Sunday Coast Walk – Ouddorp

Today, we took a 14 km coast walk at Ouddorp, South Holland. The sun was shining but don’t be deceived.. it was freezing cold at 2 degree.

The ground was frozen and at some point we had to walk along water stream that turned icy. As these ice wasn’t hard enough to withhold our stand, we had to hop to any nearest hard ground we spot. Pretty exciting hop we made. Sometimes we have to take a long run and jump just so we land on a dry spot! And if we don’t, we just have to test the quality of our shoes! if we stay dry, its good shoes we had. so far, our shoes has been good. Really, it was fun 🙂

Here are some of the pictures taken during our walk using my faithful iPhone. Beautiful sight of frozen sand ground. A sight of how the streaming water finding its way through the freeze. Crushed ice along the coast. And beautiful dunes.

Till next week… Have a look at the pictures I took!








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