Romance in the AIR of Ghent, Belgium

Did I tell you about Ghent? No, I realised I did not but I really think I should. In one word, I would describe Ghent as being “ROMANTIC” second to Verona in Italy.

Have you ever felt Romance in the Air? I mean literally in the Air. Not just between you and your partner but surrounding you. When in Ghent, I felt it! The same feeling I had when I was in Verona, Italy. And it was literally romance in the air. Not just between me and Jos… it was felt constantly, just in the AIR! Ever felt like that before?

Ghent is indeed a beautiful City, amazing architecture, nice people and very romantic ambiance. Oh and even the food is great!

Without further a do… lets run through the pictures taken from my iPhone but I really don’t think these pictures reflect the beauty of Ghent well enough. You have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate the beauty of Ghent.

Gravensteen Castle

Ghent, Town Centre


5 thoughts on “Romance in the AIR of Ghent, Belgium

  1. Wow, I heard before It’s beautiful and I’d already wanted to go there, but now after seeing these pics, I just HAVE to go 🙂 btw. It must be really shit to live there for singles 😀

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