Fairy Tale Mushroom Comes Alive

Now… a random post on a lame fairy tale written by me:

Once upon a time, in a far away fairy tale land, a little girl was told that mushrooms looks like this:

Red with White Dots..

And when she started having mushrooms in their food; she have an impression, maybe mushroom looks like this:

White and Chopped up!

As she grew up, she found out that there are many different kind of mushroom too! Such as these:



And also these….

The above are the ones that she have seen, touched, well and at some point even eaten them. But the image of the fairy tale mushroom did not leave her imaginary mind. So until a point, she decide, fairy tale mushroom are so rare they can only be seen on television, children’s story book, at most drew on some art; most likely by children that was also taught that mushroom are red with white dots. And that is that.

One day, the same girl; now a grown lady, put her giant feet onto a forest with the love of her life and her extended family wanting to feel the autumn air.

Only to witness the fairy tale mushroom come alive! And look even better on television or books.

Fairy Tale Mushroom Come Alive!

The real thing aren’t perfect. They do not have perfect round white spots but it still look and feel better than that in fairy tales. Besides the ones that are commonly seen in fairy tales, there are also some beautiful mushrooms in the forest. And brace and view…

There are many more of such lovelies that this post cannot contains. It is not a bad idea to go to the forest this weekend; smell the autumn air, feel the falling leaves and see these mushrooms for real.

The forest we visited is called Loonse en Drunense. This is near to Brabant in the Netherlands. I was hoping to see some deers but I guess we were too noisy. 🙂

Shall end my encounters with Mushrooms here with a view of the forest… cheerios!



4 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Mushroom Comes Alive

  1. Haha, you’re first red-white fairy-tale mushroom! 😀 It sounds so cute and funny… I’ve grew up in this climat so for me they are nothing special 😉

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