If Love is Beautiful & Sex is Beautiful; so what is the problem?

I was inspired to write a post about gay because I was told this weekend there is going to be a yearly GAY PRIDE canal event in Amsterdam this weekend. My first reaction to the knowledge of this event was : “I wanna go!” But was flatly turn down with an excuse of it being too crowded.

I didn’t want to behave like a child like I usually would, so I nodded in agreement although feeling somewhat disappointed. Despite that, I started pondering upon the scenario of how the event would be as I’ve always been amaze by  the fact that The Netherlands was the first country in the World to legalize same-sex marriage or commonly known as Gay Marriage. This was made official in 2001 and there after, 11 other countries in Europe also begun to allow Gay Marriage. And this, I wouldn’t dare imagining it to happen in Singapore although there are clearly many Gays and Lesbian around.

I can still recall vividly my first encounter with a Married Gay Couple. This happen during my first visit to the Netherlands. Jos had brought me to a tea party at a shop/home as usual…. without telling me what to expect. We walk into a shop, selling almost everything but are really special and unique, well and also pricey in my opinion. Next, I was introduced to a man in his late 50s. I cannot recall his name anymore but I remembered him to be a nice gentleman and also the owner of the shop/home.

Then there is a few small steps up, we walk into a kitchen like shop,  really neat.  With real stove cooking marked with a price tag. A very nice and unique wooden stove. Kettle boiling, also marked with a price tag. While I looked around with curiosity checking out the items, I was introduced to another man, also in his late 50s, a nice gentleman and also the owner of the shop/home.

And then, more people walked into the shop/home and starting throwing the famous 3 kisses at each other. Jos included. Well, that being my first visit in the Netherlands, I remembered finding it quite amusing.

The strangest thing happen when a lady (lets addressed her Liana, because I’ve again forgotten her name) walked up to me and introduced herself as a daughter of one of the man (the owner of the shop/home). I remembered she said this (word for word) : “I am the daughter of that man (pointing to her dad) and she (pointing to another girl) is the daughter of that man (pointing to the first man i met)”. What puzzles me was, I did not understand why she would introduce the other girl and her dad as well. And I was completely confuse but of course I pretended I understand to save myself from embarrassment.

The tea party went on quite well, everyone was happy, drinking and eating pies. At the back of my head, my brain was working hard trying to understand what Liana was implying. When we leave the party while walking home, I asked Jos and was told both man was married to their wives before and had children until they fell in love with each other and divorce their wives. Then they marry each other. This sounded strange but I admire their courage to announce their difference by getting married to each other.  With that courage doesn’t it spells true love? It is easier to marry a girl than marrying a man and stand out from the rest.

Well some say it’s sick but I read this somewhere and I kinda agree,  “Love is a Beautiful thing and sex is a beautiful thing, so what is the problem?~ Debora Harry

Actually I don’t like terming them gay, I wish for a better word to use. oh, In fact, we have a very nice gay couple as our neighbors too. Rock On Gay Pride 2012! I hope they have good fun this weekend.


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