On The Second Day Of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me….

The beautiful Town of Maastrict!!

From my earlier post, I’ve mentioned, we are not done with Christas, we have Day 2. So, yes, the magic continues in Maastricht on Day 2…

Maastricht is a town in Limburg, about 20 minutes from where we stayed. The town was crowd with a lot of people even though the shops are closed. There was a fairly huge crowd also visiting the Church where we lit our candles.

Basilica of Our Lady

In the Centre of the Centrum lies the Christmas Market selling food, commodities and also fun rides.

Christmas Market at the Centrum of Maastricht

Huge Ice Rink @ the Centre of the Market

Also, I was completely engrossed with the shops there even though most of it was closed on the 2nd day of Christmas. As we walk, our head covered with our hoodie because it was raining, the corner of my eyes was drawn to the items behind the glass windows. The Shoes, The Coat, The Bags so beautiful so nice. Deep inside me I was dying for them to be open so I can shop to my heart’s content. Ladies, based on my instinct, I think Maastricht is a very good shopping ground, so if by chance you happen to be in the Netherlands, do not forget to mark Maastricht as a stop for shopping and definately beautiful sight seeing.

Due to time constrain, we did not see alot of Maastricht but again, I cannot be thankful enough to have been able to place my foot on Maastricht town. I promise silently at one corner of the town that I will definitely be back for another weekend getaway. It already feel good being there without seeing much.

After a not so eventful round at Maastricht, we head back to our apartment where we have nice dinner with Jos’ family. We were so pamper with good home cooked food! Fried Risotto Rice Balls with cheese and Pear Soup as starter, Roast Chicken and Beef as Main Course and Super Rich American Chocolate Cake as Dessert. Besides all that, there are also vegetables dish, an apple pie and yummy salad!

Look at Our Christmas Dinner Spread!

wait there is more…..

The Potato Thingy…

The pear Soup in a small cup… because there isn’t enough bowls. How creative! 🙂

Ok and finally… here is a picture of the very rich cake made by Jos… it is so delicious, I am so proud of him!


After a night of the Dutchmen gathering, we had to head home. On the way home, Jos and I had a fight, we were both very angry with one another. We argued from the beginning of our journey home. 2 hours to be exact but we ended the fight before we fall asleep. Each time we fight, at the end of it we thrive…. 🙂 Now, here is a picture of an example of what we were usually during a fight..

Is this sweet or what? 🙂


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