Home Alone

Have I told you about my cooking skills? Well, if you haven’t heard, here is some bit of news of me and cooking.

Since I live in the Netherlands, I have, at many times attempted to charm the Dutch Man with my “cooking” skills. And out of the many times, many times I was almost accused of trying to poison the Dutch Man or burning the kitchen down. The Dutch Man would look at the food and go… “Erm, lets go out for dinner.” or he would stop eating after patronizing a spoonful or two. Very kind indeed!

So from that “many times” onwards, I refrain from trying to poison him or burn down his well equipped kitchen. As such, I decided cooking isn’t my thing. I’d better be the food critic. So we came up with a brilliant idea in time to stop me from successfully poisoning him. We’d decide: He do the cooking, while I do the cleaning up. I agree to that simply because all I need to do is to transfer the dishes into the dish washing machine after every meal! That’s not so difficult I reckon. So yeah, we made that deal and so far, we have no complains.

Now, here is a showcase of Jos’ cooking :-

Chicken Soup

Oven Baked Chicken

Apple Crumbles

Beef Steak

Teriyaki Chicken Don!

Baked Salmon Salad

Teriyaki Chicken Don!

Teriyaki Chicken Don!

Those are just some of the dishes he had made that I had time to take pictures of when I am not so hungry. There are many of those that looked so delicious that I finished them before remembering I did not snap a picture of it!

Jos left me today.

Okay, I sounded a little dramatic. I meant Jos went away today for business trip for two days. 🙂 So, that means I have the whole house to myself, the whole bed to myself, the whole bathroom to myself and also the whole kitchen to myself. Although I know I would make full use of the house, the bed and the bathroom, I wasn’t quite sure about the kitchen.

Nevertheless, in order to save myself from hunger and as crawling out to get myself something to eat would take more time. I decided I should cook! I reckon, even if it taste bad, I’m the only one eating it and I promise I won’t tell anyone how bad it was. So I did……

Fried Bee Hoon with Diced Chicken & Broccoli!

Fried Bee Hoon with Diced Chicken & Broccoli & a whole lot of CHILLI!

If my sister sees this, she will say “That’s not cooking!”. Well, for me, it wasn’t so bad. Although I cannot say it taste better than what Jos would make and definitely don’t taste better than the Chinese take away across the street (the one that I always complain about)…… I’d say, I survive. This is what people do right? People create something out of what they have left and try to survive. Well, at least I’m still alive and no, my tummy still feels okay.

Although I’m quite proud of myself playing survival today, I must say, I really miss my dinner partner, my best friend, my soul mate. I’ve never truly felt like this before but I do now…. “YOU NEVER KNOW YOU WANT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE SO BAD UNTIL YOU LOSE THEM.”

Okay, I know I may exaggerate a little here. Don’t worry, Jos is still with me, I didn’t lose him. But, allow me to digress. Just recently, I have an encounter of this special someone that came into my life very briefly that I take very little notice of and at some point even complain about the existence. Let’s address this person E. Quite suddenly, E left without a word, completely, never coming back. At that point, I could not hold back my tears, it hurt so bad. I cried to realize how bad I wanted E. I will do anything to make E stay. But there was nothing I could do to make E stay. Never ever again.

Although this must be the most painful experience, I must say it was the best lesson learnt.

– Appreciate little things around me because it might not happen again.

– Treasure the time spend with love ones because before I know, the time is gone.

– Be contented with what I have now because I shouldn’t have anything to complain about.


It is always easier said then actually doing it. Some people are just born nagger; I trust this lesson should make me remember.

I do hope you learn the same I did and enjoy this post.

Signing off…. J


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