Away From Home At Home

I’m away from Holland again. This time for 5 weeks.. back to Singapore. I’ve to stay on for 5 weeks this trip because of a reason that matters a lot for our future. I shall leave writing about the reason for next time when all is finalized.

Today is exactly one week I’m back. Nothing change, it still feels like a month already. Being back brings me back to where we were more than two years ago. It seems like we are going through LDR (Long Distance Relationship) all over again. Although this time,  it feels very different, since our relationship has elevated to the next level, there is honest trust,  where we do not second guess one another.

Jos never second guess me, I admit, being the woman, I’m the insecure one. But that’s only because I care and man can be very idiotic when come to being sensitive to how woman feels. Well having said that, I’ve also learn much from being in a Long Distance Relationship but there is only one thing I have not master : the skill of living life without him. It just gets weirder! 🙂

Those LDR days, we used to spend 3-4 months apart, during those time, we could only text and call one another every day. Jos wasn’t a technology geek, so he never like being on Skype, he don’t have an iPhone, so we cannot FaceTime. As such, our face to face time was really little. It was hard, I hate being in a relationship but not living a life together. Life in Holland and Life in Singapore is drastically different, each has it’s good and bad, but I only want to share the same life with the one I love.

I remember whenever we meet after the 3-4 months apart, I would still feel a little shy and it’s like we fall in love all over again. My heart would speed at the baggage belt, I would check my hair, my face to make sure I’m looking okay. And when we meet at the arrival hall, I felt like my heart skips a few beat I could die! Of course, each time I sees him, I fall in love all over again. 🙂



My Favorite; taken in year Sep 2010 where we reunited and never part ! 🙂

Okay, enough of the emotional crap I’m feeling right now. I don’t want to stop but that is enough mushiness for one post! 🙂

Yesterday, 9th August,  is a very special day for me and all Singaporeans. That’s because it is Singapore 48th Birthday! So here is 3 cheers to Singapore, the little dot on the world map where I was born and raised. I may not live in Singapore for the next few years but I will never forget it’s goodness. I love my Singapore and I will be back!





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2 thoughts on “Away From Home At Home

  1. Hi there! I’m Rebecca, and I just returned from a stay in the Netherlands for study purposes. I made a Dutch boyfriend whilst I was there, and we decided to stay together when it was time for me to return. Is there a way I could contact you to perhaps talk about long distance relationships? I could really use some support and help on how to maintain a relationship because I am very sad to leave him and we really want this to work out in the future.

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