Birthday & Wanted

I find it extremely amusing knowing how the Dutch celebrate their birthday. I heard and witness the Birthday Circles but what really amuses me is walking into a building to be greeted with posters (not one but many) glued to the wall with a woman or a man’s picture (may or may not be a smiling picture) and right beside the pictures was NOT the word – WANTED but the word – HOERA. Then you know, it is not a poster of a missing person but a person who is celebrating their 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th or even 70th birthday. They don’t just celebrate in private with their families and friends, they announce it! They have this inner rush to scream… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!

I was taken a back by this practice twice. The first thought I had when I approached the poster wasn’t positive until I read the word Hoera. The first time was in School and another time in my office building and then for the rest of the whole day you will see the same poster in the toilet, at the hall way, in front of the lift lobby, just everywhere. And next, you may even come face to face to this birthday Girl or Guy (whom you don’t speak to before) and you have to Gefeliciteerd (Congratulate) them out of courtesy.

As much as they can be really cold, this is also how friendly the Dutch can get when it comes to birthdays. I just find this really amusing! I had on 2 occasions wanted to take a picture of the posters but didn’t want to be caught, so below is a doodle picture I drew on the IPAD so you have a idea how it is like! 🙂


And in other news…. I am beginning to believe SPRING is not coming! It is March 14th and still snowing in this part of the world. And yes, I am complaining. I do need some warmth, it’s been cold far too long….



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