings some smiles on my face. When I realise I’ve not blog about those days, I’d thought I better blog about it before these memory wipe out from my puny brain.

Jos was in Sin for a full week. The purpose of his visit was really to extend his summer holiday with me after our Italy trip. Also, because we had to attend a wedding celebration of a dear friend of mine. What’s most memorable was Jos living a life of a true Singaporean. This must be the first time he visit without staying in a hotel but a HDB flat in Singapore. HDB is an abbreviation for Housing Development Board. These apartments are government owned where most Singaporean lives.

HDB Flats in Singapore

As our eventual plan was to move back to Singapore for some years,  to get Jos experiencing the local life is quite necessary. Walking with my dutch man to our local supermarket – NTUC to do our grocery was one really nice experience. For once, we are not shopping in Albert Heinz or Jumbo. For once I don’t have to pretend I understand Dutch. For once, we pay with SGD. But, what didn’t change was – Jos was still as gentlemanly as he can be, he has never once allow me to help with carrying the grocery . Not even a small grocery bag.  That explains why I have free hands for a picture from behind.. 🙂

Proof of being a Gentleman.. 🙂

Being in SIngapore, we do what the Singaporean do. We DO NO exercise. We EAT, we SHOP & we PARTY.

The truth is because we are only back for a week! That’s not going to happen if we live in Singapore for good. Jos is a health freak!

We EAT – As usual, every time I’m back, my dear classmates would organised a dinner together to catch up. This time, I brought Jos with me. This is the first time my classmates met with him. It was really nice that they finally met with Jos. What is amusing is the dinner we had. Now check is……

This little pig went to the market and never returns……

Roast Pig for Dinner

Can you imagine a PIG eating a PIG? Yes I’m born in the year of the PIG and I’m eating a PIG. They call this the suckling pig. When I look at the picture for the third time, I actually find it too cute to be eaten. Pig are friends not FOOD! But then again, how can anything that taste this good not be food?

We SHOP – Actually I should say Jos shopped. He bought more than me. Because there is no GAP store in Holland, Jos would always buy loads when he visit SIngapore. So he leave the GAP store with 2 shirts and 3 shorts! And me, just a trouser. What a shopaholic! 😀

We PARTY – Jos complained whenever he realise he has never been to the place I partied. So this time, I make sure he make it to the 1-Altitude. This was the place I’d blog about, if you like to read more, click here

As usual, the music was good. Being high up at the top of the building rocks but what was killing me was my killer heels! I had to remove them and stood bare footed. Very unglam but who cares?

View from 1-Altitude.

So yes, we did what we have to do and had a really good time then. Although it’s a short one week, it is still easy to fall in love with Singapore. A super convenient city. 🙂



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