Confession – I MISS YOU

Hello peeps… I Miss You! I do believe I am speaking for many bloggers. The truth is,  once we make a certain connection with the readers, we feel them as much as they feel us. We may not speak, they may not make comments on any post but you know there are people that are interested in your adventure. As such, as bloggers, we keep track of how long we haven’t been blogging. We started missing sharing our thoughts. As all bloggers have mental block so every now and then, they stop blogging. This happen to me quite very often. Sometimes a period of a few months. Sorry, I can’t help it. When that happens, no matter how many thoughts I have or how many things I’ve done, I just cannot figure out any words to start a new post. During those time, even finding a title to the post was already hard not to say the post itself.

I am a blog reader myself. I have a great deal of blogs I follows. And when the blogger I followed doesn’t blog for some time. I miss them, I want to know how they are doing, I want to share their views. It’s a very strange connection, someone I’ve never meet and yet I feel so much. Weird… for a good cause. That’s how wonderful people can be, connecting from a far distance. Having said that, we like to minus the pervert of course.

Now that I confessed my emotions and feelings for all of you, I have another confession to make. This could be the most emotional and trashy confession of my life. Okay, I’m being dramatic like I always am. Let me first walk into the confession box like the ones in the church, so no one recognizes me 😛 and let the confession session begins:

I’m now back in Singapore and have been back already for over a week. Although I have been so busy catching up with my dearest family and friends, and did not stop indulging myself with all the delicious foodie in Singapore; like almost every single day, I’m really missing Holland (especially Jos of course) very much. I miss my life in Holland so so much. I can sing the ABC song…

A – Air
B – Bike
C – Country Side

But those aren’t what I miss most of course… I also miss the Language, the people, the 3 kisses and the culture. Generally I miss the life there. I cannot imagine I was nagging about how difficult it was to ride on the bike and learning the language when I first landed my feet in NL. Well, no one say it’s gonna be easy but it surely is some very interesting milestones in my life!

So by the 2nd week being in Singapore, I got really bored. Although the eating and catching up didn’t end, I was bored stiff.  I love my family & friends very much, more than you can imagine but the place… not so much. On second thought, I didn’t remember loving it. Right, I’m not Patriotic but I didn’t forget my roots, I was brought up here but I just don’t enjoy being in SG anymore. I know this confession is harsh. It’s like a relationship just ended, and I’ve moved on, I’ve lost it. It is sad, like very very sad but I cannot pretend and lied about this. No single country or place is perfect but living in bricks and tiles for all my life isn’t life. I embrace the adventure and challenges that lies ahead of me with only one wish – if I can bring my love ones with me. If I cannot bring my friends and family with me… I will keep track of all memories to share with them.

Okay, enough of my defending, you may start judging me but promise to be kind with your words if you can. 🙂

Whatever the judgement is, I’m only being truthful to myself. I’ve decided my new home is the Netherlands. Ridiculous isn’t it? To feel like this when I’ve only been living in the Netherlands for the past 9 months. But there is just so many things I enjoy doing here! I’m so not over it… not yet. I will be back in the Netherlands this weekend and I cannot wait!


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