Learn Dutch, You Must.

I started picking up Dutch since early last year while I was still in Singapore. Although I can hardly speak a good long sentence even after attending lessons for 6 long months, I can vividly remember the rules. I remembered I always had to remind myself; speaking dutch is like speaking Yoda’s English in Star Wars.

If you want to literally translate any Dutch sentence to English, you might end up speaking like Yoda. Or well, it just wouldn’t sound correct to a Native Dutch speaker.

Example 1:

In English, we say: Do you have a bag with you now?

In Dutch, we say: Heeft u nu een tas bij je? (word for word translation back to English, it is: have u now a bag with you?)

Example 2:

In English, we say: we will go to the beach this sunday.

In Dutch, we say: gaan we naar het strand deze zondag. (word for word translation back to English, it is: Go we to the beach this sunday)

Tonight, I started my first dutch lesson with Da Vinci Colledge in the Netherlands. One week before the actual lesson starts, I receive in my mailbox a letter from them like this one:

Read This, You Must.

So I’m suppose to know how to read this letter and be in school on time on the 27th August. For a minute, I thought, if I know how to read and understand this letter, I probably wouldn’t need any lesson do I?

Anyway, I have Jos to translate the letter for me. So I do know what is going on now. I just have to make sure I’m there for lesson on the 27th Aug @ 7pm and I guess everything else will flow nicely.

Also for the first time I’m gonna ride on the bike to school. I cannot believe I’m becoming so Dutch. I’m quite good with the bike now, sometimes, I ride like the Dutch, one example is riding straight on even when the light is red. I’ve asked Jos before, when can I do that and I was told it is done base on guard feel. That in my opinion is “niet goed!”

While I wait to get change and go for my lesson on the bike, here are some of Yoda’s for your viewing pleasure. You will agree indeed it’s weird kind of speaking. Enjoy my friend, you must. πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Learn Dutch, You Must.

  1. Haha… that’s kind a true, but not always πŸ˜‰ Anyway going to school on a bike is soooo fun! I can’t wait till next level of my Dutch course starts πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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